Where in the World Is Patricia Schultz?

Remember a few months back when everyone kept getting that weird tweet saying that the author of 1,000 Places To See Before You Die died? Well, she didn’t. I’m not even sure how this rumor started, but Patricia Schultz is clearly alive and well. In fact, today marks the day she joins International Expeditions’ Amazon Voyage, which means she’s going to be roughing it for a good week.

International Expeditions was the first operator to traverse those muddy waters 30 years ago, so they have plenty of river-cred. What will living, breathing Patricia actually do on this journey? After taking the trip myself earlier this year, I can tell you first-hand that she will be batting away hundreds of bugs and mosquitoes, uncomfortably wearing long-sleeves and trousers in 100-degree weather, and trekking through the jungles where any little thing can crawl up your pants (remember: socks over the pant leg). But, thankfully, she’ll have the luxury of an air-conditioned cabin, experience sublime sunsets, fish for piranhas, and see thousands of exotic birds and monkeys on smaller skiffs.

By 2011, International Expeditions will enhance their onboard culinary experience, so future guests can expect more than local fish, rice, and fruit. And she should be grateful those jungle excursions are only half a day long, unless she’s trying to trump this guy by walking the entire Amazon river.