Guest DJ: Pop Singer Phoebe Ryan Shares Her Favorite R. Kelly Songs

Twista once rapped, “I can make you a celebrity overnight.” Perhaps he was speaking to Phoebe Ryan, the girl whose addictive, playful voice and talent for infectious melodies have made her the Internet’s most promising new Pop star in what seemed like a matter of hours. “Mine,” one of the solo artist’s first releases, features lighthearted lyrics over an up-beat, sun-drenched soundscape that we wish would never end. If you think we’re exaggerating Ryan’s sudden prominence, take a look at the she’s gotten from fellow Pop breakout Tove Lo and actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

After coming out strong with her R. Kelly and Miguel Cover, we had to ask the budding, LA-based singer-songwriter about some of her other fave R. Kelly songs, as well as why he’s such a strong influence on her.

“I’ve been obsessed with R. Kelly since I was six years old. I remember the first time hearing “I Believe I Can Fly” in Space Jam and thinking it was the most beautiful song on earth. He seems like a complicated person, to say the least, but in my mind he is the ultimate R&B artist. Here are my 10 favorite R. Kelly songs that are mostly about sex stuff.”

Check out the playlist below, as well as Ryan’s own take on R. Kelly’s “Ignition.”