Where Celebs Go Out: Hugh Jackman, Parker Posey, Reshma Shetty

At the premiere of City Island:

● ANDY GARCIA – “In New York there are so many great restaurants. There’s an old one I’ve gone here for many years that I like to visit, just out of nostalgia. It’s a very good restaurant. It’s called Il Vagabondo. It has a bocce court in it. It’s just a very picturesque place; very, good food. Cipriani’s. There’s a new one called Nino’s. Scalinatella — a lot of Italian restaurants, you can tell. I always pop my head into Victor’s Cafe. And then, I’ve got to have a Gray’s Papaya hot dog here.” Any plans to visit Cuba? “Oh, I dream about visiting Cuba every day. But some people have to leave there first.” ● HUGH JACKMAN – “I’m a real junkie for Jean-Georges Vongerichten. I love his cooking. I just went to his place up in The Mark, and I was lucky enough to go to his new restaurant down at ABC Carpet and Home — all organic, every ingredient’s within an 100-mile radius. The food is just unbelievable there, so … Any special dish? Chicken. He told me his secret: brine. You got to brine your chicken.” ● VERA WANG –“I like Morimoto, and I like Bar Masa, and I love the new Mark Hotel, and Sant Ambroeus, uptown and downtown, Mr. Chow’s. I go out to eat a lot — you can tell.”

● SANDRA BERNHARD – “I love Cookshop, which is downtown. I love BLT Fish, one of my favorite restaurants. Babbo. Of course, I love 2nd Avenue Deli. I’m very into trying to eat locally, sustainably grown food. I’m doing more and more cooking at home because of my daughter. And I’ve always eaten very balanced and healthy, but, to me, it’s about really preserving the environment, as well.” ● ZOE KRAVITZ –Five Leaves in Brooklyn, in Greenpoint. Delicious.” ● PARKER POSEY – “I’m trying to give a good recommendation for something. Mary’s Fish Camp.” ● DOMINIK GARCIA-LORIDO – “Oh, wow! I’m, like, so not a club person anymore. I’m pretty much a homebody. I live in L.A., so … I like more dive bars and chill spots where you can hear good music. I don’t like really sceney places. I don’t like where you have to dress up. I’m more, have a beer and chill; watch a game. I have to give a shout-out to the guy I work for, as a waitress. I still work there. It’s a lounge in Studio City, California, called Next Door Tapas. It’s attached to an Italian restaurant, La Loggia. It’s a really chill, tapas bar in the Valley. It’s got good drinks and good food.” ● STEVEN STRAIT –The Smile on Bond Street — really, really cool place; a little coffee shop that’s got great food, great coffee; really relaxed, cool place. I grew up here, but I don’t live here anymore. I love staying at the Chelsea Hotel. It’s got so much character; really, amazing history; inspiring place. It’s really kept to its roots. The city’s expanded around it. It’s really held firm. I appreciate that.” ● RESHMA SHETTY – “My favorite restaurant, at the moment, is Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar. I love that place. Bar-wise, the Russian Vodka Room does a mean apple martini. And they have a fabulous happy hour: $5, 4-6.” ● GRAHAM PHILLIPS – “One thing that’s been fun is that I’ve noticed is that all the best pizzerias are in Brooklyn, and I used to never really go to Brooklyn, but now that the show [The Good Wife] films in Brooklyn, I’ve been going to all these pizzerias. I have a list on my phone. Someone sent it to me. I’ve just been trying to check ’em all off my list. Joe’s Pizza, Bleecker and Carmine, unbelievable! Di Fara, Brooklyn, Avenue J — I tried that. That was unbelievable! I also tried Grimaldi’s. And they were all unbelievable. They’re all in the same genre of this authentic New York pizza, but they all have their little twist to it.”

Reshma Shetty: So Pretty, You Want to Hate Her

imageThe economy is in the toilet. Banks are failing, and Chrysler is now officially owned by Fiat. Grand dames are reduced to selling their jewels and sending the children to public school. What better time, then, to escape into a world where opulence is still the norm and people are holding on to their private jets. The new series Royal Pains, which premiered last week on USA, takes us back to that time, not so long ago, when the Hamptons really was this fabled neverland of ostentatious and unapologetic wealth. And as much as we might have envied and even cursed the Hamptons elite as we piled onto the Jitney every Friday, we know we’ll miss the antics of the fabulously wealthy. Royal Pains takes us back to a simpler time, when aging cougars had to worry only about their malfunctioning surgical enhancements, not their Madoff-depleted bank accounts.

Quirky amongst a cast of quirky characters, Reshma Shetty — as the eager, complicated Divya Katdare — is way more interesting than your average sexy sidekick. When we first met Divya during the Royal Pains season premier last week, she was wearing serious glasses and a serious white tailored suit, lest we think she’s just more Hamptons eyecandy for righteous and wronged Dr. Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) and his lovable CPA of a younger brother, Evan (Paulo Costanzo). But that old trick of slapping a pair of glasses on a hottie to disguise her true hotness is futile in this case.

I caught a sneak peak of episode two of Royal Pains that solidified Reshma’s position as my summer girl-crush. After taking pains in the first episode to clearly distinguish Divya Katdare from the pack of archetypal Hamptonite socialites and social climbers, episode two gives us Divya all dolled up. And well, damn. She’s equally charming as a glamorous partygoer as playing an over achieving ambitious physician’s assistant — not an easy feat. A refreshing alternative to the cookie-cutter starlets we’re used to seeing, Reshma’s character seems delightfully unaware of her unquestionable beauty, making her that much more likeable.

Check Reshma out in tonight’s episode of Royal Pains at 10pm on USA. You won’t be disappointed. Sneak preview below.