Pantone Hotel Opens in Brussels

Maybe because of some happy childhood memories involving color wheels, but we’re suckers for Pantone colors and and the merchandise spin-offs, be they business card holders or coffee mugs. And now, there’s a new Pantone Hotel, and we’re pretty intrigued.

The Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium features 59 rooms on seven floors. Rooms have one of seven unique Pantone color palettes, ranging from “Daring, Fiery” to “Fresh, Eager” and they all feature photography by Belgian shutterfly Victor Levy. The color schemes are displayed against a crisp, modern backdrop–think white duvets with solid-colored throws on the beds and enlarged Pantone color chips on the wall.

The Pantone Lounge has cocktails named by color (how clever!), like Pink Champagne PANTONE 12-1107 and Lemon Drop PANTONE 12-0736. And, naturally, there’s a gift shop selling mugs and bikes from the “Pantone Universe,” though if you’ve traveled all the way to Belgium, maybe you should grab a souvenir not available in every hipster corner store.

A random search for rooms this summer found rates as low as 59 euro per night, which, with the sale on Europe is just $72/night.