Sara Bareilles Is Writing A Musical Based On Indie Film ‘Waitress’

She’s "not gonna write you a love song," but she’ll definitely write you a musical. Sara Bareilles, the singer/songwriter who’s sold over four million singles in the U.S. alone, is bringing her sincere, driving, and sob-inducing songs to the new musical adaptation of the tender indie movie Waitress

The 2007 shocker-hit starring Keri Russell is about a pregnant, unhappily-married waitress who starts whipping up tasty, inventive pies to escape her own life. When she meets the charming doctor who moves to town, the pies slowly become inspired by the events that follow…

Aboard the Waitress musical team are Pippin‘s producers and director, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Paula Vogel, who’s writing the script. 

Need a Waitress refresher or simply craving pie? Watch the film’s trailer.

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There’s Maybe Going to Be a ‘Pippin’ Movie

No, this is not a Lord of the Rings spinoff about one of the hobbits. I’m talking about Pippin, the beloved(-ish?) musical by Stephen Schwartz where a young prince has an identity crisis and looks for meaning in his life. The music is great, but Pippin himself isn’t exactly a memorable character. Basically, if Pippin took place today, it would be about a trust-funded recent college graduate living in a large city on one of the coasts who ponders his quarter-life crisis through a self-effacing comedy vlog. For real, it’s all about the Players, the narrators of the story.

This is kind of a big time for Pippin (filed under: things I thought I would never say). After several regional productions, the show is returning to Broadway with a bit of a circus aesthetic going on and Andrea Martin (Andrea Martin!) as Berthe. Details on the film adaptation, brought to you by The Weinstein Company, are still pretty nebulous at this point. So far, the only name attached to the thing is James Ponsoldt, the writer of Smashed and the upcoming high school drama The Spectacular Now, starring Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Jason Leigh (Jennifer Jason Leigh!), who will write the script. 

Of course, we all know that none of this really matters, because ultimately your Pippin adaptation is nothing without Mr. Ben Vereen. Case in point: 

What You Need To Know About Broadway’s New ‘Pippin’ Revival

We all want to live an extraordinary life. It’s challenging when things like taxes, delayed subway trains, and burnt coffee exist, but we try. Starting March 23rd, Broadway’s 31st longest-running show Pippin is returning to Broadway since its 1977 close, and bringing with it a whole new surge of inspiration to live an extraordinary life – which means you’re totally not off the hook this year. Having just returned from the open press rehearsal, here are a couple of things to  know about the show ahead of time.

1. Since Stephen Schwartz (composer/lyricist of Wicked) is the man behind Pippin’s music, please do expect to walk in already knowing the show’s ‘70s pop anthem “Corner Of The Sky,” and/or singing it on your way out.

2. Pippin, played by Matthew James Thomas (former Spider-Man in Turn Off the Dark), resembles a bit of a 20-something, very attractive Peter Pan, which is slightly disconcerting, but somehow condoned when he sings and takes his shirt off.

3. The dance moves choreographed by the show’s original director/legend Bob Fosse are well-preserved and impeccably performed by the animated Patina Miller (starred in Sister Act), who’s the show’s "Leading Player" character.

4. Since the title character’s quest for an extraordinary life is told by a performance troupe, you will see lots of the following: dancers doing flips through hula hoops, human pyramids, Patina swaying across the stage mid-hula hooping, and impossibly-toned abs.

Previews begin March 23rd at the Music Box Theatre. Pippin opens April 25th.

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