You Really Learn A Lot About ’60s TV Shows From Tarantino Movies

Good morning, Internet. It’s Monday morning, some of you are still recovering from the holidays, and a few of you are probably still mulling on your mixed feelings about Django Unchained. You look like you could use a Quentin Tarantino montage of the most obsessive type.

Some people at CollegeHumor (I know, but bear with me here) put together a six-minute supercut of nearly every pop culture reference in Tarantino’s films (save for Django) in chronological order of the references. There are a few takeaways from this video, most of them pretty obvious to Tarantino fans, other than someone spending way too much time on clickbaity montages like this: the crash course in the early days of 20th century German cinema throughout Inglourious Basterds, the greatest fraction of the supercut going to references from the 1970s (surprising no one), the most recent reference being one to Lindsay Lohan in Death Proof. Also, totally forgot about the Pam Grier shoutout in Reservoir Dogs. Foreshadowing great things to come, I guess. Watch.

Week in Divas: Baby Spice Pimps Bread, Anne Hathaway’s First-Date Fears

imageWith most media outlets are still milking yesterday’s plane crash in the Hudson for pageviews (so tasteful, NY Post!), it makes more sense instead to dwell on the pathologies of prima donnas. It’s a victimless pastime. So let’s just get down to it.

● So what do you do after you and your former bandmates have staged an extensive world tour, netted over $10 million apiece, and continue to collect a check time each time one of your anthems is played on a commercial? Do you stage a second reunion? Not if you’re Baby Spice. Instead, you get an unflattering haircut and sell bread. []

● Thanks for saving 30 Rock, Sarah Palin! [Gawker]

Britney Spears is rehearsing for her Circus tour. And she’s leaked the photos just to prove it. [Pink Is The New Blog]

● That should make her too busy to take note of how a vandal has been wreaking havoc across Berlin, defacing promotional posters of pop stars like her. The vandal’s kind of like Poster Boy, but does her art in the spirit of indignant feministing. Forgivable, however, is the defacement of the Leona Lewis poster. [Jezebel]

● Le sigh. Boy George is jail-bound for holding a hooker hostage. Whatever happened to the gentle days of “Karma Chameleon,” man? [Reuters]

● Anne Hathaway apparently gets nervous on first dates. I suppose I would have trust issues too if I had dated this guy. [ShowbizSpy]

Confirmed: Amy Winehouse, recently spotted traipsing across the beach, isn’t caught in a downward spiral. She just wants to have fun. [Perez Hilton]

● Sapphic serial The L Word returns this Sunday for its final outing. This marks the last time when we’ll have the original Foxy Brown coming into our living rooms on a weekly basis. And hopefully the last time she’ll have to recite some of the clunkiest “urban dialogue” ever written. Also, Lucy Lawless stars in the premiere! So the universe does make sense. [The Futon Critic]

● … and it continues do so. Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna decide to meet for a spell today. Perhaps to swap tips on how to improve their Savasanas. [Just Jared]