Now On Broadway: Hot Shirtless Guys

There are two revivals of classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning dramas currently running on Broadway right now. Roundabout Theatre Company’s production of Picnic, William Inge’s reflection on youth and love, opened this week at American Airlines Theatre. Meanwhile, Tennessee Williams’s fiery classic Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is currently in previews (the show opens on Thursday) at the Richard Rogers Theatre. Both plays offer classic stories and star-studded casts, but most importantly: both feature a really hot guy who spends a lot of time not wearing a shirt. 

Picnic, with features an all-star cast including film and theater legend Ellen Burstyn, Mare Winningham, Lost‘s Maggie Grace, and Ben Rappaport, that super cute guy from the unfortunate sitcom Outsourced, follows the residents of a small Midwestern town as they prepare for a Labor Day picnic. Everyone gets the vapors, of course, when a mysterious drifter with abs shows up, basically. Gossip Girl‘s Sebastian Stan goes without a shirt for most of the first and second acts of the show, and then struts around the third act with his shirt ripped open. Everyone is pretty good in it, especially Burstyn, Winningham, and Grace, but more importantly: Sebastian Stan looks great, as you can see above. 

Scarlett Johansson makes a return to the Great White Way as Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and while she commands the stage and the audience’s attention, it’s Benjamin Walker, most known for playing the title roles in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (he has a thing for revisionist history, I suppose), who caught my eye as Brick, limping around in just a towel for the entirety of the first act. And yes, there is some partial nudity. As you can gather from the photo below, Walker is a giant of a man. His presence should appease anyone who has an irrational dislike for Johansson and would need something fun to look at in order to get through the three-hour play. 

benjamin walker

Broadway is sexy again! Now if we can get these dudes to fly above the audience like in Spider-Man or something.

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Mischa Barton Is Touring With ‘Steel Magnolias’ In Ireland

If either a) the recent Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias failed to sate your need for melodrama and Southern accents, or b) you are a casual theater-goer living in Ireland, you might want to pay attention. Beginning in mid-September (following some previews and publicity in July), Ireland’s Solar Theatre company launched a tour of the stage production of Steel Magnolias, featuring a cast of mostly seasoned veterans of stage and screen, including Anne Charleston (Madge from Neighbours) as Ouiser Boudreaux, Gillian Hanna as Miss Clairee and… Mischa Barton from The O.C. as Shelby. Mischa Barton is Shelby in a stage production of Steel Magnolias in Ireland. If you’ve grown weary of watching The O.C. on Netflix Instant but still want alumni of the show in your regular viewing (and Tate Donovan in Argo will not do it for you) then, well, here you go.

After a successful run in Dublin at The Gaiety Theatre and touring all over the country throughout October, the show’s last two nights are tonight and tomorrow at the Royal Theatre in Castlebar. Watch the promo and a couple of fan-shot clips below, including the pivotal scene in which Shelby announces her pregnancy to M’Lynn (who does not take it well) and, in the trailer, some close-ups of Mischa Barton emoting pretty intensely about her new hairdo. And, if you’re in Ireland, you might wanna get to Castlebar tomorrow.