BlackBook Tracks #12: Acts To See at Fashion’s Night Out NYC

It’s Fashion’s Night Out, which for some people, might be the best day of the year (just call it Treat Yo Self 2012). Special deals, limited edition gear, and complimentary drinks and snacks abound. If you’re in NYC, here are some options for music to see around town.

Theophilus London – “Last Name London”

Check out the ever-stylish rapper/Cole Haan collaborator at the Gramercy Park Hotel.


Azealia Banks – “1991”

If you weren’t lucky enough to catch her at Spin’s Fashion Week party last night, Yung Rapunxel will be appearing at the MAC store in Soho, presumably to support their new lipstick collaboration.


Icona Pop – “Sun Goes Down”

Rising Swedish duo Icona Pop will be bringing their non-stop energy to no less than four appearances tonight. They’ll be DJing at Helmut Lang in Soho, AllSaints in the Meatpacking District, and Mister H at the Mondrian Soho, as well as fitting in a live performance for Urban Outfitters.


Poolside – “Only Everything”

Dreams take flight in the new video for Poolside’s single “Only Everything,” their latest slice of chilled-out disco. Catch up on BlackBook’s Q&A with the LA-based duo and check them out tonight at 8 at Moods of Norway in Soho.


St. Vincent – “Champagne Year”

Sweet-voiced songwriter St. Vincent always has great style, so it’s no surprise that Rag & Bone are bringing her to their party. Here’s her song “Champagne Year” for a champagne night.


Frankie Rose – “Know Me”

The veteran member of Vivian Girls/Dum Dum Girls will take her darker solo project to Theory in the Meatpacking District.


Chairlift – “I Belong In Your Arms” (Japanese Version)

Synth-pop darlings Chairlift will be performing at Prada’s party in Soho. This is also sure to be a popular one.


Haim – “Forever”

LA rockers Haim have been working their way up for years, and they’re now undeniably buzzworthy. They’ll be playing at Topshop tonight.


Wild Belle – “Keep You”

Sibling duo Wild Belle will be bringing their dark pop sound to Mulberry in Soho. If you don’t get to see them tonight, you can always try to see their session at Le Baron next week.


POP ETC – “Live It Up”

The reinvented Morning Benders will be lending their weirdo R&B vibes to Morgane Le Fay’s event in Soho.

Slow Jams and Summer Days: A Q&A With Poolside

Dancing in the daylight doesn’t seem so strange when you hear Poolside’s sun-drenched jams. The Los Angeles duo, aka Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, refer to themselves as “daytime disco.” It’s a fitting name for a sound that’s versatile and vividly textured, ready for either parties or lying out on a lounge chair with a drink in hand.

After building up buzz last year from their cover of Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” Poolside released the sprawling debut album Pacific Standard Time this summer. Across 16 tracks, they establish a sound that’s simultaneously intimate and spacious. Squiggling basslines, synths that shimmer like reflections on chlorinated water, and Nikolic’s laid-back vocals create an idyllic vision of California. Songs like “Slow Down” and “Give It A Rest” are warm and immersive, perfect for the last days of summer.

I caught up with Poolside via email to talk PST, both the album and the time zone.

Your album’s called Pacific Standard Time. What are your favorite things about the West Coast?

The weather is great, there is tons of beautiful nature and the people are very laid-back and friendly. The vast amount of space in L.A. makes it feel very liberating.

Has California had a particular sense of mythology to you that you want to embody?
We definitely implement the classic fantasy about southern California being this place of endless summer, beaches and palm trees. We kinda try to ignore the fact that people actually have normal day jobs and just focus on the dreamy side of it.

What do you hope people are doing while listening to your music?
When making the album, we wanted to create the soundtrack for a perfect sunny weekend, since that was what inspired a lot of our songs. We want to let the music be a part of the environment they are in. After the album came out we got a lot of feedback from people who live in places with super cold winters etc. and we were very pleased to hear that the album is good for triggering fantasies about being in exotic warm places when you are actually freezing in your little apartment somewhere else. So I guess it has a dual function like that?

You call yourselves “daytime disco.” How did you arrive at flipping a genre that’s typically associated with going out at night?
We have both always been very into disco and both of us have been heavily involved with the DJ and night club world and we still love that whole scene. But there is a lot of disco music that rarely gets played at night clubs simply because it’s so slow and relaxed that a lot of DJs are scared to clear the dance floor. We liked the idea of pool parties being the perfect scenario for playing some of this more laid back stuff, and since our own music is created in this environment we decided to put it all together and call it Daytime Disco.

What’s the appeal of making music that’s romantic/sexy but meant to be heard when the sun is out?
When we make the songs it all just happens organically and ends up being what it is. Romances need to be sparked in your mind before embracing the evening, right? The daytime is definitely our playground, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t listen to it in the evening or any other time.

You’ve previously talked about not being too ambitious with this album. Do you think that’s part of what makes it good, in terms of being able to feel accomplished in a natural way?
When we started Poolside, we definitely didn’t think of it as a project that had to pay our bills etc. That lack of pressure created a situation where we only catered for each other and the moment when we were making it. For us it definitely makes the end result better cause we didn’t try to overproduce anything but rather lay down the instruments as the parts came out. We chose to keep all these little things most producers edit out in the songs cause they become little details and give the album an overall sense of life.

Your album’s been on pretty heavy rotation for me. What are your end-of-summer jams?
Lately we have been obsessed with a Bill Withers song called "You Got The Stuff," but otherwise anything goes. Big Star’s “September Gurls” is another perfect end of summer song.  

What are some of your tour essentials?
Jeff: My portable French press for great hotel room coffee and plenty of vitamins / supplements to stay healthy on tour.  
Filip: My skateboard, a good book, and tons of music.

BlackBook Tracks #6: Is Your Summer Weird Yet?

It’s mid-July, and by now your summer’s probably getting really good or really weird. (My vote’s for weird, I don’t know about you.) Whatever’s going on, round out your soundtrack with this week’s musical picks.

JEFF the Brotherhood – “Six Pack”

Get to know another side of Nashville with JEFF the Brotherhood. The lead single from their new Dan Auerbach-produced album Hypnotic Nights shows how to stay optimistic about summer, even when it is too hot to live, also known as right now.

The Soft Pack – “Saratoga”

San Diego garage rockers the Soft Pack are getting ready to release their next album Strapped on Mexican Summer. First single “Saratoga” hints at the vibes to come.

Vampire Weekend – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”

Remember when you first heard Vampire Weekend? Brooklyn’s finest have been keeping quiet while working on their third album, but they resurfaced at the Pitchfork Music Festival last weekend to remind everyone of just how great they are.

The Bewitched Hands – “Thank You, Goodbye, It’s Over”

The charming French indie pop band jangles its way through two and a half minutes of pure pleasantness.

Alt-J – “Tessellate”

See things in a slightly different way with these fast-rising Brits.

Lana Del Rey – “National Anthem” (Das Racist remix)

Nothing like a good remix to make Lana Del Rey more palatable, and Das Racist don’t disappoint.

MNDR – “Faster Horses”

MNDR knows her way around a slick electro-pop tune, and “Faster Horses” is no exception. Keep an eye out for her debut LP Feed Me Diamonds next month.

Discovery – “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” (ft. Deradoorian)

The blend of efficiency and pop production on Discovery’s LP make it a summer record with lasting power.

Bear In Heaven – “World Of Freakout”

Bear In Heaven bring the fuzzy, washed-out synths for a song that’s more complex than it initially lets on.

Poolside – “Just Fall In Love”

A record called Pacific Standard Time is irresistable by default, and the California duo Poolside have the disco-inflected chops to back it up.

Kindness – “Anyone Can Fall In Love”

A slow jam for summer nights, British up-and-comer Kindness has a knack for universal pop appeal.

Moonlight Matters – “Come For Me” (ft. Gustaph)

Getting people to dance to songs they’ve never heard before can be a challenge, but this track, assisted by Hercules and Love Affair’s Gustaph, is probably a good place to start.