Amy Poehler Says Everyone in the ‘Parks & Rec’ Cast Wants To Do A Reboot


Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote their new reality series Making It, and confessed that they and the rest of their former Parks & Recreation cast would be eager for a reboot of the hit NBC show, which ran from 2009 to 2015.

Poehler told DeGeneres: “I’ll speak for everybody and say we would all do it. I think we’d all do it someday, it would be amazing.”

Offerman added, “If Beyoncé will play the mayor, we’ll bring the show back. This is Beyoncé Knowles, the singer.”

Making It is a six-episode competition series the two are executive producing and hosting for NBC, and follows eight artisans that must complete different crafting challenges judged by a panel which includes both Poehler and Offerman. It airs July 31 on NBC.


Someone Made Animated GIFs of Outer Space!

Hey gang, I really love your Parks and Rec subtitle GIF photoset on your Tumblrs, and, man, that scene from Community was sooooo funny and all, but until you start GOING INTO FUCKING OUTER SPACE, I think we could all use a break from your guerilla marketing campaign for poorly rated NBC sitcoms. Oh, what’s that? A GIF of Honey Boo Boo drinking juice? Yeah, well, here’s an animated GIF of The Pelican Nebula, so, you know, shut up about your looping silent video of a clip from a reality TV show, OK?

See more of these amazing images by Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsavainio here. [via B. Michael Payne]

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There’s a Pinterest Wedding Album for Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope and It’s Adorable

It’s another gloomy Wednesday and as you sit at your desk attempting to post-pone your existential crisis until 7pm some delightful distraction is indeed needed. And what better way to warm your cold heart than with the adorableness of your favorite fictional couple? Yes, last week on Parks and Recreation we saw the indefatigable Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and her perfect soul mate Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) finally tie the knot. As they said their vows of “I love you and I like you,” we all wept at our own romance-less lives but were also overwhelmed with the charmingly cute nature of everyone in Pawnee.

And now, to compliment the episode, there is a Ben and Leslie “wedding album” on Pinterest. Not only do we see the delightful couple gazing lovingly into one another eyes but we’ve got some meaty shots of Andy Dwyer (Chris Pratt) strumming away on guitar, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) giving a toast, and Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) sitting beautifully with dog, Champion to complete the precious piece of promotional genius. Take a look, try not to shed and tear, and maybe listen to "5000 Candles in the Wind" while doing so. Enjoy.


The Future of ‘Up All Night’ Still Up in the Air, Will Arnett Attached to CBS Pilot

It’s Pilot Season! It’s Pilot Season! Now is the time when people who know a sliver about television report on all of the new projects being filmed for potential TV series, which means that everyone freaks out about the tiniest things. Up All Night, as we know, is in a weird spot. While the single-camera format has been tossed out after a season and a half and Christina Applegate has left the show, the future doesn’t look too bright. Naturally, Will Arnett is looking at other options, as any sane person would do in such a volatile situation, and is attached to star in a comedy pilot for CBS. 

Entertainment Weekly reports that the still-untitled pilot will be written by Greg Garcia, creator of Raising Hope and My Name Is Earl:

In the multi-camera show, Arnett will play a recent divorcé whose life grows more complicated as his parents experience problems in their marriage. (Arnett and wife/Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler separated last fall.)

Oh right, Will Arnett is also in a weird spot, marriage-wise. Thank you, EW, for reminding us that sometimes life imitates art. Now, if only this show was also about an actor fleeing a failing sitcom for another network show. And throw in a zeitgeisty subplot about his experience on a beloved-but-cancelled sitcom that has found a new home on a streaming video service! This could be big, everyone.

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National Treasure Amy Poehler Also Writing A Book Now

Over the weekend, during the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, NBC comedy showrunner Michael Schur pointed out on Twitter that National Treasure Amy Poehler has racked up 18 nominations (Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, TCA Awards, etc.) but has yet to actually win. (She does, however, have an MTV Movie Award for peeing in the sink in Baby Mama.) This is kind of a bummer.

But no matter how much silverware Poehler has upon her shelves, she has won the most important award of them all: America’s undying love and affection. From her high-strung camp musical director in Wet Hot American Summer to the best Weekend Update cohost ever on SNL to seasons of laughs as Leslie Knope to her adorable web series Smart Girls at the Party, Amy Poehler doesn’t need the validation of some dumb award show to kick ass and merit the love of the masses. She will continue to be Amy Poehler, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. 

But before this just turns into a National Treasure Amy Poehler Appreciation Post without any sort of news peg (we have Tumblr for that), there is a reason to mention Amy Poehler, as she will now be writing a book for HarperCollins’ It Books imprint. And before you can say Bossypants / Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? / Whatever Lena Dunham’s Book is Called, the book, scheduled for a 2014 release, is, according to the publisher, “inspired in part by Poehler’s interest in helping young women navigate the adult world" and “an illustrated, non-linear diary full of humor and honesty and brimming with true stories, fictional anecdotes and life lessons.” Illustrated, eh? No word yet on whether Poehler will be doing the illustrations herself, or if they’ll bring in Jerry to create a murinal on paper. Jerry is the worst.

Because there are no excerpts to read yet, let’s watch her and Tina Fey killing it at the Golden Globes again.

Megan Amram, Retta and Weird Al Try to Sell You Birth-Control Yogurt

Making fun of the way the advertising industry depicts and targets women is pretty much low-hanging fruit at this point. Sending up the tired clichés and tropes of advertising to women has been done—everyone from SNL to Mitchell and Webb to Sarah Haskins to Amazon Bic For Her pen reviews have excelled at it. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome when funny, talented people lampoon typical lady commercials for lady things for ladies, and do it well. In this case, in a video for Yahoo!’s Sketchy series, Megan Amram and a cast of familiar and intentionally multicultural faces hawk a yogurt-birth control hybrid in "Dannon Birth Control on the Bottom." 

The commercial features Amram, Retta (Parks & Recreation), Rosa Salazar (Parenthood, American Horror Story) and more skewering the typical commercial scene of women of many backgrounds chatting gleefully about girly things like yogurt and birth control. "My racially-diverse friends and I used to hang out all the time, laughing and talking about probiotic yogurt," Retta explains mid-spoonful. 

The whole thing is almost hauntingly on-point, from the giggly forced commercial one-liners to the cut-scenes of the women getting foot massages and doing yoga. Balancing out the heavy satirical nature is a delightful sprinkling of weirdness, including Amram’s intense yogurt-eating faces and lines like "Thanks to Dannon, now I’m regular in terms of my regular period and my butt-period." "Weird Al" Yankovic makes an appearance as The Token Guy, leaving us with some uncomfortable facial expressions after he’s told he can’t have any yogurt. Watch. 

Vice President Joe Biden, Meet Future President Leslie Knope

Now that the election’s over and his position as Vice President is secure for the next four years, Joe Biden can go back to doing all the important stuff, like presiding over the Senate and hanging out with future president Leslie Knope. 

With the "Mr. Wyatt Goes to Washington" story arc on NBC’s Parks & Recreation this season, Pawnee City Councilwoman Leslie Knope has already rubbed elbows with a number of high-profile political guest stars, including Senators Olympia Snowe and Barbara Boxer and, in an awkward, weepy scene in a coatroom, Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain. On a trip to D.C., Leslie and Ben visit the White House (or as Leslie calls it "our future home"), where Ben gives her the only engagement gift that, for his new fiancée, would be better than a waffle tower — a meeting with the Veep, the only entry on Leslie’s "celebrity sex list." The look on Poehler’s face when she sees him is priceless. Can’t wait for the encounter to air on the November 15th episode. 

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Hosting Golden Globes, Internet Explodes With Joy

Want to get everyone on the Internet to stop talking about that dude who free-fell from space because of energy drinks for like five minutes? Share the news that your fantasy best friends Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are tag-team hosting the 2013 Golden Globes

Both NBC and award show organizers praised the duo’s "natural comedic chemistry," with NBC’s Paul Telegdy calling it a "coup," although that’s a bit of a stretch considering they both star on pretty popular primetime comedies on said network. Still, it’s a long way until the show, which takes place at the Beverly Hilton on January 13th, but if there’s one thing in the entire universe that will actually get people to watch the Golden Globes, this might be it. The excitement surrounding the news is palpable, almost tangible, or at the very least expressible in a barrage of gifs all over your Tumblr dashboard. 

For a bit of a preview of what’s to come, here’s a clip of Poehler and Fey presenting together at the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards. Hilarity, alien noises, and a close-up of a very gleeful Steve Carell ensue. Also, this clip will serve as a reminder that Jeremy Piven somehow won three consecutive Emmys for yelling at Rex Lee on Entourage. Those were the days, huh?

Less Bacon to Feature In Your Artisanal Brunch Drinks In 2013

Yesterday, a report from the United Kingdom-based National Pig Association caused a disturbance in the force, as if a million brunch-goers and Redditors cried out in terror. The industry group predicts an international shortage of pork and bacon, as drought conditions led to a decrease in corn and soybeans, meaning less feed for said pigs, fewer pigs going to market and although the report suggests a potential doubling of pork prices, one ag expert has that number as more of a 3-4% increase. But yeah, less bacon. Chances are, if you’ve seen this story already, it was prefaced on Facebook or Reddit with a resonant “NOOOOOOOOOO!”

Seriously though, think of what this means! Think of the international crisis! Millions of water chestnuts, dates and shrimps will go naked at cocktail parties. That “No Hope, No Jobs, No Cash” meme will fire anew with more pleas that Kevin Bacon does not die. The YouTube fame-hungry legions will have no EpicMealTime upon which to model their bold and innovative web cooking shows. That charcuterie bloody Mary you have been enjoying at the same brunch for two years may become more expensive. No bold entrepreneurs will attempt new pig-centric culinary products that test the limits of American innovation and human consumption, e.g. Baconnaise. And most importantly, how will Ron Swanson take the news?

Although people who want to buy bacon will probably still buy bacon and this all seems a bit alarmist, there are, in the larger scheme of things, actually really important consequences here and we should all have some perspective. Farmers everywhere took a huge hit this summer with the drought. Foods of all kinds will cost more for everyone, which is never a good thing, and it’s easy to just go “NOOOOO!” on Facebook when something like this happens because bacon is like a meme in food form for some reason, but this is actually gonna mess with people’s livelihoods (and yours, too, if bacon is a big part of your consumption and you’re on a strict food budget). We should retain a little perspective here, although worrying about what Ron Swanson will do is acceptable.  

Alright, soapbox moment over. I think we all know who is to blame for this potential shortage. Drought notwithstanding, it’s probably Josh Sankey, that guy who’s been going around the country paying for everything using bacon as currency as a stunt for Oscar Mayer. He’s got stacks on stacks on stacks of bacon and has been making a living selling it off. On the other hand, in the event of a bacon shortage, this is actually genius. He may be able to effectively create a black market for pork products in the event that the shortage is worse than the NPA predicts. Living high on the hog, literally.