Pop-Up Perk of the Day: A Sixer of VeeV for a C-Note

The Pop-Up Perks are popping up all over the place, offering unbeatable savings on all sorts of nifty stuff. Today’s Pop-Up Perk comes our way from VeeV, the world’s first açaí spirit. Grown in the Brazilian rainforest, the Brazilian national fruit is known as the world’s preeminent superfruit, and it’s as healthy as it is yummy, with 57% more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries and 30 times more heart-healthy anthocyanins than red wine. Smooth, flavorful, and refreshing, VeeV is excellent straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in cocktails like the Brazilian 57. And it’s not just a deal, it’s a steal at $100 for a case (six bottles). That’s a 44% discount from the regular case price of $180, so click here to take advantage of this delicious offer and stock your bar for New Year’s Eve. It’s only available for a limited time, hence the “Pop-Up” designation, so act now and introduce your friends to the coolest new spirit to come out of Brazil since cachaça.

Today’s Pop-Up Perk: Half Off Egyptian Eats & Belly Dancing At Casa la Femme

If your private jet ran low on fuel just as you were about to skip out on the cold weather, well, sorry about that. As an alternative, might we suggest you hop a cab to the West Village, where you can indulge in a night of Egyptian decadence at exotic Casa la Femme. Today’s Pop-Up Perk will get you $50 worth of regional cuisine, artfully crafted cocktails, and belly dancing – all for only $25. Make sure you grab a private table to take in all of the sights. Time’s a wastin’!

Today’s Pop-Up Perk: Half Off a $30 Gift Card at Yerba Buena

If you haven’t yet been to Manhattan’s Yerba Buena (with locations in the East and West Villages), you’re missing out on some of the meanest Latin food this side of Ciudad Juarez. Cuban sandwiches, watermelon fries, and Caribbean roast pork all hit the spot, and don’t get us started on that rib-eye ceviche. Well lucky you, because today’s pop-up perk is a $30 Yerba Buena gift card for just $15. That’s half off, genius! Ariba!

Today’s Pop-Up Perk: Half Off Spot Dessert Bar Artisanal Cupcakes

Today’s pop-up perk is pretty sweet. We mean that in the most literal sense possible, because today, we’re hawking cupcakes! You probably think you’ve seen it all in this cupcake-crazed nation we live in, but Spot Dessert Bar is stepping things up with a line of treats that includes flavors like Mocha Maldon Salt, Vietnamese Coffee Caramel, Berry Berry Chocolate, Green Tea Fruit Jam, Vanilla Coconut, Yuzu Lemon, and more. You have until the end of tomorrow to get half off $20 worth of cupcakes. If there’s a time of year to indulge, this would be it. Go here for maximum sweet tooth satisfaction.

Today’s Pop-Up Perk: $70 Off STORM London Products

The hour has come to seriously upgrade your time-telling abilities. That knock-off Rolex you’ve been sporting worked well for a while, but it’s the 21st century, and it’s high time you started acting like it. We’re here to help. With today’s pop-up perk, get $70 off any purchase of a London STORM watch, a forward-thinking line of timepieces that features such tricked-out features as an LED-driven Tracker. But the deal isn’t limited to watches. STORM also features bags, shoes, wallets, umbrellas, jewelry, and more, so what are you waiting for? The time to act is now!

Pop-Up Perk of the Day: A Six-Pack of VeeV for Cheap

Remember yesterday (how could you not, it was yesterday) when we told you about that BOHDI bag deal that lasted until midnight, tonight? That wasn’t a dream, but this is – You have almost five whole days to pick up a six-pack of VeeV bottles for a puny $120 as part of our pop-up perk of the day. We’re not going to tell you how much you’re saving (click here to find out), but it’s a lot. VeeV is that antioxidant-replenishing spirit derived from the humble açaí berry, which is all the rage these days. Our advice? Don’t snooze, or you most definitely will lose.

Pop-Up Perk of the Day: $75 Off BODHI Bags

Let’s not kid ourselves: 2010 was the year of the pop-up. Shops, restaurants, and bars came and went before you even knew they were there. Well, we’re taking the transient concept into the new year with our pop-up perks of the day, once-in-24-hours deals of a lifetime. Today, score $75 off at BODHI bags, with a purchases of $200 or more. With leather as soft as their muted hues, these handbags, clutches, and wallets are the ideal comfort for dark, wintry days (aka today), and also make for kick-ass gifts. But be warned: Like a carriage that’s actually a pumpkin, the deal vanishes tomorrow, at the stroke of midnight.