Weekend Shopping: Adidas Originals x Palace Pop Up for Pro-Level Chic Athleticwear

Image courtesy of Adidas Originals

Adidas is now the industry standard for athletic partnerships with design’s avant-garde–from their ongoing collab with Y-3 to smaller collections with everyone from Jeremy Scott and Rick Owens to Pharrell and Kanye.

Though their newest collaboration with Palace–the British skate brand–is high-fashion (Palace is sold at Dover Street Market, so it’s undeniable), the brand’s sensibility is more contrarian adolescent than atelier.

Founder Lev Tanju says: “We like weird stuff, we don’t want it to be normal. If people don’t get it, that’s even better, because there’s nothing really to get. It’s just clothes we wanted to make,” which kind of sounds like everything I said to my mom in the early aughts. But–it works, really well. In the past six months, I’ve transitioned to wearing gym “inspired”, (or just gym) clothes at every chance I get (controversial, I know), and, to that end,  Tanju’s geometric– “We find shapes that we like, then change things and take from other things” –sweatshirts, track pants, and windbreakers, are actually everything.

Get your weekend shopping on and check out the NYC pop up shop starting tomorrow from 11 a.m. at 201 Mulberry Street.