‘Skyfall’ Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade Join Forces With Nicolas Winding Refn for ‘Barbarella’

And today in jobs that every actress in Hollywood should be clamoring for: the role of Barbarella in Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming reboot of the 1968 Roger Vadim film, Barbarella. The sexy, intergalactic action-packed film was made iconic by the alluring presence of Jane Fonda and now Refn will have his stab at bringing it back to life with a television adaptation of the classic picture. The decision to take this on may seem like a departure for the cinematically-minded director who brought us The Pusher Trilogy, Bronson, Drive, and the upcoming Only God Forgives, but he’s no stranger to television. Back in 2001 when Refn was struggling to get his films properly-funded, he wrote all 12 episodes of Danish series The Chosen 7, as well as directing the television film Miss Marple: Nemesis

After signing onto Barbarella last summer, little chatter has come about the series—save the fact that we’re not quite sure what else Refn is working on right now. Sure, he’s putting the finishing touches on Only God Forgives—his Thai boxing thriller with Ryan Gosling—but once that hits Cannes, what’s next? His highly-anticipated Logan’s Remake will now go on without his buddy Gosling but doesn’t look to have made much progression as of late; and recently, Refn made a swift exit from Denzel Washington’s drama The Equalizer

The original Vadmin film takes place in the 41st century, where a female astronaut is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durnand-Durnad. Now, if I heard that anyone else was adapting this into a TV series I’d be pretty skeptical. But with Refn’s well-honed ability to artfully merge action and sex appeal, I’m not too concerned—actually, I kind of cannot wait to see what he does with the Queen of the Galaxy. And better still, Skyfall screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have just signed on to pen the series, revamping it to fit the 21st century.

Now, the only task will be finding the woman for the job. Naturally, Jennifer Lawrence comes to mind but I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen. No disrespect J.Law, Silver Linings showed us that yes, you do look great in tight clothing and can move quite well (you also happen to be the biggest female action star at the moment with The Hunger Games) BUT wouldn’t it be great if he cast someone unknown or at least lesser known? Refn is so incredibly good at directing his actors and gettting them to disappear so completely into their characters, that when someone like the relatively unknown Tom Hardy came out of nowhere with Bronson—giving one of the greatest performances in the last decade—that’s pretty damn fantastic to see. Refn has said,"I’m certain that the combination of our creative forces will produce a show that is as enthralling as it is sexy,” in regards to his 007 team on the picture.

Here’s hoping.