There’s No Shame in Winter Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only for sunny days. If you have sensitive eyes like me, the wind, cold, and atmosphere can make your eyes red and watery. I almost always have to wear sunglasses outside solely to protect my eyes. During the wintertime it can be tricky on gloomy days. People look at you like either, a: you think you’re too cool, b: you had a rough night of partying, or c: you may be, or you just think you are, a celebrity. None of which is true. I also have good vision, so I don’t have regular eyeglasses to use. I’m sure I can’t be the only person in this position. So what is a sensitive-eyed girl to do on a dark winter day? The answer is ditch the black Jackie O’s (for now) and go for a pair with a lighter frame and light lenses. Like these Roberto Cavalli Chain-Embellished Visor Sunglasses, $171.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviator Sunglasses, $98. image

Ray-Ban Silver Craft Aviator Sunglasses, $190. image

Gear Up for the Weekend

Nothing beats the burnout of a helluva work week better than an unexpectedly hot summery weekend in the spring, but just because it’s May doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice proper summer etiquette! Pack up your totes with this perfect selection of stuff that will keep you chic and satisfied for the perfect afternoon romp in the park.

Sebastian Trilliant Frolic around Central Park with shiny, wispy locks like you’re in Hair.

image RayBan Wayfarers Classic shape, chic-ifies everyone, and hides evidence of the night before.

image Hermes Scarf If you’re going to spend the day on the Upper East Side, you’ve got to dress like it. Tie here, tie there. Tie it up, tie it down. There’s no wrong way to wear this scarf.

image Bristols 6 Pasties Once you’ve tied on something loose and flowy, the last thing you need to worry about is a confining bra or worse–the girls at full salute.

image La Mer The Mist It’s all about hydration, and keeping that dewy look is crucial to getting some attention from the guys throwing around the frisbee.

Ray-Ban Stooges Stop, Stare

A couple of weeks ago, Ray-Ban sent us an ominous press release, threatening a stunt that will “stop traffic” to promote a Ron English billboard as part of their Project Colorize campaign. Fearing a dirty bomb from the nefarious sunglasses manufacturers, I worked from home. Turns out it was just a group of about 100 paid actors wearing Wayfarer sunglasses who stood and stared at the billboard at a crowded midtown intersection. Inspired by a similar Grand Central Station stunt, this one came across more creepy than inspired.

Ray-Ban Adds Some Color to New York

Ray-Ban, discontent with merely shielding your rods and cones from the sun, has decided to turn New York into an art gallery of sorts. In conjunction with Marie Claire, and the launch of their “super cool” (their words, not ours) new colored Wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban has commissioned five NYC-based artists (Ron English, Tara McPherson, Scott Alger, Queen Andrea, and Toofly) to create a billboard each. The billboards will incorporate the new colored Wayfarer with the artists’ personal styles, and will be unveiled on July 1st. There’ll be a party that day at Henri Bendel, with the artworks in store windows. But because there’s really no limits when promoting sunglasses, Ray-Ban is organizing a top-secret stunt on July 1st for Ron English’s billboard that will literally stop traffic. Wait, traffic in this city actually moves?

Ace of Shades

If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, and you really want it, stuff it. Too bad the same rule doesn’t apply for sunglasses, I just wish people understood that! Topping the list of my pet peeves are people who wear sunglasses that look absurd, but right under that are those who wear glasses that are inappropriately shaped for their face.

One commandment of fashion is, “aviators are not for everyone,” yet nary a day goes by when I don’t see at least one big-nosed, small-foreheaded girl sporting her Ray-Ban aviators like she’s the cat’s meow. But just because aviators look horrible on you doesn’t mean there’s no hope for fabulous sunglasses. Check out All About Vision‘s handy website to match up the perfect shades for your shape.