Turning New York Trash into Treasure

Artwork by Kenan Juska

On the radio, artist Kenan Juska is know for his omnivorous taste and an understated ability to seamlessly move between genres. Juska’s new solo exhibition “Daily Operations” at the arts incubator Pioneer Works shows a different side of the sonic interlocutor, who also happens to be a master of assemblage.

From March 2005 to November 2008 he created a series of collages from discarded items he found in New York City streets. The collages are methodically arranged and often integrate text, adding poetic levity to the weathered objects.

Juska is also the co-founder of the radio show and DJ collective Chances with Wolves, where he showcases his skills mixing eclectic tunes and vintage recordings. His work scavenging collage material is congruous with his production process for radio shows.

“Making this work was, on a personal level, an almost subconscious precursor to ‘Chances with Wolves.’ The daily meditation of collecting materials people cast off, and turning them into a sculptural diary, ended as the radio program began. With each episode of the radio show, we take overlooked and forgotten songs from different contexts, times, cultures and styles; ‘beautiful failures’ we think of them as, and do our best to meld them into a seamless experience for our listeners,” he says.

“Daily Operations” remains on view through September 7, 2014. If you make it out to the gallery, you can also pick up a new book featuring Kenan Juska’s work released through Pioneer Works Publishing.

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Artwork by Kenan Juska

Monster Children Gather for A-Trak in Red Hook

A-Trak DJing

Over the weekend we brought our passports and traveled all the way to Red Hook, Brooklyn to see A-Trak DJ the Monster Children issue #43 launch party. There were food trucks and lots of art since it was located at an ‘art factory’ called Pioneer Works. The scene of the crowd was between fashion and Brooklyn-indie-band with people like Sydney Reising and Andrew VanWyngarden (whose knee is pictured in the end as the last photo before my film ran out) in the same circle. Here are some photos I took of the event.

49630013 49630014
Miyako Bellizzi and friends

49630015 49630017 49630020

John Tuite and Carlos Santolalla

49640002 49640005  49640009   49640012 Adam Werner

49640015 49640018
Zha Zha

49640021 49640022
Sydney Reising and Stephanie Gotch49640023
Gigi Burris