Alexa Chung is the It-est It Girl

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Being an It Girl takes a lot of work. There’s traveling, partying, wearing gifted clothing, and mass attempts on being downright fabulous. It would be hard being Alexa Chung, said no one, nowhere. The British beauty air kisses Karl Lagerfeld’s cheeks regularly and sits front row at nearly every major fashion show.

She’s a chain-smoker and author of a book simply titled “It”. I think that needs no explaining as to why. Alexa is trotting behind personal favorite Chloe Sevigny on becoming the end all be all It Girl. See why, below.

1. When Alexa was a Versace. BFA_4795_548202Photo: Billy Farrell/

2. One of the multiple times Alexa DJed for Chanel. CHANEL Numéros Privés Opening Night Party and DinnerPhoto: David X Prutting/

3. She’s basically Anne’s BFF. Joe-Schildhorn-3Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

4. Cozying up to The LSD in hopes of snagging some free Moda Operandi (we would too). Neil-RasmusPhoto: Neil Rasmus/

5. Only an It Girl can get away with those shoes. CHANEL SS15 Runway ShowPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

6. Only an It Girl can be a cheeseburger and not eat carbs at the same damn time. THE BYRNE NOTICE & EMERSON Host A Sick Halloween PartyPhoto: Matteo Prandoni/

7. When she cozies up to other It Girls Poppy and Joan just to solidify that she’s the Itest of them all. Solid & Striped x Poppy Delevingne Launch Dinner - Exclusive ContentPhoto: David X Prutting/

8. It Girls get giant bottles of nail polish. They’re the only people to get them. ALEXA CHUNG / NAILS INC. Personal Appearance at SEPHORAPhoto: Aria Isadora/

9. If you’re an It Girl you can push Tommy and get away with it. TOMMY HILFIGER Spring 2015 Womens CollectionPhoto: Matteo Prandoni/

10. And finally, signing “It,” her book. Aria-Isadora-2Photo: Aria Isadora/

What You Missed at Chanel’s #TheOneThatIWant Party

Karl Lagerfeld, Gisele Bündchen and Baz Luhrmann cozy up while enjoying dinner. Photo: Billy Farrell/

Were you a victim of Chanel F.O.M.O.? Just minding your own business on a Monday night, maybe sipping a glass of wine to ease the stresses of your busy day, and then you check Instagram. A sea of images boasting Gisele Bündchen’s amazing derriere and Lauren Santo Domingo’s long legs. Pubescent teenage boy’s fantasy or just another Chanel party? Try both. Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld pulled out all the usual suspects in celebration of Chanel’s new No.5 campaign starring supermodel extraordinaire Gisele Bündchen and her surfing skills. Here’s what you missed while you were trying to maintain a normal life.

1. You missed Giselle wearing Chanel, posing in front of Chanel, at her Chanel event.BFA_10462_1265592Photo: Billy Farrell/

2. You missed model GiGi Hadid wearing Chanel leather sweatpants.BFA_10462_1265603Photo: Billy Farrell/

3. You missed Poppy Delevingne doing what she does best, wearing Chanel and going to parties.BFA_10462_1265598Photo: Billy Farrell/

4. You missed Lily Allen, her purple hair, and her Chanel bag that you can find in the meat isle at your local supermarket (Chanel supermarket, location to be determined.)BFA_10462_1265582Photo: Billy Farrell/

5. You missed the up and coming modern day male versions of Paris and Nicole, Peter Brant Jr. and Harry Brant smizing at the cameras. BFA_10462_1265615
Photo: Billy Farrell/


Basically, you missed out.

5 Fashion Celeb Duos That Should Remake ‘The Simple Life’

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/

In 2007 the world lost a gem so rare that we are worried that nothing like it will see the light of day again. It was a television show that encompassed nearly everything that is nurturing and important, ‘The Simple Life’. Starring then best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, the reality show brought laughs, tears, and WTFs. It may have never won an Emmy, but it did win a place in the history of pop-culture (and our hearts).

Seeing Paris fall off a horse and watching Nicole stuff a five year-old’s bra is something that can never be replicated… But if it was, we put together a list of fashion friends that could easily take the lead.

1. Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne Neil-RasmusPhoto: Neil Rasmus/ 

As the story goes, both are extremely sought after models; Georgia’s dad is the front man of one of the worlds biggest rock bands, and both are blonde. Throw in cute accents and this show is hotter than a pop-tart fresh out of the toaster.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Matteo-PrandoniPhoto: Matteo Prandoni/

Fashion’s favorite set of drape-wearing twins should seriously consider a career transition. For a duo that started out on the silver screen, it is only natural they get back to their roots and have another television hit. I can only imagine the faces they would give the piglets when dishing out the morning feed.

3. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez Billy-FarrellPhoto: Billy Farrell/ 

The team behind everyone’s favorite label Proenza Schouler are not only talented, but have looks that were basically made for TV. They’ve already starred in an episode of “The Day Before” that followed the pair’s work ethic and antics counting down the days before there fashion show. Once you dip your toes in the reality show pond, it’s hard to leave. So, Jack and Lazaro, use your PS1s to collect eggs from the coop.

4. Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne Joe-Schildhorn-2Photo: Joe Schildhorn/

You didn’t think we’d mention one Delevingne and leave the other out, did you? Alexa Chung wrote a book simply titled “It.” I believe it is time for “It” to be something a little more along the lines of primetime television. She and fashion BFF Poppy Delevingne basically have been Paris and Nicole just not with cameras following them around. It’s time for these British babes to ditch the gifted gowns and rock overalls on the cornfield.

5. Gigi Hadid and Kendall JennerJoe-SchildhornPhoto: Joe Schildhorn/

These California girls have taken over the fashion world like the black plague. Both donning bob-cuts at the Marc Jacobs show and enjoying everything that Paris had to offer this season. They also are no strangers to reality TV. Gigi’s mom Yolanda Foster stars in Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and Kendall, well, you know. Throw these beauties on a farm and it would look like a spread for CR Fashion Book, except funny.

Fashion Gallery: Poppy Love

It was the first day of spring, and the day’s events could have easily begun “once upon a time.” It was a series of whimsical, light, and romantic moments for the perfect springtime scene. (See full gallery.) And where else but the magnificent Cliveden House, outside of London in the Berkshire countryside? It had the necessary splendor for what we were about to witness: a celebration of fantastical clothes and a taste of this season’s height in fashion. The air was electric as the haute couture began to arrive in giant boxes. Sunlight streamed through the windows of this grand 18th-century house as the gowns were laid out and lined up. The arrival of model Poppy Delevingne only added to the overall radiance.

Delevingne’s pale fragility was ideal in playing out a Cinderella metaphor. She joyfully slipped into the first look; a Christian Dior gown with a bounding dome-skirt mounted with the finest frills. The glittering sky was the perfect backdrop to bring out the blue embroidered finery, reminiscent of antique china, peeking through the underskirt.

Next up was Tinkerbelle, weightless and bridal-white amid a mass of shining deep-green leaves. As delicate as butterfly wings vulnerable to the gentle breeze, she’s floating in Jean Paul Gaultier silk tulle, yet safe in his signature corsetry.

Poppy’s having fun. There’s no stopping her, and she takes to Giambattista Valli fabulously. As she moves about in the outdoor breeze, the dress’s volume billows and surges below its extraordinary raised waist. It has soft and faded digitalized floral prints, a very modern take.

Most of the dresses were to theme — all about gentleness and whim. One gown, however, wasn’t quite as fluid. A different take on romance perhaps, it was a slightly more architectural creation than the ruffled remainder. But I just couldn’t resist including it. Stephane Rolland is a master of the beautiful. It was so striking against the others.

Poppy — we love her — has a swanlike neck perfect for displaying necklaces. And as we moved indoors halfway through the production, the hair had to go up, a la Marie Antoinette, to accentuate this slender elegant neckline. She so gracefully carries jewelry.

The diamonds were beautiful and lightly-colored … dreamy. The “Caresse d’Eole” set by Van Cleef & Arpels were elaborate and befitting pieces with motifs of butterflies and flowers. The fairy-like necklace adorned the Marchesa dress in baby pink, whilst David Morris’s colorful set in pink and yellow diamonds added to the thrill of a romantic Elie Saab gown.

Inside the noble home, these allusions to Versailles grew stronger, and the mood changed into something more elaborate. Poppy worked away voraciously, and Christian Dior’s gown took a life of its own, regally ruffling up and bounding away in fluid swirls. I combined this with tiny sculptured roses in red and white corals, called “Gwendoline,” by Victoire de Catellane for Dior Joaillerie.

We really had a ball. It was a day of immersing ourselves in silky pastels, soft pink petals, and images of flight and fancy, set in imperial magnificence. And so, if the story were to end properly, we would call for “happily ever after” — and we do, for a day of high beauty emblazons the heart and mind forever.

Directed & styled by Mohieb @ MoDa’s Touch. Photos & production: MoDa’s Touch.

Don’t Call Them Blouses!

pf_main_bogosse.jpg Bogosse shirts began with the Tardieu Brothers. Patrick, an international soccer star, and Fabrice, an Armani bigwig, were disgruntled by neutrals, and so they’ve rebelled with hot pink, purple, and fuschia for their Holiday 2007 and Spring 2008 collections. Their flashy button-ups��������which boast interesting details like epaulettes and “cuff windows” that reveal wristwatches underneath��������have been scooped up by the guys over at “Entourage,” post-gay Mika, and, maybe best of all, style icon Ryan Seacrest! The Bogosse offices and showroom are based in Miami and the collection can be found online at ��������N.H.

NEW PORNOGRAPHERS @ The Music Box Theater

Despite the false advertising��������there��������s absolutely no pornography, unfortunately��������we still love the redheaded crooners and the other 16 Canucks that make up this supergroup. We go to hear their cotton-candy-for-the-ears power pop, but stay to see if the lovely Neko Case will entertain us with a dramatic diva tantrum or two. Pout it up, Neko, you know we love you. P.S��������Get there on time to catch openers Lavender Diamond.


This is going to seem like a downer, but stick with us and you��������ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Helen Hill, experimental animator/filmmaker and social activist, survived Hurricane Katrina, only to be shot and killed two years later by an intruder. While she died horribly and young, her work stands as a testament to her life, radiating with the warmth and humor with which she viewed the world. Pay to tribute to the unfinished life of an inspiring filmmaker with this evening of handcrafted 16 mm films, restored from damage incurred by Hurricane Katrina. Part of the Madcap Women��������s International Film Festival.


Beatnik Jack Kerouac resonated with a generation of art, music and life. It��������s only fitting that, 50 years after the publication of his greatest work, his influence is celebrated by writers and musicians alike. UK personality Russell Brand and musician/author John Allen Cassady have spent three weeks recreating the road trip that was the basis for �������On The Road��������. This, their final stop, brings together the spirit of the Beat tradition through music, poetry and comic story telling. Filmed for the BBC. Be inspired.

Same Initials, Less SexyBack


Slouched carelessly over a lit cigarette on a patio in Brooklyn, Jamie T seems sort of average. We soon realize our mistake. Self-possessed, reckless, and clever, he’s a smirking street thug with uncommon insight, maybe even a sensitive side.

Thursday night at Bowery Ballroom, the Wimbledon-born lyricist looked relaxed, soaking in the atmosphere before going to check out his supporting band, High Places. A few beers later, he took the stage. The show wasn’t exactly slick, but that’s all part of his charm. In between songs, he asked for Sambuca, tossing out homemade mixtapes (tapes!). He even jumped off stage to hang out with a crowd that included Mark Ronson.

Here, Jamie grabs a pint, and talks about stealing from Ghostface, his (stomach-turning) new genre of music, and candy-flavored beer.

BLACKBOOK: I saw you before the show and you were having a beer at the bar, just hanging out. Are you always able to relax at your gigs?

JAMIE T: Yeah. It’s a show, you know? I know bands that have this horrible situation; they’ve kind of hidden themselves away. They stay backstage and have become almost fearful of people. Fuck, maybe it’s too many drugs or something.

pf_main_jamiet1.jpgBB: Any interesting fan stories?

JT: [Smirking.] Um, I do, but it’s not about my band. Ghostface Killah was playing at the same venue as us. We had this gold bus—actually, it looked gold, but really it was a shit mustard color. This kid thought it was Ghostface’s bus, and we are all sitting there, tired as fuck. Relaxing. This kid runs up with his hood up holding this big bag of weed and goes, “Hey man! I just want to give this to Ghostface!” And one of our guys goes out and says, “You give me this and you fuck off!”

BB: This was the first time you’ve gotten to play with your band [the Pacemakers] in the U.S. Do you prefer playing solo?

JT: When I play acoustic, people are really quiet. With a bigger show, you want the opposite. When I am with the band I want it to be as loud as possible. They’re both really exciting in different ways. Sort of just flips my switch. BB: Do you like touring? JT: Yeah, they’re all my friends from home. [Looks down at his glass of Brooklyn Lager.] This shit tastes like a fucking lollipop. Like an iced lolli!

BB: Last night the crowd got rowdy, asking for songs, and you shushed the hecklers with “I’m the one with the fucking mike here.”

JT: I don’t know what it’s like over here, but you get a lot of heckling in England. Different places you get different types of heckling. You get the real smartasses in England. In Germany, people just want you to know that they can speak English. Getting beer thrown at you isn’t so bad. I used to do that all the time at shows, just throw my beer around. Doesn’t mean they don’t like the band. I’m onstage, getting beers thrown at me, thinking, “Yeah, they like it!”

BB: What has been the most memorable show you’ve played?

JT: We played this gig at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London. It was the last song and we said, “If you want, after this song, everyone throw your beers up.” And we played and then at the end, well, we didn’t expect that many beers to go up. But it turned into fighting and throwing bottles and shit. Twenty minutes later people were still fighting. They were ripping out chairs and throwing them off the balcony. BB: Are you surprised by your success?

JT: Well, I never really wanted a record deal. I wasn’t looking to get signed. But my label [Virgin] was sort of trying to court me. And they do this thing where they take bands out for nice meals and such. I found this out only after I got signed. I went down to their office and nicked a fuckload of CD’s and vinyls. I called my friend and I was like, “I’ve been at Virgin records man, and it’s really weird, but I nicked a shitload of CD’s.” I’ve been nicking CD’s from record labels now for 2 years. And selling them.

BB: How did your relationship with Virgin start?

JT: I was playing a gig in a pub. They came up to me and were like, “You want to come have a chat with us?” And I said, “Not particularly.” But you know I did in the end.

BB: You’ve been compared to Mike Skinner from the Streets, the Arctic Monkeys…

JT: This is the best part of music journalism. Let’s get a guy and let’s put him in a box!

BB: Yeah, we were planning on boxing you in. Put yourself in your own box, then.

JT: My friend Ben did an interview for me once, and he asked me what I thought my music sounded like, what it should be known as. He came up with the best thing I could ever think of. He said that my music is like liquid shit being poured in your ear. And I stand by that.

BB: That’s disgusting. But I’m writing it down.

JT: I could think of worse.

BB: I want to know more about your writing process.

JT: I’ll write anywhere. I’ll jot down anything that comes into my head. A lot of it never gets used. The ones that get finished get finished because they are worth finishing.

BB: You have two versions of the “Sheila” video. The Monkey version, and the one where Bob Hoskins is lip synching the lines. Which do you prefer? JT: Uh, I really like monkeys. But I really like Bob Hoskins too. I came up with the idea with a friend. We were sitting in a bar, talking about different ideas. He went to the toilet, came back, and said, “I’ve got it…monkeys.” I was like, “What do you mean, man?” and he goes “Monkeys—pretending to be humans.”

BB: What are you waiting for someone to ask you in an interview?

JT: Um, I’m dying for someone to ask me to shut the fuck up. No. [Thinking. Looks up in a moment of clarity.] “Jamie. Are you happy?”

BB: Sure, Jamie. Are you happy?

JT: Yes, thanks. Yes I am.