BlackBook Tracks #20: The Post-Frankenstorm Solution

Did you miss me last week? (It’s okay if you didn’t, but I kind of hope you did.) I was stranded in the powerless wasteland of lower Manhattan, shoving Pringles in my mouth by candlelight because I couldn’t use the internet. Now that we’ve figured out things like the leadership of our country and the L train, here are some songs for you.

Buke & Gase – “Blue Monday”

Not only is this a solid New Order cover from the Brooklyn duo, but if you buy it on Bandcamp, the proceeds will go to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Interpol – “NYC”

Here’s a belated shout-out to everyone else who was in the blacked-out zone last week. Turn on the bright lights, indeed.

Foals – “Inhaler”

These Brits are back, and they’re sounding even bigger than they did on 2010’s highly acclaimed Total Life Forever. “Inhaler,” the first single from the forthcoming Holy Fire, is a stark, pulsing stomp that can only promise more good things.

Charli XCX – “Heatwave”

Bubblegum-goth darling Charli XCX just dropped her Super Ultra mixtape, featuring this song that you’ll have to save up for next year’s summer fling. For more sexy synths, download the full mixtape here.

Dutch Uncles – “Fester”

These purveyors of oddball piano pop are growing up nicely. The new single from the Manchester, UK band is smooth and sophisticated, hinting at their progression since 2011’s Cadenza.

Sambassadeur – “Memories”

I’m not going to lie, I forgot about this band for a minute, but I’m glad I remembered. This Swedish outfit is still going strong, and “Memories” features the kind of crystalline pop perfection that’s kept them an anchor of Labrador Records.

Peggy Sue – “He’s A Rebel”

Those 60s girl group classics have held up for a reason. This version sees British alt-folk act Peggy Sue paying laid-back tribute to the Crystals.

Ramona Falls – “Proof”

If you’re looking for something delicate and heartfelt but with a faint undercurrent of weirdness, you’ve come to the right place.

Lilly Wood & The Prick – “Where I Want To Be (California)”

These French sensations present a nostalgic, dynamic vision of pop. “Where I Want To Be (California)” is the wistful opener to their latest LP, The Fight.

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