Sharon Needles Ticketed for Peeing on Manhattan Police Station

After leaving a party hosted by Lady Bunny at Manhattan’s XL nightclub this week, RuPaul’s Drag Race season four winner Sharon Needles realized she had to pee. Badly! So, she went into what she thought was a graffiti-laden alleyway and relieved herself. But this was no ordinary alleyway…

You see, Needles had actually been urinating on a police station, as she found out when she was subsequently tapped on the shoulder by a member of the NYPD. Needles tells Out she tried to reason with the officer, but he wasn’t having any of it, and was all "Shante, you stay right there!" before escorting her into the station.

Contrary to the assertions of one Phical Matter, Count of Snagula, however, Needles was not arrested–but she did receive a citation for public urination.

Needles is also attempting to turn her accidental police station pee non-protest into an intentional police station pee protest, for some reason:

Looking back on the incident, America’s Drag Sweetheart can see the humor in the situation.

“It wasn’t on purpose, but I think it was funny that it was a police station,” she says. “Because I find there’s so much unnecessary angst and brutality from American police officers.”

All in all, Needles says the ordeal wasn’t nearly as bad as has been reported.

“It wasn’t the worst thing America’s top drag queen could do,” she says, “it really sent home a message.”

A message, yes: figure out where you are before you whip it out and start peeing. Now… sashay away.