Lady Gaga to Give PTSD Interview with Piers Morgan Following Twitter Skepticism

Photo: Pete Riches/ Arnie Papp via Wikipedia

Piers Morgan recently took to Twitter criticizing Lady Gaga and Madonna’s claims of rape in their past, questioning Madonna’s Billboard Women in Music Speech and Gaga’s interview on Today. Morgan stated that their claims should be taken with a “pinch of PR salt.”

This morning, Mother Monster fired back, defending the fact she has been raped and as a result suffers from Post Tramautic Stress Disorder (PTSD). When Morgan remained skeptical, Gaga agreed to sit down for an interview to discuss the matter:

Below, watch Madonna’s full Billboard speech, in which she explains that she was raped at knifepoint:

Gun, White House Petition Enthusiasts Want To Deport Piers Morgan For Gun Control Stance

British talking head and TV personality Piers Morgan is kind of annoying. So annoying that I don’t even bother to watch his show! (That’s right—sometimes people bother me so much that I don’t even hate-watch them. You should try it, people who hate Fox News but watch Fox News. I know it’s a revolutionary idea, but honestly? It keeps your blood pressure down.) I’m not the only one who finds Morgan to be a pest with access to TV cameras and an audience, as there’s currently a petition on the White House’s We The People site calling for Morgan to be deported because he’s in favor of gun control.

What’s more exciting? A couple thousand nuts have signed the thing, which reads:

British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.

Of course, nothing will happen to Piers Morgan, as I’m sure the folks over at the White House probably have bigger things to think about this week. Like Christmas! And also Morgan happens to have the correct opinion about gun control. YEAH, I SAID IT, GUN OWNERS. Go ahead: try to deport me. (Haha, you can’t, because of first amendment stuff, ya dummies.)

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Watch Highlights from Last Night’s ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live returned with a new episode yesterday, hosted by Josh Brolin and with musical guest Goyte. By most accounts, it was actually pretty good! After the jump, check out videos of my three favorite sketches (chosen from the ones NBC decided to make available online).

First up, a spoof of Piers Morgan Tonight. Come for Josh Brolin’s Ozzie Guillen impersonation, stay for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian:

Next, "The Californians," a fake soap opera featuring a lot of talk about the traffic. Watch as Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig struggle to keep from breaking character:

And finally, Steven Spielberg cameos in a new installment of the always-popular Laser Cats-themed Digital Shorts:

Watch Piers Morgan and Touré Duke It Out on CNN Over Trayvon Martin Case

Following Piers Morgan’s interview Thursday night with Robert Zimmerman,  brother of Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman, on his CNN program, MSNBC commentator Touré took to Twitter to criticize Morgan for failing to challenge Zimmerman on statements he made asserting his brother’s innocence. Morgan immediatey fired back at Touré, and the two men spent the next several hours in an argument, the culmination of which played out on CNN last night during a highly contentious 15-minute on-air debate. Watch it after the jump.

Highlights of the Royal Wedding (Besides the Kiss)

The much-anticipated royal wedding happened this morning, and soon, we’ll have to find something new to talk about. But while the memory is still fresh — and while the newlyweds are still partying (note the just-released picture of the Royal Wedding Cake!) — we can still get right into it. The trick to enjoying royal wedding related stuff is to entirely suspend disbelief and pretend that all of the hullabaloo is totally normal and in fact necessary. I watched the whole wedding start to finish this morning. Below, a highlight reel of sorts, leaving out the obvious money shots of the Kiss (adorable!) and the Dress (amazing).

Piers Morgan Is The Biggest Royal Wedding Fan Ever


I tuned into CNN for my royal wedding coverage, which consisted of Anderson Cooper wondering how he went from covering Egypt to watching rich white people get married, and Piers Morgan being a huge royal fanboy. Piers spent this morning breathlessly intoning things like “We’ve got a new superstar in Kate Middleton” and “And if that doesn’t make you proud to be British, nothing will.” He took to Twitter as well: “One over-riding thought watching this magnificent occasion: The British Monarchy is BACK. #biggeststarsintheworld.” (Which is actually kind of valid; people love to talk about how the monarchy is “losing its luster,” but the events of this morning were nothing if not lustrous.)

Princess Beatrice’s Crazy Hat


This was a hat! I don’t even know what to say about it. It’s wild. It already has almost 12,000 Facebook fans. Expecting a single-serving Tumblr soon. Kate Didn’t Mess Up William’s Name

For some reason I was expecting this to happen. The royals have such long complicated names, and Diana infamously vowed to wed “Philip Charles Arthur George” (the Charles part is supposed to come first) in 1981. Kate got it right: “William Arthur Philip Louis.”

Adorable Aristocratic Children


Aww! No idea who they even belonged to. Pippa Middleton led a few of them down the aisle. The girls were in precious little dresses and the boys were in wee darling suits.

Kate Did Her Own Makeup


It’s true! That’s ballsy. If I were going to appear in front of the whole world on my wedding day, I would hire every makeup artist I could get my hands on.

There’s lots more to discuss, for example, whether or not Kate Middleton will produce a male heir. It’s time for that now, right? Paging the Daily Mail.

Morning Links: Join the Church of Kardashian, Kristen Stewart Is Your Next Snow White

● Kim Kardashian revealed to Piers Morgan that she helps fund a church set up by her mother, Kris Jenner. It was only a matter of time before a Church of Kardashian found it’s place on earth: Idol worship, meet idle worship. [DailyMail] ● Wait, actually, Jennifer Aniston is not adopting a child from Mexico. Star Magazine must be so embarrassed for getting that one wrong. [People] ● Will Ferrell is off to Dunder-Mifflin to help ease the loss of Office boss-man Steve Carell. His character, a visiting branch manager, will be around for four episodes, including one after Carell’s exit from the show. [EW]

● Rumor has it that fair teen-queen Kristen Stewart is in talks to play Snow White in an upcoming re-imagining of the fairy tale, Snow White and The Huntsman. [Deadline] ● Nickelodeon knows that kids these days are on Facebook — right now — which is where they are debuting a new episode of SpongeBob SquarePants. Mom, what’s a television? [AP] ● Khloe Kardashian bravely opens up about something the press likes to hint at: “My weight is my biggest lifetime struggle. It’s not the biggest thing in life, but it does get you down sometimes.” [Khloe]

Piers Morgan’s First Week Will Be Much Better than His Second

British journalist and America’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan scored a huge coup when CNN announced that Oprah Winfrey would be the first guest on his new talk show, Piers Morgan Tonight. And it only got better from there. Today it was revealed that Morgan will follow up Winfrey with Howard Stern (who rarely gives interviews), Condoleezza Rice, Ricky Gervais, and George Clooney – a perfect mix of humor, smarts, relevance, and physical perfection. But then, Week Two takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

Morgan will follow a former Secretary of State and a Hollywood superstar with the guy who got a blow job next to the guy from Creed. That’s right. After Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney kick off the show’s second week, Kid Rock will bring his particular brand of wisdom to Morgan’s table, where he’ll be followed by Kim and Kourtney, of the Kardashian family, and then by Donald and Melania Trump. Fingers crossed that Rock will tell us about the time he punched out DJ Jay Campos at a strip club. It’s a classic.