Linkage: Alec Baldwin Still Harboring Mayoral Ambition, Noah ’40’ Shebib Talks MS

Looks like Alec Baldwin is still considering a life in politics. The 30 Rock actor suggested in an interview with Bloomberg that a New York City mayoral run is "something that [he] wold love to do," allowing that he is on contract with NBC through at least 2013. "I would still like to consider doing that because I want to," he said. "I do a lot of this kind of work now and I wonder what would it be like if I had a staff and budget to do it. That would be interesting." Sure would. [Bloomberg]

For the first time in 35 years — and although David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King, Karen Russell’s Swamplandia and Dennis Johnson’s Train Dreams were all considered — the Pulitzer Prize board has failed to select a winner for the fiction award. The prize committee says that "there were multiple factors involved" and that they "don’t discuss in detail why a prize is given or not given." The aforementioned books’ publishers say that they are "disappointed" because, of course, "the Pulitzer makes sales."  [BBC]

There are a lot of wonderful and free and cheap books available for download to your Kindle if you know where to look, and The Hairpin has made a handy guide of their favorites so you can skip straight to the reading part. [TheHairpin]

Wise-cracking profile writers and aspirational fan-fic scripters, James Franco is onto you and your self-serving ways. "To me," he says, "it feels like they’re pretending to be critical of this public persona that’s called James Franco but they’re also using it to serve themselves…it seems like you’re being kind of critical, but in fact, they’re just trying to tap into whatever that was." [THR]

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta sat down with Drake’s producer and partner in crime Noah "40" Shebib to talk about his multiple sclerosis and his quest to be what his mother calls "a person with MS who fulfills his dreams." "These are things that I enjoy, I like these challenges," he says. "They maybe get a little bit more difficult because of my disease, but as long as I am on my feet, I will continue to run." [OnSmash]

Like Northside earlier, San Fransisco’s Outside Lands festival got a lineup today and it includes everyone from Stevie Wonder and Skrillex to Neil Young and Papa. Ticket information and the full billing are available on Outside Lands’s website. [Stereogum]

The Ramones will have you know from their very first pitch that they are "not a glitter group, they don’t play boogie music and they don’t play blues," but that their every song is "a potential hit single." [Flavorwire]

Afternoon Links: There Is A Kurt Cobain Solo Album, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Might Be Dating

● According to Hole’s Eric Erlandson, Kurt Cobain recorded an full solo album — what "would have been his White Album" — before he died. So probably, Kurt will preform the album in full as a hologram at Coachella next year. [NME]

● To few’s surprise, Urban Outfitters is stocking yet another questionable tee shirt. It’s almost like racism is a part of their agenda or something. [D+T]

● Vincent Gallo is suing the City of Los Angeles over their Arts District Business Improvement District, an organization that is supposed to be using tax dollars to clean-up and beautify the Downtown Arts District. Gallo, however, does not think they are up to the task and he wants his money back. [TMZ]

● In this week’s episode of A Day In The Life, the boys of Das Racist take Morgan Spurlock to Guitar Center and to meet Philip Glass. Watch the whole affair on Hulu. [Prefix]

● Cam’ron announced on Twitter late last that, beginning today and excepting weekends, he will release a track a day for the next 30 days. The hashtag’s #UNLostFiles, for those that will be collecting. [Complex]

● Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis — both, of course, of That 70’s Show fame — went out dinner and touched hands. According to one bystander, "She looked hot," and so it "was definitely more than a dinner between friends." Assume what you will! [Page Six]

● The Pulitzers are here! Did you get yours? No? Next year. [Poynter]