Backstage at the Colorful Perry Ellis Fall 18 Show

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Photography: Jonathan Hokklo


Perry Ellis’ Fall/Winter 18 presentation at New York Fashion Week took place in the Hippodrome NYC, once the site of a circus – fitting, as the collection reflected an exploration in colorful patterns and whimsical palettes. Creative Director Michael Maccari went for a wearable, comfortable, forward-thinking vibe, and employed high-profile models for the runway including current Drag Race star Milk (Daniel Donigan).

The show heralded Perry Ellis’ new campaign, Life Ready Since 1976, harkening back to the label’s mission statement of anywhere dressing.

Celebrity guests in attendance included Marc E. Bassy, Elijah Boothe and Steven Kolb. Take a look at backstage photography in the following slides.



Our 6 Fave Moments from #NYFW Day 1: Normcore Shoes, Babies, and Food

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via @zanabayne on Instagram

Today marked the official first day of NYFW (although ask industry folk and they will surely tell you it doesn’t feel that way!) Traffic is insane, heels are on (for some unknown reason), and we thought for a moment that #NYFW broke Instagram this evening, though it might have been our collective imaginations. There’s so much to be seen; it’s an overwhelming but fabulous sensory experience.

Sara: Since we’re at different shows and didn’t get to see each other all day, we’re gonna catch up right here, right now.

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Alyssa: Forget what you said about heels. I’m sticking to flats this season. Starting off on the right foot, baby. But yes, #NYFW definitely did break Instagram for a minute.

Sara: I wore flat sandals today and while I resented feeling underdressed at times, I was also like “dudes, are you watching the runways?” because it’s allllll about flats.

Alyssa: So true. I’ve seen a few heels, but from the Chinatown sandals and normcore white sneakers at Sandy Liang to the dressed-up flat sandals at Chadwick Bell, I have no qualms about throwing on some AF1s this week. And I’m sure my chiropractor is thrilled.

Sara: Chiropractor shoutout! Okay, let’s jump right in. My fave moment of the whole day: Michael Maccari showed his first collection for Perry Ellis–a parade of strikingly beautiful #VERYPERRY guys in tailored pastels and graphic patterns “inspired by the lines and grids of the city. But the highlight was absolutely when Maccari came out to a huge round of applause, walked down the runway and gave his mum a big hug and kiss! Strangely, I’m not sure everyone else found this quite as amazing as I did and so on my way out I said “congratulations,” to this very smiley woman I do not know, and she took my hand (!) to thank me and then we chatted about how proud of her she was. Heartwarming fashion moment — check!

Alyssa: I love family moments. Today at Zana Bayne, the finale look featured a baby. Yup, the model teetered out in some big gal shoes (ok so not everyone is doing flats) carrying perhaps the chillest baby ever, given all the lights and people and that he didn’t cry once. Actually, about halfway through his turn on the catwalk, he gave a wave. And every single person at Milk Studios cooed, “awwww!” at the same time. Proof that we are all a little baby crazy.

Sara: I would have died. I have a real problem with how much I love babies. I’m that person like “ooh-ing” on the sidewalk.

Alyssa: You have no idea.

Sara: Oh, another fun surprise: I thought they only existed in myths but alas! Creatures of Comfort provided showgoers with little goody bags containing nail polish, hair spray, and much-needed granola bars. Honestly, I don’t think anyone even cared about the nail polish though. I literally nibbled on a bite sized Larabar like it was Manna from heaven. Feeding the tired and often malnourished editors as they jet from show to show is always a win!


Alyssa: I can’t tell you how much I ate at the Gareth Pugh presentation after not having a proper meal today. I actually staked out in front of where the cater waiters entered and basically stole all the food.

Sara: Food is the way to my heart. Enough of these pin-sized appetizers on toothpicks, I’m ready for a presentation with straight up sandwiches. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind foot massages!

Before we hit the hay (if that happens) will you catch me up on ALTUZARRA FOR TARGET? #FOMO

Alyssa: Haha. No sleep for the wicked. The funhouse situation was pretty cool. I haven’t had any champagne yet this week but it sure felt like I had once I stepped inside. I didn’t brave the boutique set up in the party, but I’m looking forward to shopping the collection when it hits Net-a-Porter and Target stores on September 14.

And that brings my #selfie count to 1 so far this NYFW. Until tomorrow, dear readers! And you, too, Sara.

Sara: Night <3