Rihanna Wins, #Freethepeen, and More Fashion News You Need To Know Today

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Free the Peen
Rick OwensMenswear Fall Winter 2015 CollectionFashion Show in Paris
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Sorry Topshop: RiRi’s Face is RiRi’s Only
Vince Camuto Dies at 78
Keeping Up With Karl
Even More #Fashion For Adidas
The German sportswear brand has enlisted Junichi Abe, the designer behind Japanese fashion brand Kolor to amp things up.

STYLE SCOOP: Selling Saint Laurent, CFDA Improves NYFW, and More

Investing in fashion: Moncler’s shares shot up 39% already – too quickly, according to the chief of the Italian stock market.

TGFCFDA (Thank god for CFDA): The CFDA is teaming up with Fashion Calendar and Ruth Finley to provide editors and CFDA members with a more organized calendar of shows and presentations, organized by men’s/women’s wears, presentation/show, time and venue. It’s part of an overarching effort to improve the entire fashion week experience – improvements that are much needed. This will all come into effect by the February shows.

In opening news: Rick Owens set up camp in Miami with a new Design District shop. Miansai bowed in SoHo.

Saint Laurent problemsJust because all the fashion folk are taking issue with Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent, doesn’t mean his collections aren’t still selling out. Granted, he’s making limited quantities of those multi-thousand dollar grungy sweaters, but accessories are another story entirely. And they’re selling out, too.

Chanel apologizes: Kind of. A rep apologized for Fashionista’s “misinterpretation” of the Metier d’Art show, which included model Caroline de Maigret in a Native American headdress.

FOMO Major: The NYT finally delves into our terrible, awful, Instagram-induced FOMO.

3-D’s the thing: Fashion takes to 3-D for jewelry, and even a pair of Victoria’s Secret angel wings. Shapeways leads the way.

Image: Saint Laurent pre fall

Fashion Week by the Numbers

Fashion week – scratch that – fashion month, has finally drawn to a clothes. I mean close. It’s going to be a very shiny spring.

fashion week

Thanks for the memories, Marco and Marc. It’s been real! See you next season.

Fashion News To Kick Off Your Weekend

Whiling away the minutes, waiting for the work week to end? Brush up on the latest happenings in fashion and beauty for distraction.


Raf Simons showed one of our favorite looks from the spring shows alltogether in Paris on Friday for Christian Dior – including printing the word "hyperrealness" on a dress or two.

The newest artist collaboration to join forces with the beauty prowess of Nars is photographer Guy Bourdin, whose work inspired about a bajillion colors for the cosmetics line.

Business of Fashion launched a power list, in case you needed to know who’s in charge.

Beauty (i.e. hair and skin) in its natural stage is all the rage per the recent fashion weeks. Rick Owens took it and ran.

Let’s Talk About the Mean Muggers at Rick Owens’ #PFW Show

A step troupe brought the attitude and swagger to Rick Owens on Thursday in Paris. Mean muggers made their way down the runway, not in the elegant, unified way we’re used to seeing, but in a way that brought the collection to life and to the street. Supreme movement brought new energy to the collection, and as the show flowed from black clothing to khaki, grey, and then white in color, another color pattern – one that has been majorly missing from the runways – emerged. 

The majority of the nodels (non-models, for the unfamiliar, or those who haven’t watched this,) weren’t white. It wasn’t like at the other major shows, where women of color are either able to be counted on one hand or missing entirely: of the show’s 40 looks, 37 were worn by women of color. Nevermind drawing outside the lines in presentation of the collection, while we of course appreciate a show, but something bigger happened. This is a huge breakthrough from a major designer in a notoriously whitewashed industry. For the future, the hope is that this display of color won’t even be noteworthy, but for now, it deserves major attention and props. Take note.

Rick Owens

Camilla Skovgaard Premieres Short Film on the Eve of Fashion Week

“Some people underestimate fashion films,” Denmark-born and Dubai-based footwear designer Camilla Skovgaard said Wednesday night at the premiere of “Hotel Skovgaard, Room 77,” her first short film, directed by longtime friend Ali F. Mosafa and scored by Zebra Katz (who’s been attracting attention, following the Rick Owens show last season). “Film is becoming more and more relevant in the fashion industry.”

Skovgaard, known for her signature saw soles that have garnered quite a celebrity following since her debut in 2006, featured her newest collection in the three-minute-long film, as well as on display at the event inside the Bowery’s The Hole Gallery,

Statuesque in a tight-fitting black dress, her short blonde hair slicked back, the 39-year-old designer stood out amongst the crowd of press and friends, including Njena Reddd Foxxx (featured on Zebra Katz’s “Ima Read”), who would later perform an electrifying show that had everyone hypnotized, including Skovgaard herself, who stood dancing front and center throughout.

 “We wanted to show beauty in darkness,” said director Mosafa, when asked about the film. And that, they did.  Take a look:

‘Oyster’ Interviews the Fascinating Wife of Rick Owens

If you think Rick Owens is unorthodox, than you haven’t met his wife, Michèle Lamy. In a recent interview with Australian fashion rag Oyster, the designer’s French lover and muse reveals her unique past (“In my twenties, I wanted to escape my rich provincial upbringing, so I abandoned studies as a defense attorney to striptease”) to her unconventional beauty routine, which includes drawing a line on her forehead every day (“It’s what keeps me grounded! I apply it with an eye pencil and make sure it’s not too straight”).

There’s also a cute moment in the feature when, amidst all the eccentricities, she calls Owens her “honey.” Love truly comes in all colors – even if the palette is primarily black and gray. Read on for a few more standout quotes.

On her colorful past: “I was involved in the May, 1968 protests in Paris, and in the early seventies I wanted to be Bob Dylan. My thirties were spent living the California Dream surrounded by artists, and giving birth to my daughter Scarlett Rouge. My forties were an entrepreneurial era in Los Angeles where I met my honey, Rick Owens, and I will spend my fifties enjoying life with him.”

On her daily fitness routine: “Hammam [Turkish bath], boxing, weights and stretching.”

On her hair and makeup essentials: “Henna, oils and kohl.”

On how she uses henna to dye her nails black: “It’s not the traditional Indian henna, but a similar Japanese vegetable dye that’s used to cover grey hair. It lasts forever and never chips. It’s a good matte black.”

On her definition of beauty: “Getting older with satisfaction and imagination.”


Photos: Tommy Ton; Oyster

A High-Energy Start to Paris Men’s Week

Leave it to Rick Owens to get Paris Men’s Fashion Week started on a high note. Today, the designer presented his collection to a soundtrack of his preferred techno beats, leaving the audience pumped for what’s in store in the City of Light. Rick Owens has nurtured a signature style that’s helped to set him apart from other designers, and to quickly take his business big. But this season, Owens’ collection took a slight departure from the usual drapey, directional looks he’s coined as his own.

Sure, there was lots of black, layers, and skinny legs, but the clothes had a new luxed-up look – layers of all black, plush wool, and a new focus on more tailored pieces. The change was welcomed with open arms, and while the head-to-toe runway looks might be reserved for die-hard Owen fans, when deconstructed there were plenty of must-have wearables for next winter.




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