Your Inner Child Needs This New Coach x Peanuts Collab

Images courtesy of Coach

Assuming there are others like me who are not too grown up for cartoons, many will rejoice over the new Coach x Peanuts collaboration. A tasteful mix between cartoon homage and Coach’s classic style, the collection features bags and accessories in basic colors (plus one in Woodstock yellow, of course) with cute and subtle imprints of various characters. There’s even a black leather Snoopy stuffed animal (!!!)

In addition to this fun collaboration, Coach will be launching an iPhone app of their own that will help users shop limited edition collections and easily find the Coach store nearest to them. To celebrate the Peanuts collaboration, the app will include fun features like a quiz to discover their inner Peanuts character. I myself already know I’m a Snoopy / Charlie Brown mix with aspects of Lucy when under-caffeinated, but others can download the app on October 22nd to find Peanuts character enlightenment.

The collection is currently available at today, and the full assortment will be available on Coach’s website on October 24.

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Good Grief: Actor Behind the Voice of Charlie Brown Arrested for Stalking

Charlie Brown is probably the most obvious "nice guy" in American popular culture: needy, pathetic, always in "the friend zone," and really bitter about it. So it should probably come as no big whoop or surprise that the guy who voiced the cartoon version of the Peanuts character was arrested for stalking. The 56-year-old Peter Robbins, who provided Charlie Brown’s voice in both A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, was picked up at the U.S.-Mexico border on Sunday; a warrant was out for his arrest for "stalking and other charges." It’s jail time, Charlie Brown. [via CBS]

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Join The Charlie Brown School of Dance

It’s Friday, so here’s a cute thing that’s been on the Internet. With the holiday season comes the inevitable barrage of seasonally appropriate television programming, including several showings of the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. If you remember nothing else from A Charlie Brown Christmas (other than the poorly-decorated Christmas tree, bless its heart), then you remember the dance rehearsal scene where all the little Peanuts kids are dancin’ their hearts out, each with their distinct and kinda freaky moves.

In this fake advertisement for “The Charlie Brown School of Dance,” an adult Linus (with a bright blue towel, natch) offers instruction on all the hottest dance moves as depicted in that clip, from “The Zombie MC Hammer” to “The Self-Breast Exam” to “The Ghost Humper.” Our favorites? “The Concussion,” and Snoopy’s gleeful take on the “Russian Cossack Dance.”

This video is also great because it’s a reminder of the greatest seasonal mashup video of all time, in which that same pivotal scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas is set to OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” Play the re-mastered version, and play it loud. It’s okay to dance at your desk.

A Non-Comprehensive, Totally Baseless Set of Predictions for the ‘Peanuts’ Movie

Everything old is new again and nothing is sacred in Hollywood, and, as such, 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios have announced an animated movie based on the Peanuts cartoons due for Thanksgiving 2015. Charlie Brown and the gang have been animated before, most notably for holiday specials about everything from Christmas to Halloween to Arbor Day, and have appeared in full-length movies. But after Garfield, we’ve grown a bit cynical. The movie won’t be out for another three years, but still, here are some baseless predictions anyway. 

  • It’s in CGI and my childhood is effectively ruined forever.
  • “…featuring Justin Bieber as the voice of Woodstock the Bird.”
  • At least one bad Facebook joke, like in the Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias.
  • An adult actually speaks in clear sentences as opposed to the distorted trombone noise. My childhood is effectively ruined forever.
  • Flash-forward to the gang as young adults. Lucy has a psychology degree and is living in Brooklyn and must choose between the struggling musician Schroeder (the Ethan Hawke avatar) or a more successful businessman (the Ben Stiller avatar). 
  • In an effort to go totally meta/shout out to adult fans vis-à-vis Arrested Development, at some point, Rerun does the Michael Cera “sad walk” to the classic Vince Guaraldi music.
  • There’s at least one scene of everyone dancing in typical Peanuts fashion to a song that was popular six or seven years before. Our money is on “Hey Ya!”
  • The Little Red-Haired Girl rebuffs Charlie Brown’s grand romantic gestures, only for him to find out that love was right there all along.
  • Closing scene: Charlie Brown goes to kick the football. He runs toward it while “Don’t Stop Believin’” plays. Just as his foot hits the ball, the screen goes dark for ten seconds a la the series finale of The Sopranos.

Peanuts’ Plane Days Numbered

Baggies of complimentary in-flight peanuts may soon be a thing of the past. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation is considering banning peanuts on planes entirely, so those with peanut allergies can travel without worry. “Airline passengers with severe allergies to peanuts have a qualifying disability,” the proposed peanut ban reads. “The Air Carrier Access Act prohibits discrimination by U.S. and foreign air carriers against individuals with disabilities.” But, all might not be over for the fair peanut.

The Department of Transportation is also considering several alternatives. It could have airlines provide a “peanut-free flight” when requested in advance or put a “peanut-free buffer zone” around a passenger with the allergy.

Approximately one percent of the general population is affected by a peanut and tree nut allergy, and the allergy is the leading cause of fatal and near-fatal allergic reactions. Those in favor of a total ban on airborne peanuts note that while reactions typically result from ingesting a peanut, the small confined space of a plane and the recycled air does pose a unique danger. And, if someone does have a reaction, emergency landings aren’t so fun. Opponents call it a “nanny-state” proposal and note that it would negatively impact the peanut industry. So much peanut controversy! All we can say is that we really like the cashews on Jet Blue.