Celebrity Couples That We Wish Would Rekindle the Flame

Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com 

It isn’t you, its me. Surely the couples in this category got their agents to whip up something a little more endearing to say. The truth is, breakups happen, but it so happens that these particular ones shouldn’t have.

1. Heidi Klum and Seal Mark-WoodworthPhoto: Mark Woodworth/BFAnyc.com 

These two were together and married ages ago (The ’90s) and we wish we could #ThrowbackThursday their relationship solely for that fact that she has the body of an angel and he has the voice of an one. It also wouldn’t hurt if they could make some more beautiful babies.

2. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-10.32.18-PMPhotos: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com & Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com

Zac and Vanessa’s on-screen romance played out before our eyes in the wildly popular Disney movie series “High School Musical.” Hoping for these two to get back together is like hoping for Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter to get back together and that (thankfully) is not going to happen. But Zanessa will forever hold a place in our nostalgic hearts of couples that failed.

3. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit celebrating ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: Savage Beauty Exhibition - InsidePhoto: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel and Orlando Bloom is a movie star, these two were destined to find their way together at some point, and when they did the goddesses above were cheering. Unfortunately, these two are no longer. Yes, a hard pill to swallow. Orlando, stop throwing punches at Justin Bieber and start sending love letters to your ex!

4. Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.32.52 PMPhotos: David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com & Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com 

Jenny from the block has been around the block a couple times. Jennifer Lopez has had more men than she can count on her freshly manicured hand. One man that stood out (and stood taller than Marc Anthony) was none other than hip hop royal P. Diddy. Puffy is more of man than any Casper Smart could be, and will protect his girl ’til the end. It’s time for J. Lo to change “I luh ya papi” to “I luh ya Puffy.”

5. Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.34.25 PMPhotos: Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com & Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com 

We selfishly want to see these two get back together solely for that fact that we want to rewrite the ending of “Cruel Intentions” in real life. It would go a little something along the lines of Reese and Ryan marrying, having kids, and residing in a fabulous apartment on the Upper East Side.

6 Surreal Things That Happened at Cannes (via Instagram)

Another Cannes Film Festival has come and gone, proving that over-the-top glamour is still very much prevalent in the land of ridiculously rich people, aka the French Riviera. And it’s not just movie stars; models, musicians, beauty brands and even bloggers got in on the decadent action this year, too. From amfAR’s annual gala to P. Diddy’s yacht party on steroids, here are some of my favorite FOMO-inducing moments captured by everyone’s favorite photo sharing mobile app, Instagram.

1. Theophilus London chilled with footwear god Giuseppe Zanotti at dinner one night and got him to do what you’re seeing above.

2. amFAR held their annual Cinema Against AIDS gala, where supermodels and superbloggers mingled, like Doutzen Kroes and Rumi Neely:


3. P. Diddy hosted a crazy party on a monster yacht:


4. L’Oreal Paris set up a fancy beauty suite to help pretty people get even more pretty, like athlete/actress/model Aimee Mullins


5. Supermodel Anja Rubik threw a party for erotic fashion rag 25 Magazine, which her fellow supermodel friends flocked to:


6. Just for good measure, here’s a lasting FML shot of a gold freakin’ Mercedes that someone drove to the amFAR gala:


Did P. Diddy Seriously Get ‘New York’ Magazine’s Logo Tattooed On His Arm?

New York magazine staffers are passing an image around Facebook of the rapper P. Diddy (neé Puff Daddy) showing off what appears to be a new tattoo on his arm of the New York magazine logo, which he tweeted last night.

In one pic, Diddy poses alongside a friend (tattoo artist perhaps?) holding out his arm. The other pics show the apparent tattoo in close up, revealing it is the exact font and logo of New York mag:

But is it … real? Staffers seem to think so. (The mag’s Twitter tweeted, "We’re flattered.") Yet wonderful things can be faked with Photoshop! And although he is a bit eccentric, getting a magazine logo tattooed on his arm is definitely a weirder behavior than we’re used to from Mr. Diddy.  

He does have us curious for what’s next — perhaps a Cosmopolitan tattoo for the youngest Cyrus sister?

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Diddy Drunk Tweets Up a Storm

If in vino veritas, then Twitter is the new place to get the un-vetted truth from loose-thumbed celebrities three sheets to the wind. Just ask Diddy, who spent the last couple hours drunk tweeting up a veritable tornado. The drunk tweets include a wedding announcement (“I decided to get Married today!!! I feel like a new man! Wedding is planned for valentines day!!! Your all welcome!! Feb 14th. Let’s go!”), an unprompted switch to a vegan lifestyle (“I also became vegan today!!!! :)”), a retraction of the previous two comments (“Weddings off. She aint sign the prenup!!! Lol. I’m just bullsitin. Sorry I’m bored today! And I’m not a vegan. Let’s goooo!”), and an apology for his inappropriate tweeting (“I’m sorry to all !!! I’ve been drunk tweeting all morning!! Sorry. Le gooooooo! Happy monday! Smile people. Life is to short”).

Unfortunately, just because someone’s drunk and famous doesn’t mean he’ll have anything interesting or even entertaining to say. But there is something refreshing about having a direct line to a celeb’s thoughts before they’ve been edited by a publicist and approved for public consumption. Now let’s just hope someone funnier – like Shaquille O’Neal or 50 Cent – gets drunk and mans the Tweetdeck.

Freddy Bastone: Master DJ and Jack of All Trades

Diving into the nightlife business is way easier than climbing out. Waitrons need to score a rich husband, or land that career-making role, or finish school, or move up to management. Promoters need to become owners, or use their new-found connections to do what they learned in school. The “who you know” factor often kicks in and these types often enter the real biz world higher up than they would have if they had plodded up the corporate ladder. Knowing hot chicks, and having access to swanky clubs is good for gooses, ganders, bosses and clients. Some top tier ex-promoters now run things in that straight world. Bartenders must open a joint, become management, or land that role, or finish school, or start to sell those fabulous metal sculptures that they make in their spare time. Clubs put people through school, but are also a school of their own. Many make a good living in clubs, but many can’t get out, and find themselves too old to really be there. My path went this way. I was able to get to a top tier position, but then circumstances—that were in and out of my control—spun me out and into another direction. I didn’t have one more second in me at a club when I segued into other careers. I write this little column and am a designer of joints. My club experience gave me the tools I needed to get out. In the design field there are thousands of people who can choose fabulous woods, or simply gorgeous fabrics, but few—if any have actually ever sold a beer. I’ve sold lots of beer, and I know where bars should be and banquettes, and so on. I had an exit strategy and I tell everyone in the club world to devise one.

DJs are the rockstars of clubdom. The technology of the modern world makes almost every sound, twist, and remix available to every one of them. Their art relies heavily on their personality and love for the music. The best ones know how to listen to others, exchange ideas, and grow. Those stuck in their own schtick often get stuck in the mud, and end up spinning in the uncool parts of the outer boroughs, or not at all. The modern DJ has a suitcase packed, a management team, agent, PR, website, and maybe even a bobble head of his likeness. Freddy Bastone and I worked together back in the Danceteria days and beyond. He is still out there, strutting his stuff. I had the pleasure of hearing him play recently, and was amazed how skillful and relevant he remains. When I was doing fashion shows for a living, Freddy did my music. We made sure that the hottest new rags were accompanied by the hottest new sounds. I caught up to my old pal and asked him about how to survive and thrive in an industry where youth has almost as many advantages as experience.

Hello, Freddy. Good evening sir. First of all, thanks for this lil interview, and sorry getting back to you so late. I’ve been working 12 hour days, acting on a ABC pilot “Proof of Guilt.”

Great to hear from you, and it was great seeing you the other night. Great set. Tell me about your musical journey. What were you playing when you started? What are you playing now, and all the time in between? My musical journey started at home with my father who was a jazz musician. He and I had drum battles: me playing John Bohnam beats, and my dad doing his Max Roach. So I was surrounded by music, day and night. I put my guitar and drumsticks down in my last year of high school. I was fascinated by my Latin friends, and dance music, which was disco, and the very beginnings of hip hop. I was the only white boy playing parks and house parties, doing the disco and my partner doing the salsa, but I always had my rock ‘n’ roll ears going, so I always added the punk, or new wave to my sets. The Clash, Yello, Kraftwerk, The Jam. I continued that style of being able to mix all those elements flawlessly, which I believed set me apart from the rest of the DJs at the time anywhere in the world. You either did this style or that style. I remember starting to work in a club, no names, and the clique of DJs were like, who’s this kid think he is, mixing beats for new wave/punk into funk and disco? They got over it quick ‘cause they needed to learn the trade or they’d be out. I still very much enjoy taking people on a musical journey from deep house to soulful house to a old reggae into real rock and roll, without the dance mixes that are usually terrible. Back into electro to funk then go into classic disco. And when done, these days—even more than before—people are just blown away, because people expect the washing machine effect when entering a dance venue .

What clubs have you worked. The best? The worst? The best club to me, by far was Danceteria. It didn’t have the best sound system, but it was the atmosphere created by the people who worked there. Everyone had a following, from the DJs, to the bar backs, and everyone in between. The Palladium and Studio 54 were also huge to me, because I was playing live on the radio every Saturday night. That made me a good amount of mulla with the record companies at the time with remixes. The best sound system was The Hacienda, and Space. The worst has to be the two strip clubs I played at. You would think: what fun, but no. The girls do not want to be there dancing for these pathetic men. They’re mostly in the locker room fighting, and getting high to get through the night, very sad really.

Tell me about producing and how that started. I really started my producing by being the club ears of big name producers. They would ask me to come in the studio and want to know what would work and what wouldn’t. I learned a lot from them but I was like, wait a minute, I got to do this for myself! So I made my own label, I named it Metropolis, which was distributed by Emergency Records, who, at the time I was doing my second A&R job—my first with Profile Records. I had my first #1 record with my alias, Corporation of One “The Real Life,” which really made me a wanted man in the UK. I’ve always been someone to take chances and I think the UK is more receptive to that, which is probably why all my favorite music comes from there, and they like my thing. I have had many top ten records and many # 1’s. I’m currently working on the first 2 singles for P Diddy, also Cassie, and I’m doing a 2010 version of the Real Life.

What are you working on besides DJing? I’ve been acting the last 12 years here, and in the UK, TV, theater, films, all the major NY shows like the Law & Order, Sopranos, and I just finished a four-month run of a one man show on Lenny Bruce, which was directed by the wonderful and talented Susan Batson. I have a one-man show on Tennessee Williams coming up, and doing all this as a single dad. That’s funny they look after me more. Haha, no, they’re my kids, and my best friends, and they’re not kids anymore.

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● In addition to feuding with her ex-lover/songwriter Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Courtney Love is also claiming to have slept with Gwen Stefani’s husband, Gavis Rossdale of Bush, while he was married to the No Doubt singer. And the ’90s live on. [HuffPo] ● P. Diddy as Jay Gatsby? Only in this collection of literary characters and their tabloid counterparts. [Flavorwire] ● Children reenacting a scene from The Hills reveals an entirely new perspective on the corrosive influence of reality television. Kidding — it’s hilarious! [Vulture]

● Conan O’Brien will break his silence on 60 Minutes, leading a bunch of stoned teenagers to watch 60 Minutes for the first time. (In clips on YouTube.) [NYT] ● Have you ever wondered what Louis Vuitton models look like sans makeup? Well, sometimes you don’t know what you wanted until you have it. [Reddit] ● Too easy: an imagined monologue from the man who lost the new iPhone in a German beer bar. [McSweeny’s]

Links: Eminem & Elton John Together Again, Hipster Eats Bowl Of Corn Flakes and Pee

● Elton John told BBC Radio Saturday that he has been there for Eminem during the rapper’s battle with drug addiction. But no homo, though. [AP] ● Tabloid cash cow and horrible father Michael Lohan spent the year’s first days challenging ex-bff Jon Gosselin to a boxing match, then getting tattooed with Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend. Lindsay’s 2010 resolution? Punch Dad. [Radar/TMZ] ● It’s possible that Beyoncé took a $2 million payday to perform at New Year’s Eve party financed by Libya’s mob-like military dictator Muammar Gaddafi, solidifying Jay-Z’s status as the new Frank Sinatra. [Mediaite]

● Kanye West took to his blog with a New Year’s announcement about his intentions to “follow in the footsteps of Maya Angelou” because “rappers get worse as their careers stretch out but true poets get better.” But he typed in ALL CAPS. [< a href="http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog/?em3106=243939_-1__0_">Kanye West Blog] ● Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes was told he won Gawker’s Hipster of the Decade award, even though he lost to Hipster Runoff. To celebrate, he ate a bowl of Corn Flakes soaked in his own urine. [Street Boners and TV Carnage] ● Bouncing back from a pill overdose, Alexa Ray Joel hopes to help young women cope with “heartbreak-related depression.” Both her ex-boyfriend and father claim they did not, in fact, start the fire. [TV Guide] ● Just after midnight on New Year’s Diddy took to Twitter with the message “Juat married!” [sic] followed by “Not $arried. Don’t know how this started.” Apparently Diddy is a drunk tweeter. [Gawker]

P. Diddy Wants to Drive You Home on New Year’s

P.Diddy wants you to party hard this 31st, and to prove it, he’s going to pay for you to get home safely. He’s most concerned about New Yorker’s getting home safe, so he’s making his effort in the Big Apple. This New Year’s Eve, Diddy, along with the city Taxi & Limousine Commission is handing out thousands of free rides home. No, Diddy isn’t going to peddling you around in a pedicab, though that might be a fun end to a raucous evening, and no, there aren’t going to be Diddy impersonators driving cabs around the city, though that might be fun as well. Instead you can pick up a voucher for a $15 cab ride, or a single ride metrocard.

Diddy hopes that NYC can set an example for the rest of the country. “New York is the world’s most iconic New Year’s Eve city, so let’s lead by example and show everyone that a sophisticated holiday celebration doesn’t just end when the ball drops, but when everyone gets home safely,” Combs said. If you want in on the free cab/free metrocard deal, you can pick them up from Times Square or Chelsea starting at 11pm and going until 3am or until supplies run out. Just track down a Ciroc street team member and demand your free ride.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show and P.Diddy’s 40th as Gleaned From Russell Simmons’s Tw

We first learn of the nightly whereabouts of music’s worst dressed impresario Russell Simmons at 6pm last night from the front row of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. “Maybe I should take pics?” would end up being the underquestion of the evening as Simmons provides us with a cascade of twitpics featuring the most beautiful and batshit insane women in the world. Gloria Steinem once said that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who say that there are two kinds of people in this world and those who do not. I’ve always dug that maxim sumtin’ awful, but I’m going to forget I ever heard that and say that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who know the names of models and those who do not. I fall into the latter camp, but who cares. MODELS! BANGS! WILL.I.AM!

After going around the room with the likes of Jessica White, Doug Morris and Richard Branson (who “looks verrrrry excited”) Simmons informs us how happy and fine and cool people are by tacking on the word “ass.” His intern is “happy ass” as he poses in a scarf with Lily Alderson, Will.I.Am is a “cool ass” and Fergie is so “fine ass” that Simmons is briefly upset that he gots a girl and she’s married. At 11pm we’re off to the birthday party of the most quotable man in the entire world: P.Diddy. As The Macaroni With The Cheese once told me “work yo handsome.” “If you in a suit,” he continued, “if you in jeans, doesn’t matter, work…yo…handsome, dog.” Work it I do, puff. I work it everyday. It also looks as if Simmons did just that as well with my ideal threesome partners, whip-fine Marissa Miller and sexy sheep-keeping stallion Martha Stewart. At about 1am the fifty three year old Godfather of Hip Hop called it a night: “What a night. Funny I took all those pics and there was plastic in phone up till puffs party :-).” Hilarious.