A Simple Act Made Very Chic by Prospector Co.

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Being that I grew up on this strange island called Manhattan, I have never come into contact with Southern charm. Or I should say, I hadn’t experienced it properly until I met Kyle Hinton, founder of Prospector Co. Kyle is handsome, interesting, and founded a line of lovely, simple, natural grooming products, and he did so with his mama’s help. Heart melting stuff.

Prospector Co. is equally as charming as its founder.


What began as (and still is) a store in Savannah, Georgia, with a core line of men’s shaving essentials has blossomed into a line available at top taste-making stores like J.Crew and Barney’s. The products aim to be multi-purpose, also, now that the line has expanded, catering to the unique, differing needs of men’s skin vs. women’s skin. Many products are unisex. Take one of the brand’s staples, the all-purpose “dirt”, which has no fewer than four purposes; it can be used as dry shampoo, as a sort of skin matte-ifying powder, a pore clarifying facial wash and a body cleanser.


The products are also “free of unnecessary additives, artificial fragrances or colorings, using quality, naturally-derived ingredients with discerning scent and archival influence,” says Kyle. Rather, the fragrances are the byproduct of both Hinton and his mother, who had an aromatherapy-based product line when Kyle was young, and now inspires Prospector’s products.


All this, plus the minimalist, apothecary-inspired packaging makes for a brand that I would want all up in any boyfriend’s bathroom, but has also, since I came upon it just a few weeks ago, made the mundane task of leg-shaving an infinitely more pleasant–and dare I say glamorous?–experience. Ladies, see for yourself with the new core women’s products here, and men, I envy your more extensive selection. You may want to fill up your cart.

Should you be in Savannah, skip the internet entirely (after this article, of course) and head to 320 West Broughton Street.