Piranhas Invade US, Jellfyish Attack Spain

While 3D piranhas invade theaters across the country, Spain is dealing with the real deal: An army of jellyfish have swarmed the beachside town of Costa Blanca. We’re sure Piranhas is going to die quickly in the theaters, but these jellyfish show no signs of leaving any time soon. Says Juan Carlos Castellanos of the Elche city tourism department, “In the five or six years I have been in this job, I have never seen anything like this.”

According to biologists, climate change and overfishing have lured these small, virtually undetectable jellyfish, which have stung more than 700 people, to the coasts of España. They’ve spread over more than three miles of coastline, and because they are translucent, swimmers can’t see them in time to avoid getting stung. While beaches haven’t closed, precautions like warning signs and stationed lookout boats have been initiated. But Spaniards wonder if that will be enough. Further up the coast, in Cantabria and the Basque region, Portuguese Man-of-Wars, a more menacing species with yards-long tentacles, have already stung more than 300 people in the past three weeks alone.