Beautiful Rule-Breaking Moth Rashida Jones Will Be Writing for TV Now

Rashida Jones is many things to many people. As Ann Perkins on Parks & Recreation, to Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope, she is a beautiful tropical fish, such a good friend and a beautiful, rule-breaking moth. To most, she is an accomplished and very funny actress who has made us laugh and warmed the cockles of our hearts on The Office, Parks & Rec and Chappelle’s Show, to name a few. She also co-wrote a movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year with her writing partner Will McCormack and are following said film, Celeste and Jesse Forever, with an upcoming feature called Frenemy of the State based on her comic book about a socialite-turned-CIA-operative. Did you know Rashida Jones wrote a comic book? Because she did. 

But now, in addition to being part of a funny ensemble on TV, Jones and writing partner McCormack, who most recently co-wrote We Are Puppets for Showtime, signed a two-year deal with Warner Brothers to “develop, write and produce their own comedy and drama projects for cable and network TV,” says the Hollywood Reporter. Can’t wait to see what they come up with, and any news about funny, talented women getting more work on TV and playing a principal role in the creative process is pretty awesome. And now, just for you, an Ann Perkins montage party.

Morning Links: ScarJo ‘Hackerazzi’ Arrested, Pitchfork’s New New York Festival

● The Florida man behind the Scarlett Johansson nude leaks has been arrested and charged with hacking into the emails of a slew of starlets. He faces up to 121 years in prison in convicted. Until someone else takes up his little “hackarazzi” project, Hollywood can rest easy. [NYP] ● Nicki Minaj faced her young-blooded competition on Ellen yesterday, where she preformed “Superbass” with eight-year-old YouTube star Sophia Grace. [Us] ● What’s up with New York rappers these days not sounding like New York rappers? “New York formalism…is a dying language,” says the New York Times‘ Jon Caramanica. Whereas New York was “once the universal donor [of style], it’s now the universal recipient.” Exhibit A: Harlem’s promethazine-sipping, Drake-approved ASAP Rocky. [NYT]

● Pitchfork is throwing a multi-day, multi-media festival that will showcase “the creativity, independence, innovation, and interactivity happening in the growing platforms of music, art, and gaming.” [P4K] ● Rashida Jones has “a million memories” of Michael Jackson — who she thinks is “definitely a little bit of an alien, for sure” — but her favorite was the time they drove around with water guns and attacked unsuspecting pedestrians. “They had no idea they’d just been supersoaked by the King of Pop,” she recalled. [Playboy] ● The Internet is mostly not known for good taste, but it’s shocking nonetheless that Kick-Ass is the seventh most pirated movie of all time. [Gawker] ● Oops! Betheny Frankel made give or take 90 million dollars less on her Skinny Girl Margaritas than she said she did last year. [Page Six]

Banks, Deschanel, Jones, Mortimer Join ‘My Idiot Brother’

Breaking hot actresses news! Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Rashida Jones, and Emily Mortimer have signed on to the latest Paul Rudd comedy, ‘My Idiot Brother.’ Yup, that’s right, all in the same movie. I’ve checked the legal codes on this issue and, don’t worry, this much on screen hotness does fall within the existing statutes. As long as the filmmakers file their “yeah, we know this is a little ridiculous” form, everything should be good to go. Wait, what’s that? Zooey Deschanel is dating Rashida Jones in this film? They’ll probably make out at some point? Gaahhhh.

Banks, Deschanel, and Mortimer are playing Rudd’s sisters, so we’re unfortunately not going to get any steamy romance there, but the film still looks, er, promising. Rudd plays an idealist trying to deal with his overbearing mother. He crashes with his three sisters and brings joy and chaos to their lives. Here’s the character synopsis from THR:

Banks is a career-driven single about to get her big break in journalism after spending years writing about accessories at a fashion magazine; Deschanel is a bisexual whose flakiness and lies are getting in the way of moving forward with her caring, responsible girlfriend (Jones); and Mortimer plays a Park Slope mom too worried about having the perfect life and children to notice that her marriage is falling apart.

There’s no trailer yet, but count me in. Other filmmakers, this is how you get people into theaters: stock your movie with every hipster heartthrob around and (fingers crossed) write some decent roles for them.

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● The rumor that Rashida Jones and John Mayer hooked up at the Chateau Marmont is untrue; rather, the two were dining with their friends separately. Mayer did come over to Jones’ table to say hello and asked to play the guitar her friends had brought for an impromptu concert. [GossipCop] ● Despite actor Matthias Schweighöfer telling German GQ otherwise, Jude Law and Robert DeNiro are not in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor. [LatinoReview] ● Kenny Ortega has left the Footloose remake after the studio wanted to cut his budget and have the film be a drama with very few musical numbers, rather than the musical extravaganza Ortega wants it to be. [JustJared]

● It seems Sandra Bullock, husband Jesse James, and his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder are in a three-way custody battle over James and Lindemulder’s daughter Sunny. Lindemulder was granted limited visitation rights, despite James raising concerns that Lindemulder’s new husband has quite the criminal record. Janine is currently in rehab, although would be out sooner if the judge would approve her new career as an adult video blogger. [Radar] ● Paramount is discussing the possibility of the inevitable Paranormal Activity sequel, seeing that the $15,000 film has already grossed $62.5 million. [Bloody-Disgusting] ● Paul Haggis has broken up with Scientology, reportedly leaving the church over their backing of Prop 8 and the church’s role in “disconnecting” his wife’s relationship with her parents. [Showbiz411]

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● Gwen Stefani used the sold-out crowd at the last No Doubt concert to serenade her son, Kingston, with “Happy Birthday.” [Youtube] ● Rashida Jones is reportedly dating Obama speechwriter and intellectual-hottie Jon Favreau (no relation to the Iron Man director). [BWE] ● Lindsay Lohan is taking the first step back to Hollywood stardom by filling in for Katie Holmes in the fantastical comedy The Other Side. [E!]

● Britney Spears’ dad is being a good dad-ager and wants his cash cow daughter to extend her hit tour. [Showbizspy] ● And Britney hopes to prove her critics wrong with continued success in her album and tour, hopefully leaving her meltdown days behind. [DigitalSpy] ● Meg White married Jackson Smith, son of Patti Smith and MC5 Fred “Sonic” Smith, in bandmate Jack White’s Nashville backyard. [MTV]