Joachim Trier’s English-Language Debut is Set to Head Into Production With Isabelle Huppert & More

Earlier this week, we were pleased to report that iconic German director Wim Wenders was set to begin production on his latest film, Every Thing Will Be Fine, starting this summer with James Franco leading the picture. On that note, we spoke about the excitement of discovering your favorite filmmaker had something new underway—that childlike sense of thrill from only imagining what the feature could be. And when it comes to a younger set of directors, there are more than a plethora of people whose careers I’m quite excited for and anticipating to watch develop as they establish themselves in a new generation of cinematic masters. But in the last half-decade or so, there have been few filmmakers whose work has moved me as strongly as that of Norwegian director Joachim Trier. His two films Repirse and Oslo, August 31st are not only two of my favorite films of their respective years, but two of my most beloved films ever.

Trier’s work is poetic and haunting, visceral and honest, telling stories of friendship, illness, love, ambition, foolishness, and intellect that are both playful in style and striking in frankness. His films are melancholic and at times deeply saddening, yet always with a tinge of hope that penetrates through. There’s a quality to Reprise and Oslo that feels reminiscent of Wenders—a refreshing and almost spiritual exploration of existential quandaries and what it means to simply exist. (Sidenote: you haven’t seen either one of them, I would suggest heading to Netlfix or Hulu immediately and doing so.) And since Oslo‘s release last year, there’s been talk of Louder Than Bombs, Trier’s next feature, his English-language debut. But now, it’s been announced that the film is officially set to go into production.

To my absolute delight, Screen Daily tells us that the family drama will star Isabelle Huppert, Gabriel Byrne, and Jesse Eisenberg in a story that revolves around the character of a famous, late war photographer (played by Huppert). Going on to explain that the film will center around, "the eve of a retrospective of her work, some three years after her untimely death, [when] her husband and two sons discover an unsettling secret from her past" with Eisenberg  taking on the role of the son with Byrne as the father. Co-written with his long-time collaborator Eskil Vogt, the film will shoot in Germany and the US beginning this fall. And speaking about Louder Than Bombs, Trier has said that it is, "a character-driven piece so I am obviously thrilled to have such incredible actors working with me on this…Isabelle, Jesse, and Gabriel are all actors I have wanted to work with for a long time, so having them play together as one family feels remarkable.” 

Well now, if this means Wenders and Trier will both have films debuting on the festival circuit in 2014, we’re sure to be in for quite a treat. So stay tuned for more coverage on Louder Than Bombs—we’ll be keeping a close eye. In the meantime, check out our in-depth look at the quiet allure of Oslo, August 31st.