DJ & Promoter Nima Yamini Caught In The Act & Sevilla

Kinky, bizarre, theatrical things are happening at Las Vegas’ new nightclub The Act inside the Venetian Hotel, and last night, Nima Yamini elevated the craze to a whole other level with his open-format DJ set. Tonight, April 19th, the co-founder of Avenue A Soundcheck lands in San Diego, at the Latin-Spanish nightclub Sevilla, where he’ll spice up their VIVE Fridays party with his Latin house, EDM, and hip-hop spins. And after his stint at the Pussycat Dolls Dollhouse on the 20th, Nima jets off to the east coast, where he’ll hit up Trump Soho on the 23rd and Greenhouse on the 26th. It’s the month of Nima; catch him before it ends.

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Pussycat Dolls Rework ‘Slumdog’ Theme

imageHey Slumdog Millionaire haters! Feeling broody because that little film you’ve grown to loathe just swept up the BAFTAs quite fiercely? Well now you too may finally have just cause to throw your fists up in the air defiantly and cry, “Jai ho!” As it turns out, one of the undesired side effects of having a surprise pop culture hit on your hands is finding several umpteen million ways to cash in on it until the entire phenomenon becomes ostensibly overdone. So it’s not terribly surprising that Oscar-nominated composer AR Rahman admitted that he’d be slumming it for the Pussycat Dolls not too long ago, having them channel their signature skanky wiles through a radio-friendly reworking of the film’s definitive opus.

Cut to yesterday midday, when the song finally surfaced in the backwaters of the interwebs — much to the bittersweet anxiety of bored fans and hecklers alike. Apparently we were all turned off by the Grammys. So even if it does heighten exposure for the movie, why’s this sort of pop mess a good thing for non-fans? Because it totally pisses over Slumdog’s awards-gilded prestige. At least, it ought to. Even with the results panning out pretty decently, there’s still something about the song that makes it seem like it’ll scrape into the nethers of the Top 40. Maybe it’s the song’s limited novelty appeal. But more likely, it’s Nicole Scherzinger’s inability to belt out the refrain without sounding like it was pulled out like an impacted wisdom tooth. Then again, the whole East-meets-West thing has never really worked for radio has it?
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