DIY Prosecco Bar, Truffle Pizza, & French Toast Sticks On Sotto 13’s New Brunch Menu

Given the choice to begin the day with French toast sticks, a truffle pizza pie, and DIY prosecco bar, would you take it? If only all decisions were this easy. Come Saturday, Feb. 16th, you can put these words into action, when acclaimed Italian spot Sotto 13 launches their new weekend brunch menu.

At Sotto, nothing is taken lightly; not the flavor, the décor, the alcohol content of the cocktails. This West Village restaurant welcomes you with its earthy green walls, atrium, creamy eggs benedict, and raspberry-white-peach-bellinis. I had the chance to preview the new brunch menu last night, and let’s just say I walked out tipsy, full, and – the morning after – still full but oddly craving their signature olive oil-salt chocolate ganache. This is so weird.

But I’m taking it in stride, because some meals are worth it. Where else can you have an all-you-can-drink $25 brunch and DIY prosecco bar? And where else can you feel nine-years-old again and dip French toast sticks into maple syrup and fresh berry compote?

So between now and the 16th, go ahead; while away this weekend’s brunch over another restaurant’s standard scrambled eggs and mimosas. But come next Saturday… it’s Sotto time.

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What We’re Drinking Right Now: Ruffino’s New Prosecco

Although our French friends might disagree, champagne isn’t the only sparkling wine you need to know about. Italy has been producing lots of great prosecco over the past few years, mounting a formidable assault on the austere French bubbly with a slew of affordable bottles that are just a little bit easier to pop open on, say, a Friday afternoon at the office. The Ruffino wine company, for example, recently launched its first foray into sparkling wine with a new prosecco that’s light, fun, and delicious. In the realm of effervescent tipples, I’m all for the extra competition, because the more bubbly in the world, the better.

Ruffino Prosecco is pleasure in the glass: smooth and medium dry, with notes of apples, pears, and citrus. At only $15 a bottle, it tastes much more expensive than it is. At that price, you can tuck a couple of bottles in your weekend tote and become the hero of the beach party.

Ruffino launched their prosecco with a little lunchtime party at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel a couple of weeks ago, and we got to learn a couple of neat facts about it. It’s made from 100% Prosecco grapes, for example, and undergoes a traditional white wine vinification process, followed by the “Charmat Method,” which involves natural refermentation in pressurized tanks that add the fun little bubbles.

Normally I would geek out on all the booze trivia, but at the moment, I’m just noticing how tasty it is, how easily it goes down, how the music on the office stereo suddenly sounds better, and how I’m glad it’s Friday. Weekends are made for, well, a lot of different drinks, but this prosecco seems particularly appropriate on Friday afternoons, and I heartily endorse it. Pick up a bottle and treat it like a beer. Open it, pour a couple of glasses, and declare the weekend officially open.