The Rio 2016 Logo Significant Upgrade From London’s

The 2012 Summer Olympics are behind us, which means the end of LochteMania and the beginning of a new line of Wheaties boxes. Shall we tolerate the end of baseball season or start looking ahead to Sochi 2014? Of course not! Who cares about the Winter Olympics? Who are you, Mitt Romney? As the tourists peter out of London, hype is already building around the summer games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, as the official logo for the games and theme song were revealed this week.

After the London 2012 logo, a design critics thought looked like a crudely-drawn neon jigsaw puzzle and at least one particularly NSFW, what-has-been-seen-cannot-be-unseen interpretation, it doesn’t take much for a design upgrade. Tatíl, a design studio with offices in Rio and São Paulo, created the bright, Möbius strip-evoking symbol, which has an almost three-dimensional look and layers on a lot of meanings in one image. The logo is comprised of brightly-colored figures holding hands, illustrating the vibrancy and unity of the city, and the figures also spell out "Rio." "There’s great collectivity in Rio," designers at Tatíl explain in a video about the logo. "The spirit of collectivity had to be represented."

The Rio 2016 logo was originally unveiled at the tail end of 2010, to some controversy over its similarity to the Telluride Foundation’s. But with eyes turning to the next host city in London’s wake (sorry, Sochi!), sport and design fans are revisiting the logo and its designers are back in the spotlight, and the consensus seems to be that people are pretty cool with it. 

Watch the design team at Tatíl talk about the design:

As for the theme song, "Os Deuses do Olimpo Visitam o Rio de Janeiro," a lighthearted, sunny romp by Arlindo Cruz, Arlindo Neto and Rogê that tells the tale of the ancient Greek gods visiting the site of the games… well, the video is a bit cheesy and offers an overly postcard-ish view of Rio (and Rodrigo Santoro as a surfer version of Apollo!) but after Muse’s overwrought victory anthem and Mary Poppins fighting Voldemort, anything’s a step up. Four for you, Rio. You go, Rio.