23 Oscar Fashion Superlatives: Who Really Won Last Night

emma stone

1. BEST DRESSED WOMAN/Elusive Chartreuse Chanteuse:

Emma Stone in ELIE SAAB

2. Could have done better IMO:

Julianne Moore in CHANEL COUTURE

3. Unexpected but I’m not against it:

Dakota Johnson in SAINT LAURENT

4. The less said about the bottom the better:


5. Back Sack and Whack:


6. If someone decided to dress you, make sure you tell the reporters:

Reece Witherspoon in TOM FORD

7. Statement Necklace TREND ALERT.

Cate Blanchett

Margot Robbie

8. Just don’t get the hype/mardi gras appropriate:

Lupita Nyong’o in CALVIN KLEIN

9. Thank god it’s not a matador Onsie/best Givenchy:


10. Thank God it’s not a matador Onsie/ Worst Givenchy:

Jessica Chastain in GIVENCHY COUTURE

11. In accordance with California State Law:

Meryl Steep in LANVIN

12. How sweet, a little sickly:


13. A dress that didn’t make the runway shouldn’t make the carpet:

Naomi Wattsin ARMANI PRIVÉ

14. Does your dress have jet lag/best designer debut:

Sienna Miller in OSCAR DE LA RENTA.

15. Risk Taker (if you put it in context to previous looks):

Jennifer Aniston in ATELIER VERSACE

16. Dressed like a tube of glitter lipgloss:

Nicole Kidman in LOUIS VUITTON

17. Baby got BATCH/Best Pregnancy:

Sophie Hunter in LANVIN

18. “I’m trying to scoop a Period Drama, look how good I look in chintz”:

Chloe Grace Moretz in MIU MIU

19. “Nobody will realise it’s several seasons old right?”:

Margot Robbie in SAINT LAURENT

20. Attention stealing much?/Still not sure who let you in:

Rita Ora in MARCHESA

21. Creatures of the Blue Lagoon:

Scarlett Johansson in ATELIER VERSACE

22. Maid in Manhattan, Princess in LA:

Jennifer Lopez in ELIE SAAB COUTURE


Wait, there were men at the event?


12 Oscars Fashion Moments We Won’t Soon Forget

Awards Season has (finally) come to a close. Let’s discuss the fashion choices we’ve all been waiting to see.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore came to win. There is literally no other reason to show up on the carpet all “Karl Lagerfeld made this for me,” unless you intend to win. When you wear a strapless, custom Chanel couture gown, you’re ready for your moment. Extra points for her shoutout to her fellow nominees. It seems like a really chill, sisterly time to be a woman in Hollywood.

Patricia Arquette

Nope–I don’t love her dress. But her speech will be (deservedly) remembered, which means that her Rosetta Getty gown will be too.

Dakota Johnson

Consider me a convert. I was skeptical about Dakota Johnson (for no legitimate reason) but after seeing 50 Shades (yes, you read that right) she has earned a loyal fan in me. First off, I’ve been contemplating the bangs I worked so hard to grow out since seeing the movie, and she makes them look so good–and grown up, too–whenever she hits the red carpet. Enough about her hair–Dakota rocked the jewelry on dress trend in bright red Saint Laurent. Red on the red carpet doesn’t always work, but in this case, it not only works, but is the second occurrence of the tricky color on the list.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is a doll, right? She might actually be the definition of too pretty. I love the sleek bob–it adds a bit of edge to the more billowy silhouette of her Saint Laurent gown. And while I often forget to pay attention to the jewels, who could miss than 1.5 MILLION DOLLAR Van Cleef & Arpels necklace.

Meryl Streep

Because she is the queen, and even though I’m not crazy about the big belt buckle, Meryl looks how I want to look when I’m 65–classic, classy, and all-around boss.


She knows what works–sparkle, no-holds-barred glam, that incredible cleavage (if you’ve got it…), and a sexy neutral color palette. This Elie Saab is no exception to any of those rules.

Lupita Nyong’o

6,000 pearls on this Calvin Klein collection number. It’s the kind of gown that to be honest, I didn’t think translated so well to my (extra) small screen but I am gonna just go with my faith that it was pettable-pearly-perfection-in-person. (How’s that for alliteration!?)

Lady Gaga

I have a somewhat inexplicable soft spot in my heart for Lady Gaga these days. So much so that I find myself experiencing weird levels of genuine happiness for her on her recent engagement (although I have only the strongest dislike for her heart shaped rock). Which brings us to the dishwashing gloves. Hard no on those. But personally, I loved the sculptural Alaia. Also, thank you Gaga for the opportunity to make Clueless references, something for which there is never a bad time.

Leslie Mann

Pretty sure Leslie Mann wasn’t even at the Oscars, but rather chillin with Judd at the equally glam Vanity Fair party. And maybe her white blazer wouldn’t have worked on the actual red carpet. In which case, let’s consider it a gift that she wasn’t there.

Marion Cotillard

I know this dress will be ripped to shred by the *mainstream media* but whatever–that just goes to show their lack of understanding for true FASHUN, which is what this is. Polka dots, when done right (i.e. here, and by Dior), are super sophisticated. The back of this dress is everything I love in a garment: casual insouciance, sex appeal–no body-con necessary. My personal favorite of the whole evening.

Eddie Redmayne

Cheers to the most charming man alive and his most charming acceptance speech. That’s all.

Rosamund Pike

On a more classical level, Pike’s floral Givenchy gown, with its high leg slit was the best gown of the evening. I’m keeping it locked in second, behind Cotillard’s as I found the Dior to be the more interesting of the two. But this red gown was enough to abandon any hesitation one might have about matching the carpet. Pike’s dress looked like it was literally painted on her, that’s how perfect the fit was.