12-Year-Old Boy Charged With Punking Ashton Kutcher and the LAPD

There’s a new fad that all the kids are into: swatting. It involves calling 911 and claiming that there’s an armed person in a celebrity’s house. On the grand scale of things, I suppose it’s better than premarital sex or meth, but I suppose celebrities don’t see it that way. And neither does the LAPD, who, in response to several 911 calls recently, have sent armed SWAT teams to the homes of Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber. At least one kid—a 12-year-old—has been charged with making such a call that led the LAPD to send officers to Ashton Kutcher’s house. I’m not the only one who sees the irony in this, but can we really expect Kutcher to get all up in arms about this? It all has a very "I learned it from you Dad, I learned it from you!" feel about it. 

[via EW]

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Afternoon Links: Amanda Bynes Arrested For DUI, Snoop Dogg’s Smokeable Songbook

● Amanda Bynes was arrested last night for DUI after she accidentally side-swiped a cop car at 3AM. On the bright side, her new lilac ‘do made for a lovely mugshot. [TMZ]

● Dolly Parton bought Dollywood a brand new $20 million roller coaster for that she won’t even ride because, she warns, "You don’t wanna see what a real bald eagle looks like." Certainly not. [USAToday]

● You can literally smoke Snoop Dogg’s new songbook, Rolling Words, which is made entirely of his new hemp seed Kingsize Slim paper, ready to be ripped out, rolled up, and enjoyed. After you’ve read it, of course. [Fuse]

● Katy Perry almost made her big screen debut in The Help, but she couldn’t fit the filming into her busy schedule. And so instead, it’ll be this. [Vulture]

● In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, Downtown Abbey executive producer Rebecca Eaton lets slide that, in the upcoming third season, “Somebody will be born, and somebody will die, somebody pretty key in the cast, unfortunately not going to make it,” she says. “It’s the 1920s now.”

● Tyler, the Creator got what you might call a taste of his own medicine on last night’s Punk’d. [Stereogum]

Watch Justin Bieber Punk Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift in ‘Punk’d’ Revival

You know what the deal with the Punk’d revival is: celebrities pranking other celebrities, exposing each other’s moral failing for ratings gold. Will Selena Gomez get upset if she thinks she’s ruined a child’s Christmas? Will Drake murder a dog to get out of a speeding charge? Let’s see! This first episode of the new Punk’d, as new host Justin Bieber puts it to stars like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, is a worthy successor to the proud legacy that former host Ashton Kutcher left. Bieber makes Swift think she’s ruined a wedding, and makes Cyrus think he’s committed assault and battery. Sooooo crazy, right? Start your Friday off right, via MTV.

Starring as the host of Punk’d will go a long way towards building Bieber’s brand as a wild and crazy guy; he’s even got that same damn skull cap, the one Kutcher used to cover up his insecurity. And, hah, I guess it’s still pretty funny to watch Swift freak out like she’s a responsible and caring human being, assuming you like to laugh at other peoples’ nervous breakdowns. (I do!) Punk’d is normally on MTV every Thursday at 10.

Hear Frank Ocean Sing the Po-Mo Blues on ‘White’

Teenage wastelanders Odd Future are set to release a new album next week called Odd Future Tape Vol. 2, featuring contributions from the entire Wolf Gang. A few days ahead of schedule, one of those cuts has leaked out: Frank Ocean’s "White," a sparse ballad in which the singer explores the really big questions. "Could this be Earth? Could this be light?" Ocean asks in his strong quiver. "Does this mean everything’s going to be alright?" So yes, he’s still singing the same type of self-aware emotional blues that brought him to attention on last year’s Nostalgia, Ultra. Listen to it after the click, via Prefix.

There’s a lyric about "all my white friends," but let’s wait a little while to touch that. In other Odd Future news, ringleader Tyler the Creator is getting pranked in an upcoming episode of the new Punk’d series. Isn’t it charming, the way he tries to run away after potentially killing someone? Look out for the full appearance in a little bit.

Justin Bieber Pranks Taylor Swift in ‘Punk’d’ Trailer

Because culture is cyclical, Punk’d is returning to MTV in less than month to show us celebrities at their angry, confused worst. The prank show will be hosted by none other than Justin Bieber though celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Bam Margera will float through the set to guest host, and original Punk’ster Ashton Kutcher remains as an executive producer. In case you needed a sell, MTV released a short trailer yesterday showing Bieber getting the fun started by making Taylor Swift think she’s ruined a wedding, causing her to gasp with that permanent "Omigod I won an award!?" face.

Get More: Punk’d, Full Episodes

There’s nothing like schadenfreude to make us feel better than celebrities, although the new show will be hard pressed to beat the time that Kutcher actually got Justin Timberlake to cry (Timberlake would later reveal he was stoned the whole time, adding another layer of horror to his ordeal). I’ll bet on Chris Brown to be the first celebrity to have a massive breakdown after finding out his car has been filled with soy milk, or whatever.

This Is Not a Joke: ‘Punk’d’ Will Return to MTV

Ashton Kutcher is taking time away from Twittering and being married, and that obviously leaves a lot of free time for the actor. Sure, he could spend that time focusing a bit more on his stellar work on Two and a Half Men. Or he could just make famous people feel uncomfortable in front of a bunch of hidden cameras.

According The Hollywood Reporter, Kutcher and his producing partner Jason Goldberg will reboot his classic ’00s show Punk’d, the ground-breaking show that mistakenly convinced a large demographic of dudes that Von Dutch trucker hats were quite stylish. The show, which will likely star another Hollywood wild man as Kutcher is pretty busy starring in a network TV show (and getting a divorce), will debut footage on MTV’s New Year’s Eve telecast. 

Just think of the new breed of young starlets and singers who could be likely targets! Justin Bieber will freak out when Usher pretends to have lost all of his purple hoodies. Taylor Swift will go apeshit when Selena Gomez "accidentally" runs over her guitar! Russell Brand will have a fit when Katy Perry’s whipped cream-filled bra explodes all over his face. I guess it’s a good thing this show is coming back, if only to give Demi Moore a break from being punk’d for the last eight years.