Surfer Blood Redefine ‘Retro’

You may have noticed this recently, or I’m losing my mind, but I think bars have been playing a lot of that turn-of-the-millennium rock revivalism and dance-rock and whatnot. Or, you know, The Strokes. It’s as if we’re finally nostalgic for 2001. And when an old Strokes song come on, you’re all: “Oh yeah! I remember liking this.” I bring all this up because Surfer Blood just released an old Strokes song.

Sorry, dudes from Surfer Blood and the PR person who has to read this for you regardless, but it’s true! That album you put out a few years back, Astro Coast, was all reverbed-out and soaring, saturated sound—now, with “Weird Shapes,” you’ve got the flatter, somehow more cynical aspect of, say, a band that’s from now on will be dogged by an association with domestic violence.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s actually pretty catchy. If the rest of Pythons, out this summer, strikes a similar pose, it’ll be worth a spin. And it wouldn’t be a terrible idea for other people to try and make music like this again. Hell, maybe even Julian Casablancas will give it a shot. 

Photo credit: Zachary Alexander Bennett

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