The St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza With Patrick McMullan

It’s that time of year again. St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and whether you are a member of the green team or not it is a day and a night to party hardy. I used to I double lock myself in a room and wait for it to pass, but in the last decade or so the holiday has become universal and a great deal of fun. One event that I can always recommend is Patrick McMullan’s St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza. This is the 31st annual. For me it’s a chance to see what’s left of the old guard and observe how better “preserved” I am. Some look better but those aren’t actually preserved, they are nipped, tucked or just plain pickled. This year there will be Irish dancers, a live performance from Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, and Patrick’s son Liam McMullan will DJ. I’ve known Liam since he was just weeks old as he was a constant fixture on the club scene as an infant and through and beyond his Wonder Bread years. He is indeed a club kid.

This shindig has no cover. It will be held at BPM (516 West 42 Street) and it starts around 9 p.m. Patrick McMullan is a photographer who has chronicled nightlife and social life for decades. He is a nightlife legend. He is the force behind PMC Magazine and an all around good man. I caught up with him and asked him a wee bit about it.

How many of these St. Patrick’s Day parties have you hosted?

Honestly I lost count, but probably over 30

What is the event going to be like?

I get that question from everyone but I hope it will be a combination of old friends, new friends, artists and whoever wants to have a good time!

Tell me about your business.

It can be overwhelming but it also very exciting. For instance, tomorrow I’m shooting an event for the tattoo artist JK5 and then on Friday I am shooting the 2015 FDNY calendar and yes, the sexy one!

Do you enjoy going out to this day… er night?

Absolutely, but sometimes it can be hard to get out of the door.

Your son Liam is DJing the event. Tell me about when he started experiencing clubs.

He came to a Stephen Sprouse party when he was only 3 weeks old! His first nightclub was The World but he left with his mother after dinner. Liam loves nightlife and he is a true renaissance man. He hosts and DJs at the Electric Room and is always doing something exciting.

St. Patrick’s Day Soirèe Saturday at Yotel, Steven Greenberg’s Memorial Service Next Tuesday

Look, I hope you won’t be insulted if I keep this short today. I am way too busy to chat or be profound or funny or whatever it is I am doing these days. I got to get to the 17 Stanton space, formerly called The Elsinore, to finish up with the construction so you guys can go oooh and ahh or say …"What in God’s name was he thinking?" According to Scott Solish at Eater yesterday, nobody cares, but sometimes he is a little left of right. I read his take on my column yesterday and noticed just a little error…a right when he should have gone left. He said that Noel Ashman had changed the name. In reality, the name was changed over Noel’s strenuous objections. This will play out, as revelers attend the space and play with tables and bottles and other toys. Seventeen Stanton has a new name, which will be seen and heard sometime in the next few days. The place is almost ready. It feels good-to-go. After this writing and the day-job designing, I’m off to Hotel Chantelle to DJ with Sam Valentine and Michael Tee and a slew of others.. I’ll get home at 6am-ish. I was up at 7am, so it’s a 23-hour day for me. I figure I’ll get all the sleep I need in 20 or 30 years.

Saturday I will don the green tie and attend the Saint Patricks Day soirèe my two favorite Patricks are throwing at Yotel. Mr. Patrick Duffy and Mr. Patrick McMullan and son Liam will be hosting. Liam will DJ, along with the Justin (O)Strauss. I’m not a big fan of the day and even less of the night, which is often ruined by people who have been drinking all day, well …er …since 1995. The "no gays" in the parade thing is a disgrace and…well, I’m in a hurry. I asked Patrick Duffy a few Steve Lewis questions. He gave me Patrick Duffy answers.
Tell me about this year’s St. Patrick Day festivities.
We are doing it at the Yotel! We have taken over the space for the night. Liam is going to DJ along with Justin Strauss. We are having a private dinner for Patrick, Liam and I, and our best friends..then a massive party for everyone!
Which of you is the most Irish? McMullan or you?
Hard to say! I know we all have the luck of the Irish! Patrick and Liam are sweet, charming, and so much fun! I hope I am too! We are calling ourselves the Holy Trinity for the evening Father (Patrick McM) Son (Liam) and Holy Ghost (guess who).
For those that are clueless or who live under rocks, tell them who you are and what you do.
 I am Patrick Duffy, I do Patrick Duffy things.
For years, gay people have been denied the opportunity to parade with the rest of the flock. Who wins on this, who loses, and how does that affect you inside?
The world loses. (Most) gays make the world a better place – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so to speak. At least the ones I know!
Growing up, when did you feel that you might skew different from the rest? When, if ever, did you stray from the pack and the traditional values?
I was born with heels on and a martini in hand. Didn’t have many friends at Catholic school, accept for some other members of the congregation.  
In sadder news, a memorial service will be held Tuesday, March 20th for my dearly departed friend and mentor Steven Greenberg. I can’t believe he is gone. I will gather with the other disbelievers and believers at Park East Synagogue 163 East 67th Street to remember him. A close friend of Steven consoled me with this thought, "He lived to help put people together." He’s doing it again.

Lots of Big Sexy Noise, Parties, Vodka, & Christmas Lights

With a week to go before the big show, clubs must compete with Christmas parties at unique venues where free booze will flow. In fact, it’s pretty easy to get all liquored up in this town without spending cash money as long as you diligently RSVP to the right events. Many clubs are getting people through the doors, but the spend is not there as these holiday soirees eat into revenues and people are hoarding cash for Christmas gifts.

Tonight you can enjoy Russian Standard Vodka at the Bo Concept holiday party at 105 Madison Avenue. This affair is hosted by bon vivant photographer Patrick McMullan, Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, Michelle Park, and Niki and Shaokao Cheng. The music will be by Lady Bunny, who is riding yet another 15 minutes of fame after being used by Adam Sandler in a sight gag during his 12/12/12 routine. The party will unveil “the new collection of Swedish Underwear Brand, Frank Dandy modeled by New York Swim Team. You must RSVP. “ After Bingo at Hotel Chantelle, where Stoli will try to sway me, I might head over to the Jane Hotel  to listen to DJ Wonder and Bianca Linta as I play ping pong. This is a New York vs Sweden shindig and I may seek out aquavit and such.

Tonight I am desperate  to attend Big Sexy Noise performance at The Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery at 2nd Street. Big Sexy Noise features the New York no wave singer, poet, actress, and performance artist Lydia Lunch and ex-Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds guitarist James Johnston. This is post-punk nirvana and I’m there.

Tomorrow night, an event scheduled for November 2nd but postponed by Sandy will occur at SL, 409 West 14th Street.  Amanda Hearst, Georgina Bloomberg, and the Friends of Finn committee will attend The Humane Society of the US’ “To the Rescue! Benefit After Party.” The list of A-listers involved is ginormous. This is a see-how-the-better-half-live event.

Last night, me and mine headed out to Dyker Heights, a Brooklyn neighborhood right before the Verrazano Bridge, to view the holiday lights. There are homes where hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to celebrate the season. We were in awe of these Disney-level extravaganzas. I have to go out and buy some gifts, a tree, and wrapping paper, so I will leave you here. 

This Week’s NY Happenings: Taste of Greenwich House, Aska, XL

TODAY (Monday): Taste Of Greenwich House
For over a century, Greenwich House has been uplifting New Yorkers with social programs, from music schools to senior centers. Pitch in by ponying up for the annual Taste of Greenwich House tonight, Monday the 11th, and you’ll graze from a greatest hits package of neighbor restaurants. Anita Lo and Annisa will be featured, joined by fresh blood like BarracaMarble Lane, and Swine. Live music and an open bar will keep the Metropolitan Pavilion swinging.

General admission for Taste of Greenwich House at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W. 18th St., Chelsea) begins at 7:30pm tonight, Monday the 11th. Tickets are $150 ($100 is tax-deductible). To learn more about the event space, check out the listing at BlackBook Guides. Photo by Ebbe Sweet Photography.

FRIDAY: Scandi Man Can
Fredrik Berselius’s smash Aska continues to evolve, with an upgraded tasting menu kicking off this Friday. Ten courses tour through Scandi-inspired innovations, with drink pairings to match (weekend nights only).

Ten-course tasting menus start this Friday at Aska (90 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg). To learn more about the restaurant, check out the listing at BlackBook Guides.

SUNDAY: Saint Patrick McMullan
Irish eyes will be smiling when Patrick McMullan kicks off his 30th annual St. Patty’s Day party at XL. Irish dancers, DJ Lady Oh’Bunny, and Stoli Shamrock martinis highlight the bill.

St. Patrick’s Day at XL (512 W. 42nd St., Midtown West) starts at 10pm on Sunday the 17th. To learn more about the bar, check out the listing at BlackBook Guides.

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Two Patricks, One Birthday Party at Macao

Tomorrow night at Macao (a venue that’s quickly becoming my favorite late night haunt), I will join a birthday celebration for two of my three favorite Patricks. Mr. McMullan and Mr. Fahey are at least a year older, and are clearly having episodes of senility, as evidenced by the decision to have me supply the music. They are both living fantastic, successful, energetic lives, underscoring the concept that 50 is the new 35, a line I used a lot when I was dating.

Patrick McMullan is that fabulous photographer that has spent a lifetime taking so many shots of celebrities that he has become one himself. He has one of the great eyes in the business but his hearing must surely suffer, as he asked me to return as a DJ for this fete, after enduring me at his St. Patrick’s Day Bash at Pacha. Patrick Fahey is that debonair ex-model who has run some of the best saloons in town including, but not limited, to Naked Lunch and Sugar. Sugar of course is now Macao and he is a partner. The crowd at Macao will be adult, hip and fun, a rarity in today’s nightlife universe.

Labor day melts into Fashion Week, which will officially begin this Thursday September 8th, and end next Thursday the 15th. There will be a million parties to go to and very few cabs. The fashion lemmings will be their usual unbearable selves and I will retreat to dive bars and rock clubs for safety. If not for the gift bags I might just stay in Brooklyn. Tonight, the fashion queens will bring it before the week of mayhem starts at “On Top,” that Susanne Bartsch extravaganza on top of The Standard Hotel at Le Bain. All the unusual suspects including Desi Monster, Kayvon Zand and Manny Norena will be all dressed up with someplace to go. Music will be provided by Will Automatic and my hero Johnny Dynell. I’ll stop by to chat with door maiden Andrea and step inside to see the fashion that will hit the runway in about five years. It’s like that and always has been.

Photo Credit: Guest of a Guest

Catching Up: Japan, Loleatta, My Pacha Gig

It’s been 11 days since the quake and the tsunami awed us all. And we’ve felt helpless since. Many of my friends stay glued to the TV or computer, watching replays and seeking out any new tidbit. Channel surfing to see disaster footage had some of us even watching Fox. Now, Lelaine Lau and Benjamin Dewar are sweeping away our helplessness and getting us off the couch by organizing a benefit next Tuesday, March 29th. The soiree will be held at Lavo, which is generously donating its space, all door proceeds, and even 10% of the bar revenue generated from the gala.

The shindig is to support Doctors Without Borders, who are operating mobile clinics in the devastated Miyagi Prefecture. While we are talking about the weather, they are fighting to save lives and repair bodies. It’s 20 bucks or more at the door and everybody’s got that.

The death of Loleatta Holloway leaves me limp. Her powerful voice and giant smile picked me up when I was down on many occasions. Best known, I guess, for her sampled vocals on Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations,” she passed from heart failure. Her mega hit “Love Sensation” was the kind of song that transitioned us all from the Disco era to the House era. Take a few minutes to YouTube her to fully appreciate her talent and legacy. I remember booking her once at, I think at the World.The crowd just stood staring as she hit each impossible note with power, perfection, and fire. No one moved. At first I thought they weren’t liking it, but soon realized that they were just in awe. She had the kind of voice that could break glasses and swell hearts.

Tonight you will find me (if you’re looking) at Good Units. It’s Jonny Lennon’s super hot monthly affair with DJ Cassidy and ?uestlove. It’s called Rock Freak and that’s what I am, so I’ll break out the black leather and show.

I want to thank Eddie Dean and Rob Fernandez, the Pacha light crew, Patrick McMullan, and of course, the other DJs: MSB and Liam McMullan, who joined me last Thursday night at Pacha. It was the biggest room, and largest crowd I ever played for, and I’m still recovering from the excitement. According to a friend, someone tweeted that I have “been quiet lately.” I think preparing for that gig occupied a lot of my thoughts. I took it seriously, as the big sound system, the big room and the legacy of the talents who play there, was not lost on me. Surprisingly, the biggest songs of the night were “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross, and “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top. As the night winded down, I put on “Under he Milky Way Tonight” by The Church, and many people slow danced to it. It was refreshing to see people usually not exposed—or maybe a better word is subjected—to the music I play, dancing and enjoying it. It was an honor to play there. I have also been distracted and busy as a bee readying the downstairs lounge at Darby for a hush-hush opening later this week. Ill try to get noisy again real soon.

Liam McMullan: Chip Off the Old Block

I’ve hung out with Liam McMullan in nightclubs for about 21 years. When I met him he was in no condition to even say my name or, for that matter, much of anything else. It wasn’t because he was inebriated or under the influence: it’s because he was a baby. A party baby. New York nightlife grew up with Liam. His famous dad, photographer Patrick McMullan, is a constant at fabulous affairs, openings, and shindigs. Patrick’s documented the scene since the Warhol days. He is one of the good guys in a biz that sometimes attracts baddies. Liam’s gal Aesha Waks and I are old friends as well. Through her I’ve rekindled my friendship with Liam. They are constantly in the papers and blogs, constantly doing interesting things. They are usually inseparable, but I managed to get a few questions in as Liam rushed off to DJ at Eastside Social Club, a place his dad owns a piece of.

Your dad is the uber famous photog Patrick McMullan. I first saw you as a baby in hip downtown clubs. When did you realize that Dad wasn’t like the other dads? I always knew that Dad was different than other dads, but it wasn’t only the time that I spent with him at the clubs that made me see he was different. Most people tell me that I have the coolest and kindest dad and I see that more and more every day—even when he’s lecturing me. I feel like he is everyone’s dad in a way. I feel like I have many brothers and a huge family even though I am an only child and my parents live separately.

What is your earliest club memory? I feel like a club has always been like my second home. I grew up with nightclubs as a part of my life since I was a baby. I remember I used to dress up as Batman. Other kids only had the life that we shared at the playground and probably wouldn’t have understood the nightlife at that age.

You must have tons of club Uncles and Aunts. Tell me about that? Yeah, that is a funny way to put it but, yes. Many people tell me how small I was when they first saw me at the club. Some people measure the height from the ground and others make shapes with both their hands. Do you remember the first time you saw me? How old was I when we were in the backroom of Life?

You must have been 8ish. I, like many others, saw you as a baby. I can see how young you were in my mind but can’t remember the club. Anyways, now you take photos, but I understand you’re not following in your Father’s footsteps. Tell me about your photo style? I actually take lots of pictures, I post some on my Facebook. I let people tag themselves in my photo’s for the most part. Some people tag themselves into pictures that they aren’t even in. I’m starting a blog where I will post all of my pictures, but it is not fully developed yet. My Father’s footsteps are hard to follow because he is always running around town. The closest thing to following his footsteps would be to log onto and see where he was the night before and I think there are many people that follow him daily. I do want to help lead my Father’s company to the next level.

You DJ a lot . Where and what do you play? I Play a mix of Disco and Techno with lots of hot 80’s jam’s thrown in. I really don’t plan ahead and I just play whatever comes to mind.

Your relationship with Aesha is a tabloid constant. What does she do for you to complete you and what do you do for her? Aesha and I get a fair amount of attention on blogs and perhaps in an occasional magazine. They never talk about any of our projects. Aesha and I complete many of one another’s professional projects, ideas, and concepts. We spend all of our time together. I love Aesha so much and I want to see her succeed and get press for things that she works so hard on, like her diet book “The Model Body.”

What don’t people know about Liam that you’d like them to know? I am actually a very serious person. I rarely go out unless it’s for business. I have an internet show with my friend Shaggy. We have been on hiatus for about a year and a half, but the news was so ahead of its time that it’s probably just getting to you now. Anyway, we show music video shorts and we tell you the news. We are gonna start back up soon! Check it out at, otherwise known as “The latest show on earth.”

Is there fun in clubland? What do you want more of? Less of? To me, clubland seems like a wasteland. I would rather be at home writing music with Aesha or designing clothes or working on scripts. I’d like to see more people smoking in clubs and less shitty music from the 90’s. They aren’t all the way cool yet.

What are you going to be when you grow up, or did I miss something? The real question is, what am I going to be before I grow up? You must have missed something, because I do way too much. Most things I don’t want to talk about until I can say them for sure, but I am writing and producing a few TV and movie projects. When I do grow up, I want to have lots of cute little babies and live happily ever after.

Where Celebs Go Out: Marc Jacobs, Amanda Lepore, Adrian Grenier, Emma Snowdon-Jones

At David Barton Gym annual toy drive: ● MARC JACOBS – “In Paris, there’s a small club called Montana, and there’s a restaurant called Thiou. Bars I really don’t hang out in. Oh, there’s this great club that happens once a month in Paris called Club Sandwich. And it’s at the Espace Cardin. And everyone gets super dressed-up, so it’s really, really fun. I try to go whenever I’m in Paris, if it’s going on. And we stay out all night and just dance like crazy. And in New York, my favorite restaurants have always been the same. I love to eat at Pastis. I love the Standard. I love Da Silvano. I eat in the lobby of the Mercer a lot, the hotel. I usually go to Pastis for lunch, and there’s a sandwich that was on the menu, but they don’t make it anymore, but I always insist that they make it for me. And it’s really fattening, so I shouldn’t eat it, but it’s chicken paillard and gruyere cheese and bacon. And it’s so delicious. It’s really good. And it’s my weakness. It’s just like the most perfect sandwich.”

● DAVID BARTON – “Oh, I can’t think where I like to hang out in Seattle except my new gym! There’s a great place that just opened up in New York, up on 51st, called the East Side Social Club. Patrick McMullan is one of the partners there. He’s co-hosting with me tonight. Great place; really cool. It’s very old world, kind of like going to Elaine’s, kind of little cozy; sit at a booth; very cool. Love a little place called Il Bagatto, over on 7th between A & B — little tiny Italian place, East Village, kind of a neighborhood place that I go to. What else? I don’t know restaurants. I’m very casual. I’m so not that into food. I mean, I could eat cardboard — I’m just not into food! I like people. I like atmosphere, but I’m just not that into food.” ● AMANDA LEPORE – “I definitely like Bowery Bar and I like Hiro. Boom Boom Room. Just anywhere where everybody is, I guess! [laughs] Novita, I like, my friend Giuseppe. Any favorite dishes? I try not to eat too much! ● PATRICK MCDONALD – “My favorite restaurant in New York is Indochine. It’s been around for 25 years. Jean-Marc, I adore. I love the bar at the Carlyle. I don’t drink, but I like to go there for tea in the afternoon. And I love Lady Mendl’s Tea Salon on Gramercy Park. I love Pastis, Odeon, and everywhere. I like the French fries at Pastis.” ● PATRICK MCMULLAN – “I love going to Waverly Inn downtown. Boom Boom Room is fabulous. That’s really a new, great place. SL, on 409 W. 14th Street, down below is nice. Of course, I have the East Side Social Club that I’m involved with, and that’s great for hanging out in, for eating. Favorite dishes anywhere? Oh, I don’t know, just anything that people recommend. I usually go with what people recommend ’cause most people know what’s good — the waiters know, so I think that’s the best thing. Red wine is good to have to drink sometimes. They have a drink called the Eastsider at the East Side Social Club that’s really good; any of their pastas; their ravioli is great there. What else do I like? That new place that’s open, the English place, on 60th in the Pierre — Le Caprice, that’s a nice place. At the Waverly Inn, I like the macaroni and cheese. It was funny because the macaroni and cheese is about two dollars less than a room at the Pod Hotel, which is where the East Side Social Club is! The Monkey Bar is fun. There are so many cool places in New York. I just go where people tell me to go.”

At elf party for Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe:

● JENNY MCCARTHY – “In Chicago, I would have to say Gibsons Steakhouse still; in Los Angeles, Katsuya, still love that sushi; I’m addicted to it. And in New York, Koi. I’m very trendy and boring, but, hey, that’s where the good food is, so …” ● PERI GILPIN – “In L.A., we like BLT a lot. We have five-year-old twins, so we’re like in bed by nine o’clock — pretty boring. Corner Bakery for soup.” ● CANDACE CAMERON BURE – “L.A., hands down, our favorite restaurant is Gjelina, which is in Venice. And we love Craft; love Michael’s in Santa Monica. Here, in New York, my favorite restaurant is Lupa, which is a Mario Batali restaurant; love it here. And I don’t go to clubs anymore, nightclubs; I don’t ever! At Gjelina, they have a burrata with prosciutto and, usually, a warm pear or a warm peach. I love that! I really love tapas. I enjoy getting a lot of appetizers, more than just a main dish. We, actually, have had our own wine label, Bure Family Wines, for two years, which is at several restaurants, so matching the food and the wine is a big part for us. We’re big foodies” ● DEAN MCDERMOTT – “There is a great bar, Ye Coach & Horses in L.A., on Sunset. I’m so bad at this stuff! Oh, Katsuya, in the Valley, awesome sushi. It’s our favorite place. We go there like three times a week.” ● KEN BAUMANN – “In New York, my favorite restaurant is Il Cortile. It’s in Little Italy, and it’s run by this guy named Stefano, and it’s incredible, phenomenal food. In Los Angeles, my favorite restaurant’s gotta be Cut, which is in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.” ● SHAILENE WOODLEY – “Honestly, I’m not really a club kinda girl. I’d rather go to a local bar with some friends and hang out there. Or just go back to my house and have people come over. I’m more of the congregate-at-my-house kind of chick. I’m 18, so I don’t drink, so I don’t go to bars. There’s a place called the Alamo, which has karaoke and it’s a bar, but we go and karaoke there probably once a week.” ● FRANCIA RAISA – “I’m not a big club person. I really like bars and lounges. In L.A., I like to hang out at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching sports and drinking beer with my friends. I really don’t go out that much. I hang out at home and have my own glass of wine, watching Grey’s Anatomy. Oh, I just tried this restaurant yesterday at Gramercy Park Hotel. It’s a new, Italian place — Maialino. It was amazing. And again, I’m very simple, so I like pizza, and John’s Pizza out here is amazing to me, too. And hot wings I like at Planet Hollywood. I’m obsessed with them!”

At Zeno “Hot Spot” launch party @ MTV Studios:

● SKY NELLOR – “I am a huge sushi fanatic, so I just had Katsuya three times in two days in L.A. What is it about Katsuya? It’s the baked-crab hand roll in a soy-paper wrap. It’s just so yummy. I want one now! In New York, I have a fixation with Bagatelle. I just love the fish and the veggies. Nightclubs, nightlife, oh, my God! Apparently, I’m a really good bowler, so I hang out at Lucky Strike everywhere — Miami, L.A., Kansas! We just had a bowling party, and I won, so … Oh, they didn’t let me see my score. I just kept getting strikes to the point where they were, like, ‘Give her more shots! We have to stop this girl!’ And the drunker I got, the better I got. Clubs — if I’m going to go out, I’m going to go out to dance. And I’m going to go where the DJ is playing. I don’t care what club it is. I went to a dive in L.A., at a party called Afex, just because some of the best DJs were playing that night. Like, I don’t care about the crowd. I don’t care about the scene. I care about the music. I don’t think the venue has a name. I think it’s called No Space. They just move the party around.” ● SUCHIN PAK – “I have a great place. It’s called Broadway East, and it’s on East Broadway. And I love it because it’s a beautiful space, but also it’s literally across the street from my house. That always helps. And then there’s a really fantastic place called Bacaro. Oh, it’s amazing! It’s downstairs. It’s almost a dungeon-like place. The people that used to do Peasant, the wine bar there, moved to this place. I like to say the Lower East Side on East Broadway is where the grown-up hipsters go. For a true Lower East Sider, it may not be true Lower East Side, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve moved more south than east, and I keep trickling that way.”

At charity:ball for charity:water:

● ADRIAN GRENIER – “Brooklyn. Fort Greene. Habana Outpost — it’s run mostly on solar power, and it’s a sustainable business.” MARK BIRNBAUM “Well, if I do say so myself, Abe & Arthur’s on 14th Street; SL, the new club underneath it. I still love Tenjune. And I like hanging out at home other than that. What about places other than your own? So I shouldn’t say the Chandelier Room, in Hoboken? I really like going to Bar and Books in the West Village — that’s our spot. You know where else I like to go? Miami — the new W South Beach is unbelievable, by far the best hotel down there. The design is incredible; the pool area is very nice; they have good restaurants there — there’s a Mr. Chow’s and the other one is good; the rooms are really nice; it’s very well done; it’s just very fresh, the entire thing; and the artwork is incredible. You don’t feel like you’re in South Beach — not that there’s anything wrong with it — but it’s really, really, really, well done.” ● NICOLE TRUNFIO – “I just found this really cool jazz club in Paris where they still dance to old, rock-and-roll music in partners. It’s a location undisclosed. I don’t remember what it’s called. It’s in the Saint-Michel — it’s just off it. You can jump into a taxi, ‘cause we went to a jazz bar called the Library, but that was closed. So we asked the taxi driver, and he took us to this place. So, I’m sure lots of local French taxi-drivers would know the place.” ● LAUREN BUSH – “Oh, gosh, I’m like so uncool! It’s such an obvious question, it’s so hard … I’m a vegetarian, so I love Blossom restaurant. They have a good, quinoa-tofu dish. It’s like gingery. It’s really good. ● EMMA SNOWDON-JONES – “I love Le Bilboquet because it’s consistent, and mainly wherever your friends are it makes the place. It’s on 63rd, between Park and Madison. I’ve gone there since I was in boarding school. I’d come into the city on the weekends, and I’d go there. I think anyone that’s been in New York as long as I have knows it. That’s a really, bloody long time, sadly. As good as my Botox is, it’s too long!” ● KRISTIN CHENOWETH – “I am an old-fashioned girl, and I still love Joe Allen’s. I go there all the time. And right next-door above, is a place called Bar Centrale, and I go there, too. I was just there last night for three hours. I like the manicotti at Joe Allen’s. It’s excellent!” ● JULIAN LENNON – “Probably the Jane bar and the Rose Bar in New York.”

At launch of S.T. Dupont in-store boutique @ Davidoff on Madison Avenue:

● RON WHITE – “I love the bars in Glasgow, Scotland. You could go sit in a bar by yourself and in five minutes, you’d be talkin’ to 10 people because they’re so curious about anybody that walks in that’s not normally in there. They just want to go talk to ’em and find out what they’re about. They’re just as friendly as they can be. I was there for the British Open, or the Open Championship, as it’s called. And if you go to a bar in New York City, you can sit there for the rest of your life and not meet another person because they’re not really gonna come up to you and go, ‘Hey, what’s up? What are you doing in town?’ That just doesn’t happen here.”

Patrick McMullan Photo Show: Subjectively Good

On Friday, Patrick McMullan hosted the opening reception for the Powerhouse Arena show of PMc photographers’ personal work in DUMBO. Patrick’s fans, adoring public, and regular Manhattanites made the trek out to quiet section of Brooklyn to view the collective works. The show will remain on display through May 25, and it’s worth a DUMBO daytrip. We got some insight on it all from the great man himself.

How did this event materialize? One of the guys who works for me, Mark Dimov, found out that the New York Photo Festival is here, and he came to me and said that he knew I wanted to do a group show of all our photographers, and he thought this could be a good opportunity. I did some books with Powerhouse, so I knew the Arena, and I knew it’d be a fun place, and DUMBO is a perfect spot. I like Manhattan because I know how to get to places, but I was born in Brooklyn, so I’m Brooklyn-savvy. After choosing the venue, I made it mandatory that all of my photographers have work in this show. It started off that they were all grumbling, but now that it’s up, everyone is thrilled. I have a lot of talented people that work for me — some more talented than others. Photography is always subjective. What you like and what you see and why it’s good is all up to the viewer. Some people like calm images of nature, other people like more set-up things, and this was just an opportunity for my photographers to show their personal work and what interests them individually. It’s very exciting for me because I’m a big collector of photography, all kinds. I’ve seen all of these images on the computer, but seeing them printed and mounted is a different story all together. We’re a creative coalition. I encourage my photographers in everything.

How recent are these works? Most of the work here is from the last 5 years. All these kids are like 20. They all seem eternally 20 to me because I’m 100 in nightclub years. It’s the reverse of dog years … for every year you run around in nightclubs, you’re 3 years older. That’s the way I see it.

How do you choose the people who work for you? Almost anyone who becomes a photographer for me starts as an intern, meaning that they work for free; we find out what they’re good at, and they usually start off in the office. If and when they want to shoot, it’s like when a little duckling goes out. They’ll come with me and see what I do and the way I talk to people and get the pictures. If they have an ability for it — and some don’t, some take awhile to get it and some have a natural ability — we go from there. Personality is so important when you’re doing social pictures. You don’t want some glum guy demanding that you pose. There’s a style to it that is inviting rather than frightening. I’ve always tried to maintain that on my site people know when they’re on there and they’re excited about it. They know there’s nothing to be afraid of, and it’s going to be a nice picture.

Do you take pictures down if someone asks? Of course, but we finally started a fee structure for that. If someone calls me within a day or two of an event, I have no problem taking it down. But if they call me three years later, and say, “I’m no longer going out with that guy, can you take that down?” Then they have to pay. I don’t have time for that. If it’s a friend of mine, fine. I had one guy who was at a party with his shirt off and he called me and said, “I’m a junior high school teacher now and one of my students Googled me and found that picture, can you take it down?” I said, yes, sure. I understand that, and I’m not here to embarrass people.

Anything else coming up on the PMc front? My son Liam is in the new movie called Twelve by Joel Schumacher. I’ve always wanted to have a child that was a movie star.