Photographer Kathy Lo Pales Our Hearts

She combines the feel of reportage with a quiet, pale, unassuming–and yet overriding–aesthetic; Kathy Lo is one of our favorite New York photographers. So it was with great excitement when, last week, we received a silver Mylar-wrapped package containing a stack of beautifully printed (on heavy stock) recent photos from her portfolio. Well actually, it turned out that these photos printed as note cards were her new portfolio. With her permission, we are posting some here. And we asked her to answer a few questions for us.

How did you get into photography?
I can’t recall how young I was but I remember I was with my family at a touristy area and one of them handed me the camera asking me to hold it and of course I looked into the viewfinder and started taking pictures and wouldn’t give it back.

Do you consider yourself a fashion or art photographer?
I’m a mix; I like to dabble into both.

How did this note card as project come about?
I wanted to make something that is a simple portfolio, but not a lot of images, gets the point across. So I thought postcards was an amazing way to showcase that. And after going through some of my favorite images and weeding out a lot of them… It was hard but I finally settled on those set of 10 images.

How do you pick your subjects?
People in my photographs can be anybody. They can be my friends, acquaintances, models, people I know through the casting days. I love a bizarre/”something off” look. There is a great beauty in that. There’s something pretty about it.

What’s next?
I’m working on a young couples project. So if there are any young kids out there who are in love, in lust, send me an email! Also a portrait series in correlation with signs or birthdays.