Morning Links: Chris Brown and Rihanna To Reunite, Pete Doherty Is Cleaning Up

● Miss Info confirms that Chris Brown will in fact be contributing a verse to and appearing in the video for Rihanna’s "Birthday Cake" remix. [MissInfo]

● Stephen Colbert has perhaps gone off air this week so that he can spend time with his 91-year-old mother. [People]

● Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf will not be returning for Transformers 4. "They haven’t called me," says Duhamel. [Us]

Bodyguard co-star Kevin Cosner, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, and Tyler Perry are among the handful of guests who will pay tribute to Whitney Houston at her invite-only funeral on Saturday. [Us]

● Gael Garcia Bernal has signed on to star as the Spanish swordsman in Zorro Reborn. [Variety]

● Pete Doherty is cleaning up for his "English rose" of a girlfriend. "I’ve stopped injecting," he says. "The only way I can see myself in a serious relationship is if I am toning it down a bit. When you’re banging up all day you can’t really have someone else in your life." [NME]

● "I drink, at times, too much," admits George Clooney in an unusually vulnerable interview with The Hollywood Reporter. But he adds, "I’m not a big druggie, not at all. Blow is absolutely a nonstarter." [NYDN]

Morning Links: Rick Ross Goes Topless, Hollywood Is Still A Man’s World

● Megan Fox really wants to play the homely, tortured teenage lead in MGM’s remake of Carrie, presumably because her own teenage years were totally homely and tortured. [MovieWeb] ● Prince William and Duchess Kate had a nice honeymoon on a private island in the Seychelles, where they saw a turtle nest hatching, giant stingrays, and sharks! But “Friendly sharks, not deadly sharks, Us reports. [UsWeekly] ● Vibe got Rick Ross topless for their cover this month, flaunting his saggy, tattooed pecks. Complex‘s Jaws-inspired cover depicting the ever-hungry rapper hunting down a water-skiing Andy Samberg wins, though. [Complex]

● It’s an old white man’s world, and very few woman are writing in it. Not only are there not a lot of women writers in television and film, but there are less of them than there used to be and the gender earnings gap is widening. Worse off still are writers who are not white, who take only 10% of television and 5% of movie writing jobs. [IndieWire] ● Excited Lady Gaga fans broke the internet yesterday in their scrambling for Born This Way. [NYT] ● Heartbreaker Pete Doherty checked in for his six months in prison on cocaine possession just last week, but rumors of his post-release plans are already cropping up. Word has it that the rocker is scheduled to be released from prison just in time to make the summer festival rounds in England this August. [NME]

Links: The Miley Cyrus Big Bong Cover-Up, Pete Doherty to the Big Screen

● Miley Cyrus’ “people” traded at least two Mac Book Pros with college students in exchange for their computers, which each contained a copy of Miley’s bong-smoking salvia video. This plan failed. [TMZ] ● Disney’s neo-golden couple, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, have split. Each actor is now required by contract to either come out or date Taylor Swift. [E! Online] ● Eminem has plans for a new movie, in which he will be angry. [Deadline]

● Pete Doherty will star opposite Charlotte Gainsbourg in a new biopic of Alfred de Musset, the 19th century French poet. With his usual ambivalence, Doherty said, “I don’t know if I’m a good actor, but they say I am.” [HuffPo] ● Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, a married couple who play siblings on TV, are getting a divorce. It’s hard to say what’s most awkward here. [EW] ● A photo of Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent in bed together is just gross. [HuffPo]

Pete Doherty Designs Jewelry Line; Can We Keep Our Drugs In it?

Somewhere between Pete Doherty’s daily rotation between court, jail, and rehab, he carved out a bit of time to produce a unisex line of jewelry with Hannah Martin, formerly of Cartier. The collection is called Albion Trinketry and includes cufflinks, rings, and necklaces. If his uncomfortable posing at the launch is any indication, we’re as unsure about Pete’s credibility as a designer as he is.

From the images we’ve seen, the line is masculine and vintage-inspired, with heavy chains and pendants and large chunky rings. Fans of Pete Doherty’s style may find the line appealing, but you’d be hard-pressed to find many pictures of Pete not wearing a wife beater and blazer. To each his own, I suppose. To his credit, the jewelry line could be considered an attempt to clean up his act and get his life back on track. He reportedly spent yesterday in court in London though, so maybe not.

Links: Nicole Richie To Star In Sitcom

● How does one quit Hollywood? I’m not sure, but starring in a sitcom doesn’t seem like the way to do it. Nicole Richie says she’s desperate to move to New York City away from L.A.’s paparazzi, but just signed on to star in a pilot for ABC. [Showbizspy, Variety] ● Will Jon Gosselin be making an appearance on The Hills as Kristin’s BF? Probably not, but it seems Gosselin has complied a short list of Hollywood ladies he would not like to make eight babies with, and it includes The Hills villainess, Whitney Port, and Lindsay Lohan. Two train wrecks don’t make a right. [HollywoodGossip] ● Rihanna, ever the role model, says every girl should have naked pixs taken of them. [TheSun]

● Edward Cullen joins Lloyd Dobler and Rhett Butler (among others) as one of cinema’s most celebrated and lusted after on-screen stalkers. [EW] ● Pete Doherty just can’t catch a break. Because he’s an idiot. Kate Moss’s ex was booed off stage in Germany after singing the Third Reich, a.k.a. the Nazi, national anthem. [Telegraph] ● Former Brat Packer Anthony Michael Hall bit his girlfriend’s Diana Falzone’s forehead during a heated argument. Falzone has since obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor. [P6]

The Black List: Pete Doherty

The onetime savior of punk saw his life fall to shambles after a much-publicized split from supermodel Kate Moss and last year’s month-long incarceration. But Peter Doherty is back with this month’s Grace/Wasteland, a debut solo album destined to catapult the English bad-boy onto the charts. Here, the hard-living, chain-smoking poet of rock lists life’s major drags.

My top 10 irritants:

1. All-seater stadiums.

2. Speed bumps.

3. Casual racism.

4. Naughty cats.

5. Chairs with wobbly legs.

6. Broken phones.

7. Smoking bans.

8. Broken banjo strings.

9. Bent hat rims.

10. An increasingly trinket-barren world.

Photo by Keven Westenberg.

Unfazed by Unsexiness, Pete Doherty Gets Libertines Back Together

Having recently been branded good enough to listen to but not look at by a kit of squawky indie pigeons (not that we couldn’t make such assumptions with our own eyes and ears), Pete Doherty’s getting the band back together! Not Babyshambles .The other one. The Libertines. Says he of storied rehab stays about trying to seduce lead guitarist/singer Carl Barât back into the band: “I didn’t twist Carl’s arm too far. He doesn’t take kindly to it. He’s not harder than me, but he’s got a nasty streak. Twist it too far and it’ll snap.”

Which leads us to another concern. If they’re to mint a sparkly comeback, Pete, Carl, and the other two need to keep themselves in tip-top shape. More than pine nuts and sunflower seeds, perhaps they can add the same staple that their fellow Britons now swear by to their diets. Notes a loud-mouthed insider rather non-sequiturly, “[Barât] vowed not to return until his old best pal had sorted out his problems and, after having a lengthy heart-to-heart with him, he’s confident Pete has turned a corner.” Group hug!

Peaches Geldof Sober, Pete Doherty Unfortunately Unsexy

imageCan anyone explain why outside of Nylon or catalogs for high-end leggings, Peaches Geldof (née Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof) continues to carry any kind of noted significance? Oh, because she’s the daughter of faded rocker Bob Geldof and weighs about three stone — the ideal weight for runway models? Well then. I suppose that makes her vow of sobriety at the NME Awards last night all the more relevant to the ills of the world.

In a move of brazen virtuosity, the 19-year-old (that’s legal drinking age in the UK, by the by!) placed a booze ban on herself at the ceremony. She was destined not to unravel at the seams like countless other starlets before her. Impressive, considering what she’s going through while she has to make the rounds at London Fashion Week. And with Geldof avoiding even a drop of the poison, the world didn’t spin off its axis; all the continents didn’t collide into one another to form a New Pangaea; Amy Winehouse didn’t suddenly release her third album. In fact, everything went according to plan. MGMT and The Killers picked up significant musical prizes, and Geldof avoided awkward stumbles or booze-fueled slap-fights. Although Pete Doherty won barely lost Sexiest Male that same night. And with him (nearly) winning such a prize, it’s a safe bet to assume that someone snatched all the uncorked liquor from Geldof’s table and retroactively spiked the indie electoral’s Kool-Aid.

Links: Vanessa Hudgens Likes Paps, Angelina Jolie Must Stop Making Babies

● Vanessa Hudgens says the paparazzi are an excuse for her to dress up; glad they’re good for something. [ShowbizSpy] ● Natalie Massenet, founder of online shopping mecca Net-a-Porter, is set to open an online fashion outlet version called The Out-Net come February. Recession chic in ’09! [Telegraph] ● Angelina Jolie has reportedly been told to cool it on having any more genetically prefect babies because she might, you know, die. [ShowbizSpy]

● Blur’s Alex James makes his predictions on the fate of Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty. [NME] ● Fashion’s it-girls talk about their New Year’s resolutions. [Style] ● Cinematical has their list of the Best Mayhem in 2008. [Cinematical]