FashionFeed: Tom Ford SS12 Collection Finally Revealed, Marc Jacobs SS12 Collection Still Missing

● Behold the complete Tom Ford SS12 collection that the designer was so secretive about. [Vogue]

● You know how Marc Jacobs’ entire SS12 collection was stolen in Paris (who does that)? Well, it’s getting pretty serious and MJ is offering a reward for its return. [Grazia]

● Fashion designers shared their favorite Thanksgiving recipes with Teen Vogue, and the list includes delicious things like Charlotte Ronson’s pumpkin muffins and Michelle Smith’s bread pudding with peaches and caramel. [Teen Vogue]

Boardwalk Empire actress and modern-day seductress Paz de la Huerta would only wear Wolford lingerie if she could and owns a "great new catsuit that’s good for winter." [StyleCaster]

● Margherita Missoni is engaged! We’re already dying for her yet-to-be-created Missoni bridal gown. [WWD]

● Niche retailer Free People have revealed another top model clad lookbook. November stars Linda Vojtova and Ruby Aldridge. [FashionGoneRogue]

Willem Dafoe & Paz de la Huerta Consider the Apocalypse in Abel Ferrara’s ‘4:44 Last Day on Earth’

With December 21, 2012 just on the horizon, movies about the end of the world seem to be popular right now. In 4:44 Last Day on Earth, Abel Ferrara of Bad Lieutenant infamy explores what would happen if everyone on Earth knew the apocalypse was coming, and how they’d cope. Led by Willem Dafoe’s existential angst, it looks to be what you’d expect from the man who once directed Harvey Keitel to masturbate in a car window for like seven minutes. "With these final minutes, it doesn’t matter where you live or how much money you have," a newscaster intones at the start of the trailer, "today we are all going to face the same fate at the same moment." (It’s not a comedy.)

Effusive praise from high-minded critical bastions like Sight and Sound and Film Looks accompany the trailer, which overlays dramatic religious imagery over a twangy, Western-influenced score. Paz de la Huerta (Boardwalk Empire) and Natasha Lyonne (American Pie) also show up because the end of the world isn’t complete without some intergender boozing, and what sex is better than apocalypse sex? Last Day on Earth is set to received a limited theatrical run on March 23.

Afternoon Links: Lil Wayne is Writing A Prison Memoir, Jay and Bey Consider Space

● Back from cell block 23, Lil Wayne is publishing a "revealing" prision memoir from diary entries written during his time at Rikers, titled Gone Till November and to be released November 28th through Grand Central Publishing. Alternative titles suggested: "Tell warden, kiss my ass." [GalleyCat]

● Plenty of music videos have been set in "space" — Kanye‘s been "there," as have Britney, Bowie and the Smashing Pumkins — but apparently Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to be the first to actually shoot a video amongst the stars. "The label people have been talking about making a music video in space," reports someone who knows. "Beyoncé and Jay-Z seemed the obvious choice. Everything is being done to make it happen." And until then, the new parents can be found in their new home in the suburbs. [MTVUK]

● Demi Moore’s new personal trainer — the 26-year-old, self-described "renaissance as it gets" model, Blake Corl-Baietti — has been putting in lots of overtime, if you know what we mean. [People]

● One more week in the top spot and Adele’s 21 will be tied with the Titanic soundtrack for most weeks at number one on the Billboard. Even broken hearts can go on… [Billboard]

● Robert Pattinson shaved his head but forgot to put on something nice for last night’s People’s Choice Awards, where he was so luckily seated next to Betty White. [People]

● Lana Del Rey says that she caught Paz de la Huerta "getting her tits out" during a performance of "Video Games," and that she’s "been at peace" ever since. [Vulture]

Morning Links: T.I. Sent Back to Jail, Benni Cinkle Finally Has Her Own Video

● Yesterday T.I. was released from jail early, but then they sent him back after he showed up at the half-way house in a luxury bus. Apparently that’s not allowed. [NYDN] ● Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon got lunch together in L.A. so that they could talk about how Jake Gyllenhaal, their shared ex, is so “vain.” [Us] ● Whole Foods thinks that Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel’s SkinnyGirl Margaritas are toxic and are pulling the product from their shelves. [NYP]

● Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J doesn’t really think his collaboration with Jack White is so weird because they both wore costumes while doing it. “He put on his black hat and his black coat and we put on our makeup…And it wasn’t that different. He had our shtick and we had ours,” he says. [Village Voice] ● Cher took to twitter in support of her son Chaz, who has been the victim of attacks since since his casting in DWTS, tweeting that “It took guts 2 do it,” and that “Mothers don’t stop Getting angry with stupid bigots who (mess) with their children!” [Huff Post] ● Paz de la Huerta’s Agent Provocateur campaign finds the lady looking, as always, near-nude and mostly fabulous. [ONTD] ● Benni Cinkle, that awkward girl in pink from Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video, finally has a video to call her own. [ONTD]

Morning Links: Amy Winehouse May Have Died of Alcohol Withdrawal, Ryan Gosling Goes Bleach Blond

● The Winehouse family thinks Amy died not from an overdose, but from alcohol withdrawal. Apparently quitting cold turkey can send a dependent body into fatal shock. [LAT] ● Because there aren’t enough hours of Kardashians on television already, younger brother Rob has signed up to compete on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. [TMZ] ● Mark Wahlberg says that he’s taking Entourage to the big screen, even if he has to pay for it himself. “We’re going to do a movie, it’s a question of when and how quickly,” he assured. [THR]

● Bleached-blond hair and biker-buff, Ryan Gosling is still “a perfect famous person.” [NYDN] ● Online streaming service Pandora wins more young listeners than popular terrestrial radio stations Z100 and Hot 97. How’s that for a bomb drop, Flex? [AdAge] ● Paz de la Huerta prepared to plead guilty in her bar-brawl hearing at Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday by carefully lotioning up her long legs. “We were riveted,” a courthouse worker said of her technique. “It was lovely. Very nice lotioning.” [Page Six]

Morning Links: Lauryn Hill’s Paternity Woes Continue, Beyoncé Working On a Cookbook

● “New Jersey is Third World,” ranted a drunk Tracy Morgan before adding that “the world is ghetto.” He’s probably not that impressed by your house, either. [Page Six] ● Lauryn Hill says that Rohan Marley, the father of her first five children, is not the father of her sixth. “We have had long periods of separation over the years but our five children together remain a joy to both of us,” she tweeted. [NYDN] ● Survey says men are most tired of hearing about Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, and Sarah Palin. Whereas women just can’t get enough of the Biebz: did you hear he took Selena to Hooters? You know, for the wings. [Us]

● Beyoncé is planning to put out a soul food cookbook with the help of who else but her dear friend and Goop publisher Gwyneth Paltrow. [NME] ● Paz de la Huerta thinks Amy Winehouse might’ve been fine had she just seen a few pretty pictures of herself. “She would have gotten more self esteem,” she said, “and not been so self-destructive.” [NYO] ● Prince William is battling a prematurely receding hair line. Jennifer Aniston thinks he should just go with it. Because why not. [E!]

Morning Links: Demi Lovato Wants Out of Disney, Death Threats for Rebecca Black

● Fresh from a stint in rehab for “body issues,” Demi Lovato announced her departure from the Sonny With a Chance show yesterday. Disney, not yet ready to relinquish the starlet’s fans, has decided to turn So Random, the fictional show-within-a-show on Sonny, into an actual sketch comedy series, thereby spinning a web of alternate realities in which to catch their next victim. [ArtsBeat/NYT] ● So we can all agree, Lil Wayne is the cutest rapper doing it, right? This Carter IV cover [pictured left], following up on the last, couldn’t be sweeter. [You Heard That New] ● You might think that Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” sounds similar (very, very similar) to Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” but Gaga thinks “That’s retarded.” “I feel like honestly that God sent me those lyrics and that melody,” she said through tears. “There’s no way for something that pure to be wrong.” So much for the mentally disabled! [NME via ONTD]

● Rebecca Black has entered the scary stages of meme-dom, finding herself on the receiving end of several death threats from people who are not quite “so so excited” about her music. To play with the internet is to play with fire. Please be warned. [E!] ● Even NBC thinks Donald Trump’s presidential dreams are a publicity stunt. Besides, while ratings for Celebrity Apprentice have been up 20% this year, if Trump does decide to run, campaign rules stipulating equal television time for all candidates might mean the end of his reality TV reign. [NYDN] ●Paz de la Huerta apparently tried to talk her way out of charges stemming from her fight with model/The Hills character Samantha Swerta by proving her worth to the police. “I’m a real actress on HBO,” she explained, perhaps hoping the arresting cops were Boardwalk fans. [NYP]

Morning Links: Ricky Gervais Officially Blacklisted, Kanye West Comes Out of the Closet

Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta let life imitate art when she showed up half-naked and stumbling-drunk to the Chateau Marmont after Sunday night’s Golden Globes. [TMZ] ● Leighton Meester and her Country Strong costar Garret Hedlund were said to be “making googly eyes at each other all night.” Come on, come on, come on — give in to it. [Us] ● “Ricky will not be invited back to host the show next year, for sure. For sure any movie he makes he can forget about getting nominated,” says an anonymous member of the HFPA. Who’s the sore looser? ]PopEater]

● Man of endless controversy, Kanye West has supposedly signed on to play a jazz band member in a film that involves a gay sex scene. Will Smith, Jay Z, and Oprah are backing the movie, and the script has supposedly won 9 awards, so who knows. [MTO] ● Brick Squad rappers Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane want a reality show. “We just ordinary people with a crazy Rock N Roll lifestyle,” says Gucci. We couldn’t agree more. [PopDust] ● Bill O’Reilly and his producer/stalker, Jesse Watters, crashed a Snooki book signing to invite the reality star to the O’Reilly Factor to talk about “Obamacare, Afghanistan, the Jersey Shore…” — just the punditry America needs. [Mediaite]

‘Enter the Void’ Director Gaspar Noé Uncensored

Gaspar Noé is a man with few limits. In his 1998 feature directorial debut, I Stand Alone, the 46-year-old French auteur tackled squirm-inducing topics such as incest, suicide, and rape. Turns out he was just getting warmed up. With Enter the Void, which opens today, Noé serves up a buffet of less-than-appetizing scenes, from the backseat view of a head-on car collision to an inner-vaginal view of a penetrating penis. Not surprisingly, his work has been lauded and derided in equal measure.

Enter the Void, the story of Oscar (newcomer Nathaniel Brown), an American drug dealer in Tokyo, is no exception. Whereas Manohla Dargis of The New York Times called the film, which also stars spitfire Paz de la Huerta, “exceptional,” Variety’s Rob Nelson thought it was “tiresomely gimmicky.” As became clear early on in our conversation last August, Noé wouldn’t have it any other way. From the Bowery Hotel’s back terrace, the enfant terrible of experimental cinema discusses the upside of drug abuse, 3D porn, and the anaesthetization of New York City.

Your films are divisive, to put it mildly. Do you thrive on both positive and negative responses to your work? I didn’t expect Enter the Void to be controversial. I thought this would be the movie that everyone could agree on, but now they’re disagreeing. I’ve gotten the best and the worst reviews of my career for this movie. I guess there is something about losing control of your perceptions, as an audience—the out-of-focus effects, the dreamier aspects of the film—that causes some people to freak out. Some people have been repulsed by the movie and hate it with all their guts. I can’t help thinking you get off on that repulsion. I’m not willing to be loved. I’m not willing to make commercials. I’m not willing to go to Hollywood. I’m only willing to make movies that I would want to see, and the movies that I watch most are divisive: Deliverance, Kenneth Anger films, 2001: A Space Odyssey. They’re movies that weren’t driven by money or recognition.

Is it difficult to raise enough money to create the type of movies that you want to create? We used commercial successes like Mulholland Drive and Trainspotting as references for the producers of this movie. [Noé’s last feature film, 2002’s] Irreversible made money, and so I said, Let’s gamble again. We won once, so we might win twice. But I actually don’t know if they’re going to get all of their money back [on Enter the Void] because the movie is more experimental than I expected. Some people told me that after they came to see the movie, they went back to their hotel or their house and they cried because of some weird post-traumatic stress.

I’ve spoken to similarly experimental filmmakers like Michel Gondry and Lars von Trier, both of whom work through personal mommy issues in their films. It seems like something on which you’re also fixated. For someone who has never had a baby and has never gone through an abortion, I have an obsession with pregnancy. [Noé’s 1998 film] I Stand Alone is about a pregnant woman. And in Irreversible, Monica Bellucci is pregnant when she gets raped. In this one again, you see the birth of a baby—maybe I’m struggling to repress the natural law of being a father. But if Lars von Trier is obsessed with his mother, maybe I’m more obsessed with the idea of time: What is the present? What is memory? I started thinking about this movie back when I was a teenager, when I was worried about dying before having done anything. Now that I’m 46, I’m concerned with death because I don’t think there’s anything after it. There is life in the present tense, but then the present dissipates into the past, and what’s left? Nothing.

Although it’s morbid, Enter the Void does in some ways feel like a celebration of a young man’s life. It hasn’t been my experience, but I know a lot of kids [like the film’s ill-fated protagonist, Oscar] whose only goal is to do drugs and fuck girls, or fuck boys. And, if I’m being honest, in my twenties, besides directing short movies, my main goal was to get laid and get drunk.


Do you see a lot of yourself in the character of Oscar? I almost wanted to call the character Gaspar. Although I’ve never dealt drugs, there are many aspects of the movie that are biographical.

Have you had many frightening experiences with drugs? I always played it safe compared to some of my friends, who were taking acid and mushrooms without limits. I can’t really smoke marijuana because I’m kind of already too paranoid without it. Each time I dropped acid or ate mushrooms, I’d consider the things I was hallucinating from a cinematic perspective, most likely with this film in mind. I always wanted to make a movie from the perspective of a stoned main character. So each time I got stoned I’d think, How can I reproduce this? But when I started production on this movie I really stopped doing anything, even on weekends, because it seemed dangerous to my social behavior.

Most people would assume that you’d need to be high in order to make a film that replicates the experience of being high. Not only did I abstain from drugs over the course of the shoot, but I also asked all of the actors and crew to abstain. Some people can work on cocaine, but most people who take it argue and get into fights, while marijuana can turn people stupid. My main actress [Paz de la Huerta] is kind of an alcoholic, so after working 14 hours every night I had to go get drinks with her, but I found myself drinking too much vodka, so I had to slow down.

Have you stayed sober since the film wrapped? The next project I would like to do is an erotic movie, so I’m not into burning my brain right now.

There’s been speculation that this erotic film might be shown in 3D. Are you considering that possibility? If you want to see non-professionals naked, you need a small crew, and I don’t know if 3D cameras require a lot of people to operate. If they do, then I’ll just stick with two dimensions. Another problem with 3D films is that they’re often shown in multiplexes where daring movies can’t be shown. Once I start pre-production on the movie, I’ll check to see if 3D might be an option. If it’s not a problem on set, then why not?

With a few exceptions, there aren’t many mainstream filmmakers willing to show actual intercourse on camera. It’s going to be a mix of real sex and simulated sex. Sometimes it’s easier to simulate because if the guy doesn’t have a hard-on that can make things difficult. But there are other issues, too, like maybe one of the actors has a boyfriend or a girlfriend. For real couples, having sex is an intimate thing, and so they don’t necessarily want people watching their intimacy. So I’ve decided that the best way to show real sex is to cast two single people who used to be a couple. I’m not a voyeur or a peeping tom, but I’ve seen people having sex in front of my eyes and it’s fun.

You don’t seem easily shocked. When you were filming in Tokyo, was there anything that surprised you? The limits of what can and cannot be done in Japan are very different. They’re much more into S&M, but in a playful way. The Japanese have a very different perception of what sex is and what sex should be. When I visit a new city I always ask, What’s the strangest place you can bring me to? Maybe they’ll bring you to a rollercoaster and maybe they’ll bring you to a restaurant run by transvestites.

What was the weirdest place in Tokyo? I went to a few of them. I went to a host bar, where all these rich ladies came in with their Chihuahuas and had young men serving them drinks.

Do you feel like New York is much more tame by comparison? Tokyo today is what New York was in the ’70s. There are few cities today that are as wild as Tokyo—maybe Paris and Berlin. New York is very restrained compared to what it used to be. It’s started looking like Switzerland. Where are all the sleazy areas that we used to see in movies like Taxi Driver?