10 Fashion Moments from the 2014 VMAs That Deserve Recognition

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Without the formality of a show like the Oscars, the VMA Awards allow our favorite stars a night of creativity and fun when it comes to red carpet fashions. We get everything from gorgeous and sexy, to misguided and batshit. Since the program is an awards show, here are my own fashion awards for the night–

Best Shameless Self-Promotion: Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj was in full Anaconda mode following the music video release that shattered records with almost 20 million views in 24 hours. Clad in a Saint Laurent sequined snakeskin ensemble, Minaj kept makeup and accessories light —  a sweet reminder that she has a gorgeous face, even without bubblegum lipstick. Get it girl.


Best I Woke Up Like This: Beyoncé
Beyoncé was late and looked fancier than most–because why not. The Nicolas Jebran Couture gown isn’t my favorite thing she’s ever worn, and her earrings are verging on cartoon-big, but her soft waves are gorgeous and her skin in glowing. HOWEVER, the custom Tom Ford bejeweled leotard she performed her 16 minute long BEYONCÉ medley in was truly flawless.


Boobs: Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian wore a beaded Balmain (no surprise) mini that showed off her butt and boobs, which, to be fair, is understandable given that she is often between her much taller younger sisters Kendall and Kylie in photos. She looked gorgeous, and honestly, it’s not like Kim requires a special occasion for this amount of cleavage.


Best Effort to Try Something New: Taylor Swift
A bold departure from her old-country-singing-blush-toned gowns, Taylor Swift wore an alphabet printed blue onesie by Mary Katrantzou. I love Katrantzou’s surrealist-inspired prints but this did not do it for me. Taylor’s got legs for miles (see: her obsession with ModelFit on Bowery) and seemed to be having fun in the piece, but I’d have preferred a mini-dress or a less random seeming pattern. Still–if Taylor the pop singer wants to experiment with new styles, bring it on.


Best Timeless Glamour: Rita Ora
Rita Ora’s apple red Donna Karan Atelier gown slit up to her hip on one side was old Hollywood glamour at its best. Simple, sexy, and classic. Very Marilyn!


MILF-in-Chief: Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani wore a matching hot pink and black bustier and pants that looked like they were literally made for her–because they were, by her own line, L.A.M.B.


Best Please-Let-Me-Look-This-Good-When-I’m-45: J.Lo
J.Lo’s Charbel Zoe gown had more cutouts than not, and she rocked it–leg-slit, sparkle, and all. Here’s hoping she wore sunblock.


Best “Can-Be-Tamed”: Miley Cyrus
Miley wore a two-piece leather getup by Alexander Vaulthier —  sleek and mature. Leather outfits have been and are still stylish, and Miley’s hair–a simple crop in lieu of last year’s nubby side buns –looked adult and sophisticated paired with her simple silver heels.


Best WTF: Amber Rose
Amber Rose looked like she was wearing a tangle of Swarovski jewelry I liked in my tween years, and it made J.Lo’s dress look conservative. It just looks so uncomfortable!


Best Throwback: Katy Perry (with Riff Raff)
Katy Perry paid homage to queen of the early aughts in head-to-toe denim, throwing it back to Brit and J.T. circa 2001. She tweeted in advance: “WE’RE GOIN FOR DA BEST WORST DRESSED TODAY  #THISISHOWWEDOVMAS.” Nailed it.

RiFF RaFF Will Appear on ‘One Life to Live’ as an Art Dealer Named Jamie Franko

Spring Break never really ends does it? Well, not for Harmony Korine’s film which continues to stir up headlines well into its theatrical release. And central to Korine’s Spring Breakers was Alien, the rapper/drug-dealer played by James Franco and although not a carbon copy of real-life(ish) rapper RiFF RaFF he was pretty close. When he "reviewed" the film, RiFF RaFF said that Franco should win a Grammy for his performance and that it was like he "bought the Riff Raff Halloween costume and decided to super-glue it to his body." Although when we spoke to Korine, he told us that he based Alien on people he knew growing up in the south, saying:

I mean, I’ve always loved that whole thing. And then we just went out, going to public schools here, it was a real sub-group here, a real thing here. There’s something obviously hilarious about that whole thing, but then the idea was also to make him have menace and poetry as well. It’s the most exciting thing for me to find someone like an Alien—a character who on the outside is almost laughable, but in my experience, those guys are the most interesting because what I was saying about gangster mysticism, it goes from someone that’s like and then in one second deadly and for real and thugged-out and the next second turns on a dime and becomes kind of rambling and insane.

Anyways, as it turns out, RiFF RaFF will now be appearing in an episode of One Life to Live, somewhat echoing his pal Franco’s recurring spot on General Hospital. But on the daytime soap, which is now on exclusively on Hulu, the rapper will be playing a Miami art dealer named…Jamie Franko. HipHopDX has a screenshot from the episode below. 


The episode will run May 7th.

Riff Raff Still Down for a ‘Spring Breakers 2,’ Reviews the Movie and Challenges James Franco

Back in January, Riff Raff told MTV that James Franco had diligently studied his style for months on end in prepartation for the role of Alien in Harmony Korine‘s Spring Breakers, going on to say that Franco should therefore "win a Grammy." He also expressed his desire for Spring Breakers part deux, claiming he would gladly act in the role of himself.

But now, the folks over at Next Movie got the blinged-out and corn-rowed rapper to review Korine’s violent neon wet dream, and in talking about Franco says that he clearly, "bought the Riff Raff Halloween costume and decided to super-glue it to his body." Well, duh. He then challenges him to duel of barefoot running, boxing, and free styling to see who the real Riff Raff is and who is going to be starring in next installment of the film. See for yourself.

Riff Raff is Totally Down for ‘Spring Breakers 2’

Yesterday, two trailers for Harmony Korine’s neon-infused tale of youth gone wild, Spring Breakers premiered online much to everyone’s delight. With a cast of bikini-clad Disney favorites, there’s also the enigmatic James Franco as Alien the rapper/drug-dealing gangster, said to be based on Riff Raff. MTV Hive gives us the lowdown on what the real life rapper himself had to say about it:

“Although there is only one Riff Raff, James Franco did his thing,” texted the rapper while in New York ahead of a show tonight. He added, “James Franco has diligently studied my style for months on end and he should win a Grammy.”

“My close friend Harmony Korine is an innovative genius,” Riff Raff continued, explaining that the director “… knows how to put puzzle pieces together to make a movie have a certain original and eerie vibe rather than a simple storyline.” Then after asserting that he has “complete consent” over the flick, he teased that Spring Breakers 2 is already being plotted and that he’s ear-marked himself for an acting role in the sequel.

The movie hits theaters March 22nd, so start marking your calendars and prepare to take a dark ride down into debauchery. Here’s the trailer for the film once more and a video of RIff Raff doing his thing.


BlackBook Tracks #8: Gift Raps

I originally made this for my friend’s mixtape club under the theme “gift raps.” It is exactly what it says it is.

Le1f – “Wut”

Underground rap’s summer anthem of 2012 has been on repeat for weeks.

Iggy Azalea – “Murda Bizness” (ft. T.I.)

The latest party anthem from the Australian upstart shows off her undeniable star power. It’s also accompanied by one of the year’s best music videos so far, a spoof of the child pageant world.

Kanye West – “Monster” (ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver)

Remember those days when Nicki Minaj was just doing guest verses and had yet to do anything that people considered disappointing?

Angel Haze – “Werkin’ Girls”

NYC rapper Angel Haze is Universal’s toughest new signee, and this cut from her latest release Reservation shows why.

Das Racist – “You Can Sell Anything”

#RappersThatSpitTheTruth isn’t trending on Twitter any more, but this is still my pick.

M.I.A. – “URAQT”

Have a throwback to 2005 to remember that this bad girl has always done it well.

A-Trak – “Ray Ban Vision” (ft. CyHi The Prynce)

This hilarious/infectious track was a favorite in fall 2010 and still sounds fresh, thanks to the ever-reliable A-Trak’s amped-up production.

Dominique Young Unique – “Gangster Whips”

This Florida-based rapper has remained fairly underground for years now, but she’s slowly but surely going to make her way out.

Yelawolf – “Lick The Cat” (ft. Diamond)

This song contains the line “White boys eat pussy like a sandwich.” That is all you need to know about it.

Azealia Banks – “Fuck Up The Fun”

If you haven’t already, listen to this track from Azealia Banks and Diplo and you’ll immediately know why our friends at Vibe put this dream team on their cover.

Kitty Pryde – “Orion’s Belt” (ft. RiFF RAFF)

Resistance is futile. Recent Mad Decent signee RiFF RAFF is one of the most bizarre, compelling figures in pop culture today, and Kitty Pryde’s honesty and self-awareness is inherently likeable.

“I Can Rap,” Claims Kitty Pryde in New Video

Kitty Pryde is the latest how-much-of-this-is-a-joke rapper on the internet, and whatever she’s doing, she’s having fun with it. The 19 year old from Florida calls herself the “rap game Taylor Swift,” and on “Orion’s Belt,” she teams up with Riff Raff, the heavily tattooed rapper who’s Diplo’s latest Mad Decent signee and the inspiration for James Franco’s character in the forthcoming Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers.

Directed by Jason Miller, the clip features the duo hanging out at a carnival. Airbrush t-shirts are involved, of course. Kitty’s Skrillex-haired brother and BFF, who served as hype-people at her New York debut show on Friday, also make appearances.

Sadly, Riff Raff left his Icee chain at home.