BlackBook Premiere: The Mynabirds Runs Into the Night With ‘Believer’ (Watch)

Photography: Jessica Ewald

Laura Burhenn of The Mynabirds understands the world from an intimate perspective, having driven across the United States twice, toured South Africa solo and explored all over Europe, building enough courage to genuinely channel William Faulkner and “lose sight of the shore.” Her third full-length studio album Lovers Know is a result of this global mindset, recorded over a year internationally, from Los Angeles to New Zealand.

In the music video for “Believer,” a track lifted off Lovers Know, Burhenn runs into the night, dodging a creepy clan dressed in all white with matching tattoos, as they collectively point toward her—wide-eyed—and follow the singer throughout the city streets.

“‘Believer’ is a song about completely losing any shred of faith you have left, in yourself most of all,” Burhenn said. “When I was talking to Michael, the director, about that, he came up with this brilliant twist to make the video a horror-tinged love song to my new neighborhood and the friends who’ve stood by my side through it all. Sometimes you’ve got to run through the darkest night to get to the dawn.”

Visually, there are subtle nods to the Dodgers, David Lynch and Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video, which the singer said was shot close to her house. She’s recruited a cast of familiar faces, including her own dog, Charlie, whom she drove across the country with on multiple occasions. Further cameos include Pierre de Reeder (Rilo Kiley), Stef Drootin (the Good Life and Big Harp), Chris Senseney (Big Harp), Jake Bellows (Neva Dinova) and Morgan Nagler (Whispertown).

Watch the BlackBook premiere of The Mynabirds’ “Believer,” below, off Lovers Know, out now.

The Mynabirds Tour Dates

6/7 – San Francisco, CA at The Chapel
6/8 – Big Sur, CA at Henry Miller Library
6/11 – Sonoma, CA at Huichica Festival

San Francisco Band The Silhouette Era Gets Romantic in “Exhale” Music Video

The Silhouette Era. Photo courtesy of Breakup Records

San Francisco-based band The Silhouette Era is bringing a new, northern strain to Southern California’s special brand of surf pop. The rockers have a minimal sound and incorporate more lo-fi techniques than many of their SoCal counterparts, honing in on a dream wave sound. Tracks like “Exhale” are easy on the ears without becoming too overcast and muddled by subdued instrumentation or production effects, such as the abstract guitar riffs that are so prevalent in modern surf rock. We’d more quickly associate them with the gritty Brooklyn rock bands that dominate downtown New York’s music venues than Los Angeles-based bands, which is a hybrid we can appreciate.

Premiering today on BlackBook, the video for “Exhale” is equally unassuming and direct. Depicting what starts off as a presumable first date, fraught with anxiety and sexual tension, the video takes place in a dingy bar where live performers take the stage in front of a handful of people, if even that. In a matter of minutes, we watch the date go from awkward to magical, thanks to the music and a lack of stage fright.

Check out the premiere of the video below, and more on The Silhouette Era here. Furthermore, look out for their forthcoming record Beacons, out in July via Breakup Records.

Our 10 Most Anticipated Fall TV Premieres

As September begins to take hold of summer and we retreat into sweatpants, consume copious amounts of pie, listen to nothing but Cocteau Twins, and find ourselves wallowing in a general feeling of melancholy depression, there’s no better time to shoot some tubular cathode rays into our eyeballs from the comfort of our own homes. Here’s a list of the shows we’re most excited to see this fall.

SONS OF ANARCHY (Final Season)
Tuesday September 9 at 10PM | FX

Marilyn Manson guest stars as a neo-Nazi drug addict in Kurt Sutter’s final installment of the West coast biker outlaw epic.

Tuesday September 16 at 10PM | FOX

Mindy Kaling plays a lovable gynecologist bumbling through her personal and professional lives.


Thursday September 18 at 12:15AM | Adult Swim

Largely overlooked comic genie Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim once again team up for their signature blend of deadpan, satire, and gross-out humor featuring John C. Reilly and Zach Galifianakis.

THE GOOD WIFE (Season 6)

Sunday September 21 at 9:30PM | CBS

A slew of critically acclaimed performances power this political drama about a wife who must make do after a scandal puts her husband, a state attorney, in jail.


Wednesday September 24 at 9PM | ABC

The mockumentary favorite follows a close-knit and diverse extended family in the suburbs of LA.

HOMELAND (Season 4)

Sunday October 5 at 9PM | Showtime

Claire Danes plays an unstable CIA agent assigned to a dangerous military outpost in the Middle East.

MULANEY (Season 1)

Sunday October 5 at 9:30PM | FOX

Upcoming Seinfeld-esque stand-up-punctuated sitcom created by comedian and former Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney, who stars as a fictionalized version of himself.

Wednesday October 8 at 10PM | FX

Set in 1950s Florida and based on one of the last legitimate freakshows in history, Freakshow marks the fourth season of the soapy-camp horror tale from writer Ryan Murphy.


Sunday October 12 at 9PM | AMC

Post-apocalyptic horror drama series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series. Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find a world dominated by flesh-eating zombies.

THE NEWSROOM (Final Season)
November 2014 | HBO

Jeff Daniels plays irreverent news anchor Will McAvoy in the final episodes of the acclaimed political drama.

See Jessica Lange and the ‘Freak Show’ in a New ‘American Horror Story’ Trailer

A new trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show was released today, providing fans with an extended peek of the new series. Set in 1950s Florida and based on one of the last legitimate freakshows in history, Freak Show marks the fourth season of the soapy-camp horror tale from writer Ryan Murphy.

Fans of the series are sure to be entertained by a bearded Kathy Bates and glorious per-usual Jessica Lange. You can catch the first episode October 8th  on FX.

What Kristen Stewart Is Not Thankful For, In Her Own Words

This Thanksgiving, Kristen Stewart shares what she’s not thankful for. From a series of appearances, premieres, and interviews,  we’ve gathered the top things Stewart will not be praising at her Thanksgiving table. Here they are  – in her own words.

1. Being really hot effortlessly.

“I go outside, and I’m wearing a funky T-shirt and my hair is dirty, and people say, ‘What’s wrong with her? She needs to invest in a hairbrush.’" 

2. Living a charmed life.

“ I feel boring. I feel like, ‘Why is everything so easy for me?’ I can’t wait for something crazy to fucking happen to me. Just life. I want someone to fuck me over. Do you know what I mean?"

3. Having a beloved fanbase.

“Girls are scary. Large groups of girls scare the crap out of me.”

4. Being a part of the Twilight empire. 

“I feel like it’s not going anywhere. It is strange. But things shouldn’t stay stagnant. You’ve got to move on.”

5. Her father’s pride.

“Oh, he loves that I’m famous. He’s a total fame whore. Even if I’m not with him.  he’s like, ‘Hey, I’m John. Stewart. Father of Kristen… Have you ever seen Twilight? Yeah, well, that’s my kid!’ It’s the most embarrassing thing in the world.”

6. Having sex with Robert Pattinson

“The sex scenes were silly, very silly.”

7. Cameras. 

Kristen Stewart

Russian Roulette Returns to L.A. This Saturday Night

Los Angeles’ vibrant Russian community can be seen spending copious amounts of cash on any given evening at any number of Hollywood nightspots. But expats and attractive children of Russian émigrés who grew up in L.A. and speak Russian, have been feeling the loss of the legendary club Russian Roulette since it shut down years ago. Now, promoters The Reunion Parties are bringing back the club with one of the original owners of Roulette at a new location for one-night-only party this Saturday.

Russian Roulette returns at a semi-“secret” restaurant that morphs into a club called Crystal. The second level space on Santa Monica Boulevard will be jammed with chain-smoking blondes from Russia this weekend, dancing to everything from David Guetta to tracks by Moscow rapper Timati, while most residents in the area have no idea a swanky nightspot even exists in the Fairfax district. Crystal caters to an insular, yet wealthy clientele, as opposed to the sexy young’uns that will likely turn up Saturday night looking like they just got back from Moscow fashion week.

“Russian Roulette has been synonymous with the most popular, luxurious, and upscale venues in the history of Los Angeles,” said The Reunion Parties’ Alex Ratushnyak. The Kiev-born Angeleno throws roving monthly parties at L.A. clubs such as Playhouse and Première that draw hundreds, but this month’s edition is special and will draw a mixed crowd of Ukrainian, Russian and curious Americans looking for a different kind of night out in L.A.

“Everyone has memories or recollections of Russian Roulette and the excitement that goes along with it,” he said, adding that they are decking out Crystal to really look like the old Russian Roulette Saturday night. “We are bringing in our own furniture and have already sold out most bottle service booths,” he boasted.

Za Vasha zdorovya, Los Angeles. Vodka awaits.

Your 2010-11 Los Angeles Nightlife Roundup

Last year, it felt like everyone in Los Angeles finally realized the dream of opening their own bar. But nightlife being the fickle beast that it is, not all of them will last. The bars that made the most noise in 2010 will likely survive to see 2012 and beyond, but they’re not necessarily the best of the bunch. Brent Bolthouse and Guy Starkman’s Trousdale (pictured above) had a very successful year and recently paid back all its investors (a coup in under 12 months). Across the street from Trousdale on the Sunset Strip, Soho House had an equally successful 2010.

On the other side of town, Echo Park and Silver Lake saw the opening of a few new bars that made a bit of buzz, albeit of the low-key variety. The truck-stop chic of Stinkers gave way to the whiskey-soaked sophistication of The Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake, while Echo Park gained a great new cozy drinking den in 1642 bar. Los Feliz got a new wine bar, Bar Covell, which was a hit with first-daters the second it opened.

Downtown saw an explosion of new finds in 2010, the best being the simplest: Spring St. bar. Cedd Moses’ Las Perlas tempted tequila fiends while ex-Lava Lounge owner Michelle Marini opened up a smallish haunt called The Falls nearby.

Drai’s, Supperclub, Colony, and Premiere all douched up Hollywood, yet all three seem to still be doing well. Hemingway’s did better than all three of the aforementioned spots, at least in terms of drawing a fairly diverse crowd.

So what’s in store this year?

Tonight in Hollywood, The Spare Room at the Roosevelt officially debuts after hosting private holiday parties last month. The cocktail lounge features a gaming parlor and two vintage bowling lanes. Friday, David Judaken’s revamp of Opera debuts, dubbed Eden.

Beyond Hollywood, look for the Houston brothers to make noise once again with several new bars. The two had a huge hit in 2010 with the smart Havana-aping La Descarga, and the brothers will revamp the Stone Bar near Los Feliz this spring with a dive bar for those who are too hip for dive bars. Similarly, Roger Room overlords Jared Meisler and Sean MacPherson are set to make a bit of low key noise with their revamp of the classic Coach & Horses on Sunset Blvd, which recently closed.