Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz & Louisa Rose Allen (aka Foxes) on Insanity, Twitter, and Tattoos (Part I)

Pete Wentz knows something you don’t: Louisa Rose Allen, aka Foxes, had one of the best singles of 2013.  Her galloping, anthemic “Youth,” put critics on notice, and set high expectations for her debut album, due next March. Name-checked as one to watch by Katy Perry, and fawned over by music bloggers and critics (“She’s almost too perfect,” sighed The Guardian’s Caroline Sullivan), comparison to Britain’s long line of distinctive female troubadours, from Kate Bush to Florence Welsh, was both inevitable, and fitting.

So far, though, Allen’s biggest hit is her collaboration with Zedd on the club hit, “Clarity,” which reached number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart in November, scored a performance on Letterman, and clocked a Grammy nomination. Wentz himself got to work with Allen earlier this year when she contributed guest vocals to “Just One Yesterday” on Fall Out Boy’s fifth album, Save Rock and Roll (in the video for the song, Wentz spews up snakes, vomits blood, and terrifies a young girl in a tutu; Foxes is a whole lot easier on the eyes, but not as innocent as she first seems).

The two found time to catch up and talk web etiquette, music influences, and tattoos.


Fall Out Boy Releases New Song

Forget everything you think you know about Fall Out Boy. In case you missed it, their new track "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)"  was released yesterday along with the announcement that their new album, Save Rock And Roll, is due out May 6. And don’t forget the world tour. My brain exploded into a bajillion pieces after this song came and roundhouse-kicked me in the head. Fall Out Boy, whose last album Folie å Deux was released in 2008, has definitely been making a departure from their sound since the breakthrough success of 2005’s From Under The Cork Tree, and with the release of this new song, they are stretching even further.

I am beyond pumped to hear what this new album will sound like in its entirety. Too many people get pissed off when their favorite band changes their sound and are quick to say they have either "sold out" or their music is "nothing like their first album." For me its refreshing to see bands consistently transforming. If you aren’t evolving and making changes, then what have you learned?

So before you go on sippin’ that haterade any longer, check out Fall Out Boy’s new single, "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)," below.

Of course let us not forget what led to this moment: "Sugar, We’re Going Down."

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#KONY2012 Still A Thing, Aaron Paul Involved

You’d almost forgotten about #KONY2012, hadn’t you? In case you have, here’s a catch-up: back in March, Invisible Children, a nonprofit with a goal of ending the Lord’s Resistance Army’s recruitment of child soldiers and other abuses in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo with the help of college students and really intense documentaries, launched the Kony 2012 Campaign to advocate for the arrest of warlord Joseph Kony by the International Criminal Court. The campaign’s introductory video, which featured compelling footage set to Mumford & Sons, became an instant viral sensation, with messages of "STOP KONY" and "KONY 2012" flooding our social media networks. Criticism of Invisible Children, regarding everything from use of proceeds to the general approach of the "white savior industrial complex," to complaints about young people being heavily involved in "slacktivism" began springing up; IC responded by posting more information about their finances. Days later, the director of the Kony 2012 campaign video, Jason Russell, was caught masturbating in public in San Diego in the midst of what appeared to be a breakdown, giving the whole thing a sad additional layer. The turnouts for the "Cover the Night" events initially announced in the video were smaller than anticipated. And then, just like that, it was over. 

Or was it? After a long period of social media dormancy (at least on the grand scale of the video), Kony 2012 is back with one more event in Washington D.C. next week, and Invisible Children has some Special Guest Stars to tell you all about it. MOVE:DC will take place next week, and sadly, it does not, as we had hope, involve a bunch of college kids working together to levitate the Pentagon. It does involve a day of lobbying and awareness and a summit with world leaders, a march on the White House and a "global dance party," and Invisible Children want you to road trip there with all your friends to get your dance on for justice. And they have enlisted some friends to help spread the news, including Sophia Bush, Harry Shum Jr. from Glee, Pete Wentz (shown in the video as a hitchhiker) and America’s Sweetheart, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, along with his fiancée Lauren Parsekian. The video feels more Spring Break than March on Washington, complete with plenty of goofy lip-syncing, but they sound really excited about it! And at one point, Aaron Paul lip-syncs rather passionately to "No More I Love Yous" by Annie Lennox. So yeah, Kony 2012. Still going strong. Just like Aaron Paul’s love for Annie Lennox. Watch.

Morning Links: Bob Dylan to Perform at the Grammys, A New Strokes Song Is Released

● Bob Dylan will perform alongside Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers at this year’s Grammy Awards, reminding us that what’s old is new but there’s nothing new under the sun. Or something. [LAT] ● Pete Wentz was totally blindsided by Ashlee’s call to end things: while she was drawing up divorce papers last weekend, Wentz was busy in Dallas posing for pictures with fans atop livestock. [TMZ] ● Three-months after its release, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday has climbed its way to the number one spot on the Billboard charts, the first female rap record to hit the top since Eve’s 1999 Let There Be Eve and the first non-debut album to do so since Ray Charles’ 2005 Genius Loves Company. [VV]

● After five years away, The Strokes have released the first single from the forthcoming Angles, “Under Cover of Darkness.” And it’s nice! So nice, eager down-loaders crashed the site where they are giving it away for free. Today, let’s all take a cigarette break and enjoy the way it used to be. [The Strokes] ● Drake’s just being honest when he says, “I am one of the best jews to ever do it!” Apologies go out to Adam Sandler, Albert Einstein and Jesus. [TMZ] ● Wait, Alanis Morissette look’s so happy in this picture with her husband, Souleye, and newborn son, Ever Imre. Life has a funny way… [People]

Afternoon Links: Miley Cyrus Repents, Julia Roberts Gets Evil

● Great news for fans of Ashlee Simpson divorces: After three years of marriage, Ashlee Simpson is parting ways with Pete Wentz. Expect custody battles and two very sub-par breakup albums. [LAT] ● Miley Cyrus opens up to Marie Claire about her infamous bong video. “It was a bad decision,” she said, not referring to her father’s haircut. [Marie Claire] ● This is fun. Victoria Beckham’s iPhone background is a topless picture of husband David Beckham, but what concerns us more is her disturbing lack of apps. It’s called Shazam, try it some time. [Gawker]

● Check out the first unofficial image of Leonardo Dicaprio in full G-men garb as the title character in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic. If you stare closely enough, we swear you can see a panty line. [Just Jared] ● Julia Roberts has officially been cast as the evil queen in Relativity’s Snow White remake, a surprise to everyone but Lyle Lovett. [EW] ● Alex Rodriguez got a call from his kids after seeing their father on national TV getting fed popcorn from, in their words, “da whore from Gangs of New York.” [PageSix]

Nocturnal Confessions: Go East, Young Man!

I promised myself I wouldn’t get wrapped up in fashion week this year. But I am a goddam liar, so this weekend found me scrambling around lower Manhattan, looking for the best of this and the most fun that. Highlights for me included Jeremy Laing, Band of Outsiders, Victor Glemaud and Camila Staerk.

With the exception of Charlotte Ronson’s shindig at Avenue, the party highlights were found closer to Brooklyn than the Boom Boom Room, like Prabal Gurung’s fete at the newly christened Kenmare. After the snowy Sabbath that was Monday, I was looking for something a little different, and made my way down to the financial district to check out the party for Clandestine, Pete Wentz’s line for DKNY.

I have to admit I was confused by the amalgam of fashion, rock and Wentz that was happening at Andaz. I was told to put away my camera on arrival, a strange request, considering the giant chamber was sparsely populated, and mostly by guys who fit in somewhere between my dentist and an MBA. As I beat a hasty retreat, I noticed a side-chamber, velvetly roped off. In a week that centers on exclusivity, it is probably odd that this was the first official VIP room I’ve seen, and doubly odd that it would be at a party that was more FUBAR than rocking. I’ve only heard Pete Wentz’s band on soundtracks to the teen schlock I am embarrassingly addicted to, like Stick It and One Tree Hill, and I only really know of him from the tabloids (to me, he is the John and Kate of music), but judging from the amount of sponsors installed behind the posing “famous” faces , there’s a lot of folks who want to be in the Pete Wentz business. I’ll leave it at this: beware of the party with more sponsors than attendees.

The perfect antidote to this downtown shit show was the intimate and dimly-lit affair that was the Rodarte party at The Cabin Down Below. Nestled underneath the oyster-and-cheeseburger paradise that is Black Market, the movie stars mixed with us normals and danced with their pals. There were Olsens and a smiling Kirsten Dunst in the cabin, while the Rodarte girls held court in a banquet up top. It had a feeling of privacy, without being unwelcoming, or too-cool for school. Really everything a fashion week party should be (for several seasons in a row, the best fashion week jams I’ve attended have been held in the seriously unpretentious East Village). As more and more shows move from the $50,000 per booking Bryant Park tents to the more reasonable and accessible Milk Studios, we can only hope the parties will follow a similar, though more easterly trajectory.

image Backstage at Jeremy Laing.   image Looks from Jeremy Laing Fall 2010.   image A young man being escorted from the Clandestine party, and by far the most interesting thing that happened there.   image An assclown.  At Clandestine.   image Above Cabin at Black Market…   image and Down Below where you could fine models…   image ….hipsters   image ….people sitting and laughing   image …more models   image …fashion bigwigs   image …even Archie and the gang.

Links: Gerard Butler Not Into Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian’s Hot Jasmine

● That report of Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler getting it on in Morocco was shot down by Lohan, and Butler is threatening legal action against the British papers who printed the story. [GossipCop] ● Where do you go after getting publicly fired from your show? Disneyland! Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz took little Bronx to the happiest place on earth to lift her spirits. [PopSugar] ● Rihanna says of all the media attention she received after the Chris Brown incident: “I went to sleep as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears.” [USA]

● Now that pregnancy has sidelined Gisele Bündchen’s modeling career, she has plenty of time to get her pilot’s license; having completed the written test, she simply needs to complete her practical (in the air) test. [People] ● Halloween postmortem Fergie, dressed as Cleopatra, spent Halloween with Kylie Minogue, who dressed as a gothic circus performer; Kim Kardashian dressed up in a very adult Princess Jasmine costume. [JustJared, ICYDK] ● David Hasselhoff has reached out to Amy Winehouse’s papa Mitch to say he knows what it’s like to have your substance abuse problems broadcast all over the media, and it’s a “universal problem” and has “nothing to do with the music business.” [AccessHollywood]

Links: Roman Polanski’s Love Song, Nicole Richie Rear-Ended

● Drew Barrymore is totally cool with not being selected to direct Eclipse; like a jilted girlfriend, she says she wasn’t “in love with” the script anyway. [EntertainmentWise] ● A song extolling how great a lover Roman Polanski is, recorded by current wife Emmanuelle Seigner, has been shelved for rather obvious reasons. [Mirror] ● Pete Wentz had Mark Hoppus shave his head in a bid to kill emo hair. [MTV]

● The paparazzi finally got too close to Nicole Richie, rear-ending the back of her car while tailing her in Beverly Hills. Richie sought her own medical attention for some minor injuries. [People] ● Tim Robbins was snapped biking past the New York City set of Matt Damon’s new film and stopped to talk to him — you know, actor to actor. [ICYDK] ● Method Man is the latest rapper arrested for not paying his taxes; he owes $33,000 to New York State and could face four years in prison. [CNN]

Links: Robert Pattinson + Kristin Stewart, Megan Fox Is Sex Positive

● LeAnn Rimes has gone full Fatal Attraction by stalking her former Lifetime costar Eddie Cibrian, according to Cibrian’s wife. [Us] ● Are they or aren’t they? Now comes video of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “the morning after” at Stewart’s parents’ house. Too cheap for a hotel? [X17] ● Despite quitting one episode in, Spencer Pratt is “praying to Jesus” that he and wife Heidi Montag can come back to I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! [Us]

● Megan Fox believes her “sex positive” attitude will empower girls to feel “strong” and “intelligent” and that makes her a role model. [showbizspy] ● Pete Wentz hopes his child Bronx gets his looks from mom Ashlee Simpson, but given their looks pre-Hollywood makeover, it’s a crapshoot either way. [Us] ● Kevin Williamson is working on a Scream trilogy reboot and is looking to bring back the Arquettes, as they were the only ones left standing (save Neve Campbell) at the end of the original. [hollywoodinsider]