Rob Lowe Returns To Lifetime For ‘Prosecuting Casey Anthony’

Does he have an IRS bill to pay off or something?

Because that’s the only explanation I have for why Parks & Recreation star Rob Lowe is appearing in his ANOTHER Lifetime original made-for-TV movie. Last year Lowe appeared in the titular role of Drew Peterson: Untouchable as the abusive creep who murders his own wife. Somehow, the Academy was not biting at that Oscar bait.

His next role ripped straight from the tabloids will be in Prosecuting Casey Anthony, which will debut on Lifetime on January 19. The made-for-TV movie stars Lowe as Jeff Ashton, a prosecutor who tries to get to the bottom of the alleged murder of toddler Caylee Anthony by her troubled young mom. The movie is based on a book by the same name written by Ashton. (Anthony was acquitted amidst controversy in July 2011.)

Whyever Rob Lowe didn’t appear in Liz & Dick, I don’t know. I can only assume it was a scheduling conflict.

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