Brooklyn Academy of Music to Host GIF Exhibit

Uh, guess this wasn’t a scathing April Fool’s joke: BAM is really going to showcase a real exhibit of real GIFs, really! It’s called “Moving the Still” and I’m sure it’ll be somehow completely different from scrolling through a few days’ worth of a Tumblr dashboard, so get on it.

The Daily News reports:

A series of 50 moving digital photos, all in Graphics Interchange Format, culled from over 3,500 online entries, will be displayed for three months on BAM’s giant digital screen on Flatbush Avenue.

Bet they’re all from Parks & Recreation, am I right? Also: holy shit, that’s what GIF stands for? It sounds so futuristically alien when you spell it out.

Oh, but the GIFs will not be framed in a gallery, sadly, just blown up on a BAM’s giant outdoor digital screen on Flatbush Avenue—like so many Madison Square Garden ads for Muse in concert. When will this precious art form get its due? Once they’ve outlived their practical utility.

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