Room at the Bedford Post Inn

According to Page Six, Richard Gere’s Bedford Post Inn is on the cusp of falling apart. After losing Chris Tunnah, general manager of the Farmhouse restaurant, last year, they said bye bye to Chris Broburg, who’s now pastry chef for The Four Seasons. The latest to jump ship is executive chef Brian Lewis. The Post speculates that Bedford resident Martha Stewart might be a candidate for take over, but the one-woman powerhouse denies any interest. After the jump, Bedford residents and neighbors of the Inn who could also serve as fitting proprietors.


Ralph Lauren Since opening his second Ralph Lauren Restaurant, Ralph’s, serving all things American in Paris, Lauren can officially add ‘restauranteur’ to his CV. Ralph’s has been tremendously popular among the hip set in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and table reservations are a rarity. Perhaps BPI could use a little Ralph know-how to get things kicking again. Or maybe just a consult with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (Ralph went this route for his new Parisian outpost).


Bill and Hillary Clinton The Clintons are rumored to be moving to Bedford Hills, and Bill’s gonna need a hangout and home-away-from home in town for poker playing and cigar smoking. The rustic decor of the BPI has a masculine touch, and hey, Bill kind of resembles Richard Gere with his gray hair and boyish charm.


Tom Florio The senior vice president left Conde Nast to pursue other opportunities…but has yet to announce what these ‘opportunities’ entail. Maybe something local?


Chevy Chase The ex-SNL star and longtime Bedford resident has recently gone primetime on NBC’s Community alongside E! funnyman Joel McHale, and he worked as a waiter while struggling to cut it in showbiz. He’s got popularity and experience going for him.


Glenn Close With the future of FX fan favorite Damages uncertain, who knows, Close may be looking for a side gig.

The 10 Sundance Films Everyone Will Be Talking About

There are so many movies screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City this year that it’s nearly impossible to choose ten that are most buzzworthy. I say nearly impossible, because I just pulled it off.

Adventureland – Because this coming-of-age story set in an amusement park is from the director of Superbad. Because it has two of our favorite Kristens, Stewart and Wiig. Because of these clips. And because this is this year’s “This year’s Little Miss Sunshine.”

Big Fan – Because it’s the directorial debut of Robert Siegel, former Onion editor and screenwriter of The Wrestler. Because the story of a Giants fan (Patton Oswalt) from Staten Island who gets into a violent altercation with his favorite player at a strip club couldn’t be more timely. Because this could be the birth of a bright new voice in American cinema.

Rudo y Cursi – Because it reunites Y tu mamá también costars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal as rival brothers on the same soccer team. Because those two actors helped give Alfonso Cuarón his big break in Y tu mamá and will try and do it again for his baby brother Carlos, who directed this.

Brooklyn’s Finest – Because Michael Martin was a tollbooth worker when he wrote this script to finance repairs on a car he totaled. Because Michael Martin is still a toll booth worker despite Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, and Don Cheadle starring in his movie. Because the last time Antoine Fuqua directed a gritty cop drama, Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for Training Day.

I Love You Phillip Morris – Because even though this “indie” features superstars Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, it features them as gay lovers who fall in love in prison. Because it comes from the twisted minds behind Bad Santa. Because it’s Brokeback Mountain for the Apatow set.

Dead Snow – Because it’s about zombie Nazis. Because I’m not lying.

Tyson Because even Mike Tyson was surprised at the ovation this documentary received at Cannes. Because it will make a convicted rapist, ear biter, and all-around thug seem compassionate, vulnerable, and human.

The September Issue – Because it’s a rare account of the months leading up to Vogue’s biblical September issue. Because you might see Anna Wintour smile, or even laugh. Because she’s more intimidating than Tyson.

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men – Because this could be the breakout role for Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Julianne Nicholson. Because instead of giving the camera knowing looks on The Office, John Krasinski is behind it. Because based on his short stories, it will remind us of the genius of the late David Foster Wallace.

The Missing Person – Because it’s a noirish private eye yarn set in a post-9/11 landscape. Because after Shotgun Stories and Revolutionary Road, a Michael Shannon performance has suddenly become can’t-miss. Because Amy Ryan is no slouch either.

Palazzo Chupi: The Pink Elephant

imageJulian Schnabel is trying to convince Manhattanites that pink is the new granite, but nobody’s buying it. Literally. The Schnabel-designed Palazzo Chupi — a Malibu Barbie tower which turns living on the Hudson into a vacation in Venice — is having problems attracting residents. It was recently revealed that Richard Gere has been secretly selling his customized 4 bedroom, 4-bathroom pad for $17,995,000 (with a celebrity-style $4 million markup), and he’s never even moved in. There was gossip about Bono looking at a place, but nothing came of that. Madonna opted out because it wasn’t “child-friendly.” For all the publicity and associations with stars, the only resident we can positively identify is some guy from Credit Suisse. We’ll gladly be friends with him though, especially if he ever decides to throw a house party.