New York: The Best Places to Watch Tiger Tee-Off

It’s time to strategically plan your lunch breaks, people! Tomorrow, at precisely 1:42 p.m. Tiger Woods will try to put the past behind him with a single swing of his golf club. CBS president Sean McManus compared Tiger’s return to the Obama inauguration in terms of media coverage and audiences, and while he might be overshooting a little, we get his point. The Tiger Woods scandal has engulfed the national psyche for the last four months, and tomorrow serves as a climax of sorts. After this weekend, it’ll be business as usual for the world’s best golfer. You could easily stream tomorrow’s event from your desk, but this is a sporting event, and tradition states that they should be watched from establishments with liquor licenses. If you’re in New York, and frankly who isn’t, here’s where you should be watching the festivities.

Rick’s Cabaret: With as many flatscreens as there are strippers, this is the perfect mix of sports in sex. In other words, it’s Tiger Woods in strip club form. (The food ain’t bad either.) 40/40: The perfect mix of sports bar and the same kind of bottle service sleaze that got Tiger in this mess in the first place. The Ainsworth: For those of you whose offices are located in Chelsea or Flatiron, there is enough space and enough flatscreens to leave all views unobstructed. ESPN Zone: If it weren’t for ESPN, you wouldn’t even be watching, so pay them back by buying a beer and basket of potato skins, just to show your gratitude.

New York: Top 10 Places to Take Our Boss for His Birthday

Happy birthday, Boss! BlackBook executive editor Chris Mohney is a cringeworthy 38 yearsold today! [You’re certainly right on the cringing part. -CM] He spends his days supervising the efforts of trained monkeys (fellow blogger Ben Barna and myself), strenuously trying to avoid any events that would call for either of us to be shot dead. After work, Chris goes home to exert influence on The Littlest Mohney to be nothing like us. But we want to take him out to celebrate! So: where do you take your married, with-child 38 year-old boss out for his birthday? Answers after the jump.

10. Old Town Bar (Gramercy) – The once semi-hard drinking destination of New York media-ites now sees the likes of strollers in it on the weekends. Family friendly! 9. West Side Pistol Range (Flatiron) – Okay, so they don’t serve booze, and you shouldn’t (really) show up wasted. But assuming Chris never gets to take hold of the outraged-blogger-monkey takedown scenario, he could always pop a few rounds off in fantasy here. 8. Per Se (Columbus Circle) – Thomas Keller serves up one of the priciest, most legendary meal in town to a select few every evening. No shot in hell of this happening, Boss, but a nice pipe dream no less. 7. Zum Schneider (East Village) – Beer bar Chris had a get-together at post-work last week that neither Ben or I could make it to. We are dicks, but at least we now know Chris likes this place. 6. Ear Inn (SoHo) – Favorite watering hole of BlackBook resident tech madman/Director of Development Dan Murphy, who uses this place as his office-outside-of-the-office. Possibly the only way we could get Dan to attend any kind of social function with us would be going there. 5. Rick’s Cabaret & Steakhouse (Midtown West) – Friends of BlackBook Media, the ladies at Rick’s incidentally hold media types who work on the web side of print magazines in high regard. Yet another way for Ben and I to get away with spending the least amount of money. Send him your finest matron! And some red meat! 4. Damon: Frugal Friday’s @ TOM (Flatiron) – Actually a feasible dining option, right down the street from BlackBook HQ. Damon’s the cheap-o version of Craft, from which it stems: haute small plates, single-digit prices. We could afford Chris a few bar snacks, but unfortunately, it’s only open on Fridays. He’d have to take a rain check. 3. Corner Bistro (West Village) – Because they love us there. 2. Xunta (East Village) – A place Chris actually enjoys going, according to our masthead. We might be able to work with this. 1. GoldBar (Nolita) – Location of this evening’s BlackBook party, at which we’d be able to afford Chris a drink (due in no small part to the open bar we’ll readily be taking advantage of). Chris would be there, but he’s got a grown-ass-man life to attend to on a Wednesday night, unlike the rest of us alkie createns. Maybe next time, Boss.

New York: Top 10 Places to Watch the Super Bowl (Without Really Watching)

There’s a huge segment of people that aren’t going to give a shit which way the wind blows come Sunday’s Super Bowl: anyone who isn’t a Cardinals fan (they have fans that aren’t Will Leitch?), anyone who isn’t a Steelers fan (they have fans that aren’t Obama?), anyone who doesn’t watch football, anyone who doesn’t have money on these games, anyone who doesn’t understand football, anybody who’d rather be having brunch at Balthazar, and … essentially, much of New York. Yet, because New Yorkers are trained monkeys who invest in rituals — or because they don’t want to spend Sunday afternoon alone — they’re going to have to make their way out of the apartment at some point to get some Super Bowl action in. That being said, if you’ve got to go, go right — here, we present our favorite places to “watch” the Super Bowl that aren’t insufferable sports bars.

10. Lucky Cheng’s (East Village) – Two words: tranny karaoke. Clearly the absolute alternative. You want to reject the status quo? Look no further. 9. Marshall Stack (East Village) – If there’s a big game on, they’ll show it on a flat screen tucked into a corner of the ceiling that just barely gets color — just enough to look at out of the corner of your eye and turn away in sincere disinterest. They will never — never — turn the music off, though. 8. Tribeca Grand Hotel (Tribeca) – Starting at 6 p.m., the chic hotel bar will be offering wings, snacks, and $26 buckets of beer for those who want to do this thing slightly more dressed-up than typical. 7. Lucky Strike Lanes (Midtown West) – Sure, they’ll be showing the game, but why not have your own Super “Bowl'” Har. [That joke never gets old! See #8.- ed.] No, really: an all-day party, but you have to RSVP to get in. We suggest arriving fairly early to get in on the lane action. 6. Rick’s Cabaret (Garment District) – Endorsed by many a BlackBook staffer, call it a “cabaret,” call it whatever you want, the fact is there’re naked women there, and they will dance for you for money. Not for the family. 5. Barcade (Williamsburg) – The most anti-sports (and anti-social) of New York scenes might be found here on Super Bowl Sunday: hipsters popping quarters in Tapper, drinking limited-release bottled beers. 4. Corner Bistro (West Village) – Pissed off nearly everybody who’s ever held this place in any esteem at all when they installed flatscreens in the place. Worth getting a seat in the back of the house and saddling up for the evening, though — you can always check the score, go back to your booth, and feel like you’re in a totally separate bar. 3. New York Sports Clubs (Various Locations) – No, really: every other treadmill has a TV. You can sit on your ass, get fat, eat snacks, get sauced up, and try to create conversation about a game nobody cares about, or you can go the route of wellness while having said game right in front of you to talk about for watercooler purposes the next day. And you can go with friends, too. 2. Cherry Tavern (East Village) – Infamous EV pickup spot with a pool table, a bad jukebox, and really, really cheap booze. Really cheap. Like, self-destructive cheap. 1. New York City Rescue Mission (Tribeca) – You can watch the Super Bowl and help out those less fortunate than you. No, we’re totally serious about this. We know you’re thinking about Rick’s. Think about somebody other than Rick, for once.
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