Tonight Fashion Eats and Drinks With You

Tis the season for clothes, style, and a whole lot of pomp, but just because the models aren’t downing cocktails and nibbling on the buffet spreads, it doesn’t mean you can’t indulge. Start out at Pizza Roma, where not only can you get gluten free pizza, but you can try their special pesche vino, a white wine with fresh peaches chopped up and served over ice. At the Gastro Bar at 35th in Macy’s Herald Square, ten dollars gets you the Donna Karan, a thyme-infused vodka drink with elderflower and cucumber, or you can get the NY Fashion, a bubbly mixture of cava, raspberry liqueur and orange juice. Nearby, you can also try the Pret-a-Martini, an apricot, lime, and tequila beverage made at The Americano.

We know fashion isn’t necessarily about food, unless you’re Lady Gaga, but for full on fashion-cocktail fusion events, check out: BedHead Pajamas for tasty margaritas, C. Wonder for sweet treats and lemonade, and Revlon plans to pump up their party with music, champagne, and various nibbles. At Diane von Furstenberg, they will host DJ Solange Knowles and pass out free cocktails. For more free drinks, hit up RARE by F.S. Charlie Salon. Michael Kors also offers Prosecco to shoppers, and at Madewell in Soho, they have desserts and tipples for customers who purchase $100 or more of their goods. Head over to Bergdorf Goodman for a little Alexander Wang-meets-Padma Lakshmi, as the model and Top Chef host and Cynthia Rowley throw a designer cook-off.  

If running around stores and boutiques isn’t your thing but you still want to celebrate the art of style, the Stone Rose Lounge has become the official spot of Mercedes-Benz, which means after-party after after-party. Tonight it starts at 5pm with DJ Lincoln Madley for the 2012 Supima Design Competition and their specialty drinks like the Fashion Fizz and Sweet Stiletto will be flowing. Of course, at the end of the night The Coffee Shop, the Union Square restaurant famous for model workers and clientele (yes, they make you give them a head shot if you apply to work there), will be hosting its weekly DJ party starting at 7pm and going until whenever. Which tonight, could be a long, stylish time.  

Gluten-Free Pizza Debuts at Pizza Roma; Plus Other Good Gluten-Free Pies

That’s right you wheat-free, gluten-conscious, health nut, or picky eater (not to debunk the people that truly have a wheat allergies or Celiac disease); now you too can find ways to indulge in the ultimate party food: pizza. Starting today, Pizza Roma will be serving their Roman-style pizza with an option to get it gluten-free every Wednesday, which includes their buffala mozzarella, margherita parma, marinara, and porcini pies. Can’t make it Wednesday? Well if you call ahead they will make them for you any time.

Pizza Roma isn’t alone in the gluten-free pizza crusade. You can also get a whole, gourmet pie nearby at Keste Pizza and Vino, where they have served gluten-free (or senza glutine if you want to get Italian about it) pizzas for a while. Funny enough, another good place for gluten-free pizza if found nearly across the street at Risotteria.

Both the L’asso East Village and SoHo location dish up gluten-free pizza, too. For you vegan and gluten-free folk, Viva Herbal Pizzeria has a vast selection of what looks like pizza, though for a cheese-loving, wheat-eating carnivore, I wouldn’t recommend it. Though, you definitely won’t feel guilty eating these pies. On a less healthy note, Pala in the Lower East Side does some awesome things with gluten-free crusts, like piling them high with lamb sausage, pesto, and mozzarella and slathering butternut squash puree with smoked cheese and pancetta.

For those of you who like to cook at home but are too lazy to try your hand at a gluten-free crust, Mozzarelli’s in Chelsea not only sells breadcrumbs and pizza crust, but they deliver them too. So eat up gluten-free folk, and hopefully the only bellyache these pies will cause you is from over indulging. 

New York Openings: HAVEN, Brighton, Birreria Roma

There are few pleasures in life more enjoyable than outdoor drinking.  Summer has officially begun, and in the hot, humid evenings the best place to be is an outdoor patio, cold libation in hand. NYC bars have caught on; an outdoor space is almost a necessity these days. It’s also the perfect setting for bringing that significant other. New York newcomers Brighton, Birreria Roma, and HAVEN (pictured) will ensure your hot date catches a cool breeze.

Brighton is the Eventi’s sprawling new beach-shack food court. Go Burger brings the beef, and Fish Shack covers your Cape Cod nostalgia, with clam strips, lobster rolls, and beer-battered cod. There’s a tiki bar and a huge outdoor courtyard. Hester Nights on Thursdays bring even more food options, along with something entertaining on the 35-foot (!) TV.
Birreria Roma applies the speakeasy trend to pizzerias. A secret beer garden attached to Pizza Roma operates as a reservation-only yard. The artisanal house ‘za from Rome is on the menu, with a light dough that’s been rising for four days. Italian versions of doppelbocks and orange blossom-honey ales will expand your suds horizons. It’s a major date-night score, just make sure you call first.

HAVEN at the Sanctuary Hotel has a private elevator that will take you to 360-degree views above Times Square. There are eye-to-eye vantages of the French Gothic steeple of St. Mary the Virgin, and swaths of green courtesy of both real grass and artificial turf. Small plates keep you fortified as the city lights come alive.