Photo Gallery: Icelandic Bottle Service at Airwaves Music Festival

In New York, there’s bottle service. In Iceland, there’s Elf Rock service. That’s right: a portable Elf Rock bar one totes around to strategic Icelandic destinations like the magnificent Gulfoss waterfalls, the world’s first geyser (called Geyser), and, of course, all the hottest venues at the Iceland Airwaves music festival, where you can even bring the mobile Elf Rock bar on stage with the band, pop it open, and start serving drinks during the show. For the uninitiated, actual elf rocks are those magical rocks found all over Iceland’s rugged terrain, where elves are believed to live. The mobile Elf Rock bar put together by the Swervewolf contingent for this year’s Airwaves festival was a particular hit with the Icelanders, stirring primal passions in their Viking souls at first sip.

The first night’s Elf Rock bar was stocked with the local Brennavin, Angostura bitters, ginger ale, brown sugar, a bar towel, and shot glasses. Then, for a rad snowmobiling trip to a glacier with Mountaineers of Iceland, the bar featured ultra pure Reyka vodka on the rocks and pristine glacier ice. Other times, the Elf Rock went with a Mexican tequila theme, including lemons and salt. This was a particular hit backstage at the Vandelles show at Idno, where the angelic Icelandic girls choir Karitur Islands kissed it for good luck before hitting the stage.

You can drink in the street in Reykjavik, and Icelandic rapper Blaz Roca played Elf Rock barkeep on the corner at 4am to a bevvy of his groupies after playing a packed show. You’d think in a country known for its astronomical drink prices, hip spots like Boston, Bakkus, Nasa, and others would frown on people rolling in with their very own bar. Instead, having an Elf Rock bar in tow allowed us to breeze past lines, walk right up to the bar, and start serving drinks for everyone. As our Icelandic friend Stella explained to us, this was “because nobody would dare offend the Huldufólk,” starting with the coolest mayor in the world Jón Gnarr, who’s down with the Moomin elves. Check out this gallery of shots the BlackBook and Swervewolf crew snapped of Icelanders enjoying Airwaves and the magical mobile Elf Rock bar. Wonder if this would work in New York…