From Lynch to Tarantino, All of Your Favorite Films are Playing in NYC This Weekend

Toss your beloved DVD collection to the side and head to the theater, because all of your favorite movies are playing this weekend. And no, I doubt I’m being hyperbolic when I say that there is surely a personal classic for everyone screening around the city, and what better way to view your most cherished piece of cinema than in the format it deserves? Whether you’re one for PT Anderson’s evocative ensemble dramas, Terrence Malick’s magic hour murders, David Lynch’s haunting and heartbreaking surrealism, or Quentin Tarantino’s black-humored violence there are plenty of undoubtable masterpieces of film to enjoy, alongside some of the most-acclaimed new movies of the year. I’ve rounded up the best of what’s playing throughout New York City this weekend—so peruse the list, see what you’re in the mood for, go get yourselves some Twizzlers, and head down to the cinema. Enjoy.

Film Forum

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Post Tenebras Lux
Voyace to Italy

Museum of the Moving Image

The Rolling Stones in Gimme Shelter
The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night
The Who in Quadrophenia


Wild at Heart
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
The Mother and the Whore


Boogie Nights
Hit So Hard
Deceptive Practice
Serial Mom

IFC Center

Pulp Fiction
Something in the air
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
The Shining
Room 237
The Source Family
Upstream Color
Java Heat
2001: A Space Odyssey

Film Linc

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s
To the Wonder
Girls in the Band

Angelika Film Center

What Maisie Knew
Stories We Tell
Midnight’s Children

Landmark Sunshine

The Iceman
Love is all You Need
In the House

Enjoy Paul Thomas Anderson’s Commentary on the 1981 Porn Doc That Inspired ‘Boogie Nights’

Personally speaking, Boogie Nights had a rather large impact on my development as a young child. But cinematically speaking, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 sex and drama fueled masterpiece of greed and ambition has been influencing and inspiring filmmakers since its release almost 20 years ago. But before there was Boogie Nights, there was The Dirk Diggler Story, and before that, there was the 1981 documentary that may have inspired it all.

Exhausted: John C. Holmes The Real Story, a doc about the titular porn star who claimed to have slept with over 14,000 women, gave a darker look behind the green door into the excessive and saddening world of sex and wealth of the 1970s porn scene. And although a rarity now, the doc provided an immense amount of inspiration for Anderson in crafting the film that would catapult him to stardom and establish him as one of the most incredible directors of our time.

And 15 years ago, when Criterion released a Laserdic edition of Boogie Nights, one of the featurettes happened to be Anderson providing about 35 minutes worth of Exhausted with his own running commentary. But with the excerpt being left out of the DVD edition of the film, the feature sadly disappeared in the unknown—for everyone without Laserdisc player, that is. But now, some wonderful human has finally taken the time to throw the clips on YouTube in four parts. And let’s be real, as if you needed an excuse to listen to Anderson just ramble on for 35 minutes and explain that:

It’s just fascinating to see, especially at this point, to just look at a guy and this is a documentary about his dick! I mean what the fuck is this, it’s a documentary about his dick…maybe I’m insane but this is just good stuff. And like I said, I laugh at this just as much as it fuckin’ kills me, it’s so sad, you know? This is an hour and a half documentary and we’re just seeing clips of it and it’s all about his penis and he probably got to a point in his life and realized, nobody gives a fucking shit about me—and that’s kind of sad…and weird.

Take a look at the clips below and don’t worry, the person who uploaded the videos cut out anything too saucy to be viewed in the workplace. Enjoy.

Watch the 20-Minute Reel of Deleted Scenes From ‘The Master’

Although I would love nothing more than to put the films of 2012 to bed for a short while, The Master remains in a category of its own. Paul Thomas Anderson’s in-depth character study of two distorted minds was as deeply mean and it was human and beautiful and serves as one of the most well-crafted features in recent memory; so I am totally down to watch as much of it as possible.

And now, the 20-minute reel of deleted scenes that’s included among the extras on The Master DVD, which Anderson also screened last fall, has made its way online. Check out the video below via The Playlist and HERE to dive even deeper into the new footage.

See a New Poster for ‘Spring Breakers’ and Check Out Annapurna Pictures’ Sizzle Reel

If you had any doubts about the nature of Harmony Korine’s upcoming warped coming-of-age on the beer-soaked and bikini-clad beaches of spring break tale, well this new poster for the film sets it all out for you. Spring Breaker’s juxtaposition between candy-coated neon bubbles of youth and playfulness matched with the drugs, sex, and most of all,  gun-toting of the film, is what really makes it something powerful, bizarre, and fascinating.

Out in New York and Los Angeles on March 15th, the film is being released by A24 and Annapurna Pictures , Megan Ellison’s production company that has lead some of the most exciting and noteworthy projects of the last year. And now, there’s an amazing sizzle reel showcasing their most beloved films thus far from The Master and Zero Dark Thirty to Spring Breakers. In the next year, she’ll be moving on to Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, PT Anderson’s Inherent Vice, Spike Jonzes’ Her, and finally, David O. Russell’s next project. Take a look at the reel below.




It’s Jon Brion’s Birthday So Let’s All Have a Cry

If this sounds incoherent, it’s only because I am listening to the Magnolia soundtrack and am growing too emotional to type. Sorry. But that only makes sense, considering today is the 49th birthday of cinematically minded musical genius Jon Brion. Although perhaps best known for his work in the PT Anderson-Fiona Apple-Aimee Mann world of collaboration, the whimsically dramatic singer/songwriter/composer/record producer has scored dozens of films—ranging from Adam McKay’s Step Brothers to his absolutely perfect work on Michel Gondry’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—while producing for everyone from Kanye West to Rufus Wainwright.

Although his projects may vary in medium and style, there’s a very specific sensation that wanders through all of his work—like gentle fingers plucking away at your heart strings, unhinging tearducts, and allowing you to journey even farther into the work it’s a part of. He isn’t melodramatic or devious with senitment, but provides an atmospheric, emotional through-line to guide you amidst the tangled worlds that his work speaks to. But however you see it, here’s a tasting of some favorites from his wonderful body of music.

Magnolia, “Stanley/Frank/Linda’s Breakdown” 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, “Phone Call”

Punch-Drunk Love, “Punch-Drunk Melody”

Hard Eight, “Sydney Doesn’t Speak”

I ♥ Huckabees, “Monday”

Magnolia, “Showtime”

Step Brothers, “Back and Forth”

Fionna Apple, “Fast as You Can”

Rufus Wainwright, “Damned Ladies”

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Full OST

The Jon Brion Show – Feat. Elliott Smith / Brad Mehldau

Magnolia, “I’ve Got a Surprise For You Today”