MANGA EYES! Peter Philips Brings the Anime out of Every Model at Dior

Peter Philips, the creative and image director for Dior makeup, has been a longtime favorite of ours. His work at Chanel was nothing short of aspirational — his is the kind of talent that sends products flying off shelves. Now at Dior, Philips is still dazzling, but perhaps working with Raf is slightly different than with Karl. The pre fall look is… experimental, to be sure. Philips seemed to draw inspiration from the location of the show — Tokyo — because it’s hard not to see the influence that Manga has had here.


“I wanted to design a make-up look that had a very strong visual impact, focusing on an ‘electric’ eye that was both graphic and abstract. I was mainly inspired by Kabuki make-up with its codified, dramatic aesthetic that plays on the abstract nature of this visual strangeness. I also wanted to create a play on light to reflect the shiny, glittery elements that were omnipresent throughout this Pre-Fall collection and that give the make-up look a slightly Manga feel,”

Philips said in a press release.

Should you want to get the look yourself, you’ll need a liner (the Diorshow pro liner used here isn’t available ’til June 2015) and Diorshow mascara, both in black. Oh, and some “jumbo sized” glitter and a touch of eyelash glue.

1. Starting directly above the iris, apply the black liner in a box shape from the lash line to the upper eyelid.

2. Use mascara to coat only the lashes touched by the box you’ve made with the liner. Leave everything else bare.

3. If you’re feeling futuristic, apply a few pieces of oversized glitter near the upper lash line. It’ll “catch the light… creating a spectacular ‘robotic’ glitter effect,” said Philips.



Images courtesy of Dior