“Like Playing Deer Hunter, But with Celebrities” — NYFW’s Best Parties

Adult Magazine’s new issue at American Two Shot

Thursday night my buddy Corey Olsen; a photographer, and myself, whatever I am, decided we would hit some fashion week parties so you didn’t have to. After checking out the new issue of Adult magazine at American Two Shot we headed over to the Meatpacking because *we luv 2 party*. We met up with some friends to, you know, “paint the town red” or something and started making our way over to the Essential Homme party at Gilded Lily. Ja Rule was set to perform and I didn’t want to miss that. I also invited along my brother, Tucker, who works in finance and told me how he ended up at the Zana Bayne show earlier which sort of baffled all of us, including him.

We arrived at Essential Homme to a mob at the door and the news that nobody was getting in. By some grace of god, or perhaps just friendship with the PR, I managed to get our posse of nine in. However, once we got inside it became clear why the door was closed. The party was so full that despite getting inside there was no way of getting past the crowds of suave dudes. Our team decided that sadly this wasn’t the play, and turned back to the mean streets of the meatpacking.

Our crew dispersed with most of our friends heading to Chromat and ODD’s parties while Corey and I made our way over to Richard Chai’s after-party at Up & Down. The scene was vastly different — no insanity at door and room to breathe inside. We were quickly directed to the cool boy celebs we needed to take pics of — the Jonas brothers (Joe was DJing!), Darren Criss of Glee, and Richard Chai himself. I fancy myself a teen heartthrob so it was nice to be with my peers.

darren ashley richard Darren Criss, stylist Ashley Weston, and Richard Chai

Nick Jonas and friend

As I looked around for some of my actual peers I was surprised to not really recognize anyone until my girl Hari Nef rolled in looking gorgeous in green.

My babyI wore a logo-print presumably fake Dior cap all night

As more familiar faces rolled in we got to dancing and made our way upstairs (Get it? *UP* & *DOWN*, LOL) for Adult’s second party. The up became the down and the whole thing became sort of non-specific.

party girls dont get hurt“Party girls don’t get hurt” — Chandelier by Sia

david moses
Party girl David Moses

zak krevittParty girl Zak Krevitt

We eventually made our way to Boom Boom Room where all good parties happen. We couldn’t take photos but I’ll give you a couple fun facts and you will have to believe me. Outside I heard a guy scolding the door-girl, “Don’t stamp me, I have to model tomorrow.” RJ Mitte (another heartthrob, the son from Breaking Bad) was talking to Alessandria Ambrosio and they both looked real good. We sort of felt like we were playing Deer Hunter, but with celebrities, and whatever was cool that we could share with you was worth points. There wasn’t open bar so I paid $12 for their cheapest beer. We decided we were done running around looking for the best party/pum-pum/turn-up/jump-off and looked out over the skyline. Hari sighed in relief, “I’m living for the Freedom Tower; I’m living for the moon.”

All photos by Corey Olsen

Refinery29’s Country Club in the City

A very chic and probably kinda tired, and eventually tipsy crowd assembled at 82 Mercer Street tonight for Refinery 29’s Country Club Launch Event. Guests unleashed their competitive sides vis-a-vis mini golf stations inspired by a number of designers including DKNY and Public School. Drinks on drinks, a performance by Banks, and an appearance by Gwen Stefani: the R29 Country Club was a very well decorated hit!

Summer Camp in the City: H&M’s Kick Off Bash

Taylor Tomasi Hill, Zoë Kravitz, Mia Moretti

We didn’t have to travel far from Manhattan to get to summer camp last night — H&M brought the tents and crafts to Williamsburg, and elevated the whole shebang with flowers by TTHBlooms (flower crowns and accessories abound) fruity cocktails, eats by Café de la Esquina, and music by DJ Mia Moretti and Lolawolf. Music + fashion + fresh flowers + cocktails = our kind of camp vibes.

H&M Summer Event Luigi Tadini

H&M Summer Event
Jay Alaimo, Abigail Loric

H&M Summer Event Taylor Tomasi Hill fixes flower crown

H&M Summer Event Kate Schelter

H&M Summer Event Luigi Tadini and Mia Moretti

H&M Summer Event Mia Moretti, Brandee Brown
H&M Summer Event Mia Moretti
 H&M Summer Event Jacob Brown, Hunter Hill
H&M Summer EventLogan Horne, Mia Moretti
H&M Summer Event Katie Gallagher
H&M Summer Event Lolawolf
H&M Summer Event May Kwok
H&M Summer EventAmanda Hearst
Photos courtesy of Billy Farrell Agency

Holiday Entertaining with Wine, Friends, and Bang & Olufsen’s Gorgeous Sound System

Sponsored by B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen

The smell of cardamom, cinnamon, and pine coalesce near the entry hall, someone’s been set to task with opening the (many) bottles of wine, the candles are lit, dinner’s almost ready to come out of the oven… and the final touch? Setting the celebratory mood with music. This time of year is wonderful for bringing family together across state lines and even oceans, for bringing busy friends out of their work haze and into the living room, and for simple celebration – none of which would be complete without the proper sounds.

With decorations strewn about and friends and family crowding our homes, the things taking up extra space should be chosen carefully – function and design are of the utmost – so for speakers, consider the gorgeous, stands-on-its-own B&O PLAY A9 Sound System from Bang & Olufsen. Not only is the sound beautiful – only what you’d expect from Bang & Olufsen – the design is really something else. It’s beautiful in 360 degrees, and will fit in nicely with any thoughtfully decorated space. Picture it in the corner as friends gather with mugs of tea (and whiskey) or by the window, gathering the light from the sunset as loved ones mill about with champagne.

If you’re intent on hearing your guests, elegantly lower the volume with a simple swipe left across the top of the sound system – or to the right to invigorate the crowd. Those missing volume control buttons certainly aren’t missed.

Conveniently, the sound system is outfitted with Spotify Connect – streaming your latest selections is a breeze. Throwing a holiday party this season? Here’s what to play from your B&O PLAY Sound System for the best possible party. The B&O PLAY Sound System is available at B&O PLAY/beoplay.com







Miranda Kerr, Stefano Tonchi Show Support at Just Cavalli’s New SoHo Flagship

Walking into Roberto Cavalli’s new Just Cavalli Store in SoHo is like taking a little break from reality and entering the world of gold encrusted animal prints. Being lured with bubbly and a signature martini featuring Mr. Cavalli’s namesake vodka is certainly an element that helped with that.

The Italian designer pulled out all the stops for the opening of his ultra glam shop at 434 West Broadway, just steps away from Cipriani Downtown. A quick fashion show engulfed the crowd as models strutted looks from Just Cavalli’s collection through the entire store, ending outside in the freezing cold as they posed for photos with Roberto. A match made in heaven! A shopping spree at Just Cavalli and a bellini spree at Cipriani’s. I’ve probably already made your Saturday plans!

Inside the shop, Miranda Kerr barely posed for photos, as she was too busy lounging in V.I.P. of course. The scene was getting pretty nostalgic… Heather Graham was making small talk with former “Runs House” star Angela Simmons… I wonder what that conversation consisted of. Making a commotion when he walked in, Jonathan Cheban showed up sans Kim Kardashian- what a let down. And all W‘s Stefano Tonchi had to do was christen the space with his glorious presence.

Walking up and down glass staircases covered with translucent snake print is something everyone should do at least one time in their lives. The flagship store carries ready-to-wear, runway pieces, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. Stop by to get your print-fix.

Bryan Boy (Bryanboy.com) in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013  Bryan Boy

JUST CAVALLI Opening Cocktail + Fashion ShowAngela Simmons

Heather Graham in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013Heather Graham

Eva Chen in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013Eva Chen

Roberto Cavalli with models in Just Cavalli@Just Cavalli Boutique Opening NYC, 12-12-2013


This Strange Weekend Ahead

There is a consistent desperation in the voices of friends and promoter-types; the summer seems to be grasping for straws or gasping for air or fill-in-your-own-saying/proverb. Mark Ronson is at The Montauk Beach House tonight. I asked a honcho over there what the game plan was for rain on a big event at their big pool party, and was told "we don’t have one…it hasn’t happened yet.” I love that attitude. But what can be done short of enclosing the whole place in a retractable dome? At beach retreats, rain-outs are part of the landscape.

I’m staying in Brooklyn tonight…maybe. I might slip into the city for Frankie Sharp’s escapades at XL. He’s in the Lounge of this chic playpen with the amazing Lady Bunny. They have Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race and performances by Ebonee Ecxell and Epiphany Get Paid. Amanda Lepore and Marco Ovando are in the big room. As I keep saying: keep your eye on Frankie Sharp. He’s an up-and-comer.

I’ll probably stay near home in BBurg…maybe. I am totally psyched to attend the One Year Anniversary of Eight of Swords, 8pm to 11pm, 115 Grand Street, Brooklyn. There will be live performances by CornMo, Wi Hula Hoop Harlot Melissa-Anne, sword-swallowing and fire-eating by the fabulous Lady Aye, and my friends from The Love Show. The group art show entitled “Hitmen and Harlots” will feature work from "over 35 tattoo artists, photographers, graphic artists, and fine artists including: Diana Brozek, Diana More, Jess Versus, Karen Rockower Glass, Kati Vaughn, Linda Wulkan, Mike Suarez, Nalla Smith, Nyahzul, Sweety, Tasha Rubinow, Woodz, Wyatt Mills, Zoe Bean, Nash Hogan, Mia Graffam, Adam Korothy, D.C.Wallin, Dan Bones, Drew Linden, Fred Harper, Gerald Feliciano, Guy Ursitti, Jim Gentry, Joey Wilson, Liz Huston, Molly Crabapple, Sara Antoinette Martin, Sara Best, Sarah Rockower, Sophie C’est la Vie, and others."

I caught Top Gun at McCarren Park Wednesday night, which completely reaffirmed my love for the borough. We headed to Williams Candy in Coney Island to stock up on caramel apples and gooey cashew treats. Next week, it’s Empire Records. The week after: Raising Arizona.

Pre- Fashion Week Events Popping Up, Spotlight on StyleLikeU.Com

Fashion Week is sort of like the groundhog that never sees its shadow for clubland. It portends a quick end to the cold winter. January, except for the three-day weekend that celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Day, is usually a financial bust for clubs, bars, and restaurants. Football playoffs help some of the venues and indeed defines revenue for the sports bars, but in general the post-Christmas cash crunch and New Years recovery spells trouble. Tourists, a huge part of our hospitality economy, do not come here during our frigid winters. A great many New Yorkers, often referred to as Snow Birds, head south to enjoy Miami, the Carribean, and other warm weather locales where "the season" is in full swing. Fashion Week carries joints through the cruel short month of February. Valentine’s Day provides a spending spike and then it’s on to the spring with all its sexy good times.

New clubs and spots are opening while others are sprucing up. Some are just getting their game together, hoping for a new beginning. Tomorrow night, two joints I designed are throwing events that they hope will expose them to an expanded audience. Open House was done as a favor for a small budget. The proprietors (and therefore me) seem ecstatic. It really is a comfortable space that has its old crowd dressing up and a new crowd coming in. The redux has attracted the fashion-centric StyleLikeU to their doors. They will be hosting a Pre-Fashion Week soirèe for StyleLikeU featuring hot DJs Louie XIV and Justin Dean Thomas. They will also be serving my boy Arty’s industry-defining tequila, Alacran. I caught up with StyleLikeU director of PR/marketing Jordan Middendorf and asked her about the event.
What is StyleLikeU?
StyleLikeU is the first video-based platform to give an intimate and "behind the scenes" view into an authentic subculture of tastemakers who express themselves freely through both their style and their lifestyles. With video interviews and photographs, StyleLikeU gives a diverse and democratic voice to those who inspire trends and whose unique style is empowering to others.
What separates SLU from the other zillion lifestyle publications/websites?
The depth and intimacy of the interviews, combined with the diversity of the sort of people we feature. It is  about their clothes, but it’s more about the person themselves and their story.
What is the statement you guys are making for Fashion Week?
We are bringing a sense of inclusion and community back into Fashion Week. The site is all about openness to different people, and the party celebrates that and all sides of the fashion industry itself.
How did you get involved in StyleLikeU?
I moved to New York in the summer of 2010 and was interviewing at all these different fashion houses for jobs where I would be paid to get coffee. So instead I took an unpaid internship at SLU where I knew I could actually make a difference and learn in the day-to-day. After around four months, we received our first round of funding and our entire "executive team", which until this point was executive in name only, were hired on. It was pretty thrilling and taught me, and I think everyone else that was a part of it at that time, that good things come with sacrifice.
Another event at another place I designed is set to redefine and therefore relaunch it. The former APL space was fraught with some bad luck and bad decisions mostly by people no longer associated with the space. The press has been very positive of the relaunch as The Orchard House. Ironically, in a NYTimes mention, they described the dècor as "touched by whimsy." Whimsy was one of the names I wanted to call it. I thought APL was a horrific name and said so loudly here. With new chef, ex-Jean Georges‘ Matt Redington the menu is more in line with a L.E.S. fabulous restaurant. The old guard seemed to be catering to an Upper East Side set that never came. The new guard kept most of the design intact but added some graffiti to spice things up. I hate the graffiti but understand the need to move forward. With Richie Romero and Chris Willard involved with the marketing, I expect great things. I have sampled the food and found it truly wonderful.
I am also pleased with a fantastic non-alcoholic section of the drink menu. I don’t drink. I am not an alcoholic or religious fanatic. Avid readers remember that I actually do imbibe two or three times a year… whenever I have sex. I love the un-boozed Pimms cocktail they used to make special for me but is now on the menu. Food is served until 3am and prices have become completely affordable. Tomorrow, February 8, I will walk from that pre-Fashion Week gala at Open House to Orchard House for a preview launch event. The party will feature Karlsson’s Gold Vodka, some passed hors d’oevres and music by Social Diva and Ody Roc. They’re calling the place The Orch and there is a history to that. Marketing maven Chris Willard explained:
"I grew up 2 blocks away from the restaurant, my whole family still lives down there. In the late 70’s early 80’s Orchard Street was the place to go in Manhattan for the latest in hip hop fashion.. Sheepskin coats, leather bombers, Lee Jeans, Le Tigre shirts, the flyest kicks, Cazel glasses, etc etc.. We would call it The Orch.. “Yooo, I copped these fly new Nike Air Force 1’s on The Orch today”..
They have a real nice website.

Last Night’s Var Magazine’s Launch Event: I Got a Tattoo

 A long time ago, there was this club called Palladium. It was my job to fill its 108,000-square-foot space about five nights a week with people that mattered. To give you an idea of how big that is, it is more than two Webster Halls and maybe 15 Marquees. Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager were on top of the pyramid and were really great at bringing in top-tier celebrities to create the shock and awe such gigantic places needed. In this modern era, superstar DJs drive the car. Back then, it was Yoko and Liza and Rick James and Andy Warhol. Palladium never lived up to Studio 54 -Steve and Ian’s previous project – but it did have its moments. We did do 3,000 to 5,000 people, five nights a week. It was a pre-bottle universe but people drank a lot more and most paid admission.

I learned many lessons working for these geniuses of nightlife. The specifics were lost in time, but there was this party, and Madonna was going to be there …she really was supposed to. We were even allowed to say it, but we opted not to. The thought process was that we were going to sell out anyway, but if we said that Madonna was going to host or pass through or whatever then everyone would be focusing on that and not the party. The theory went on that if she does show, then everyone will be energized, as it will come as a great and wonderful surprise. Madonna ended up showing, sitting on the backbar, and reading the magazine that prompted the party. It was a party where the anticipation of the celebrity didn’t squash the fun.

Another event at Palladium was an Elite Model soiree. Again, we opted to limit promotion to the model agencies’ list. We didn’t tell our adoring public about the event. The logic was that model agency parties attracted the worst kind of guys and it would be swell if people came and saw a place packed with long-legged beauties. Without knowledge of the event, they might think it was like that every night. I did a good job.

Another time we produced a Koshin Satoh fashion show. He did clothes for lots of famous folk like Miles Davis and Rick Ocasek and Andy Warhol. Again, we knew Andy was going to show but we left it an undiscovered secret. The crowd that came was pumped up by his presence and the party was off the hook. For me, having the party off the hook was more important than a Page Six mention. He was swarmed by the press, including a TV crew who asked him why he had come for the Koshin Satoh show and he replied "Because Koshin designs clothes for Don Johnson.” The interviewer didn’t understand and said "So?" and Andy deadpanned: "Oh, because I think I look like Don Johnson." I held back my laughter as she went away confused and happy. Andy let loose a small smile as she skitted away.

I was mad about Andy. You can take all your Guitar Heros, DJ Megastars and whose-reality-is-it-anyway TV stars and toss them away. Andy was my reason to be cheerful. My clubs and the great clubs of this day are driven by the great crowds and off the hook parties. Word of mouth, amongst the people who actually got in past the door staff, was and remains more important than housewives reading gossip in the NY Post or other periodical. Most savvy operators realize their revenue streams aren’t driven by mentions in Us Weekly.

Last night I attended the VAR Magazine launch event. In fact, I was the DJ. It was a great party. Everyone had a blast. Sally Shan did a fantastic job. She will be happy when she reads this. She is sleeping now because she put everything into it. At the event there were whispers that Ron Wood, out and about pushing his book, would show and that Adrian Grenier was going to perform. These whispers didn’t become the focus of the event because Sally and the other organizers didn’t let the celebrity or the anticipation of one get in the way of a good event.

The Wooster Street Social Club, known as that tattoo place on NY Ink, was the setting for this bash. One of the highlights of the evening was me getting a tattoo while spinning records…well, CDs. Has this been done before? You can Google it if you think it’s important. You can even call the Guinness Book of World Records or start an event where everyone leaves with a tattoo to remember it. Luke Wessman did my tat. Even though the event was wonderful, in time it will fade in memory for even those who had a blast. I won’t forget it, as the ink will always be there to remind me. What did I get?… Andy Warhol’s signature… of course.