Miami: Top 10 Spots to Get Laid

Rose Bar at the Delano (South Beach) – For you more classy folk, find your way to the bar and order a round of bubbly. There’s nothing like champers to attract some female attention. ●Prive (South Beach) – School is back in sesh soon, and this is where the hungry frosh head to get their groove on. All it will cost you is a screwdriver. ●B.E.D. (South Beach) – Because sometimes all it takes is a few cocktails and an accessible BED.

Skybar (South Beach) – Out-of-towners come here for a chance celeb encounter. If you keep the tonic flowing, chances are they won’t be disappointed you aren’t John Mayer or one of the Jonas Bros. ●Casa Tua (South Beach) – Find a pal with entry upstairs, and you pretty much have it in the bag. ●Plunge (South Beach) – This is where the Magic City’s most eligible skirts and shorts find themselves lingering on a Thursday night. ●Club 50 (Downtown/Brickell area) – Rumor has it this is where all the “good ones” have been flocking on Friday nights. Well worth a trip off the beach, even if you don’t get lucky. ●Florida Room (South Beach) – Grab your wingman and get down with SoBe’s 20-something crowd. ●Space (Downtown/Brickell area) – Debauchery ensues at about 6a. ●Mansion (South Beach) – Promiscuous Girl should be the anthem at this fist-pumping club. Throngs of scantily clad chicks wait impatiently for the next round or free entry.

Miami: Top 5 Dance Clubs in South Beach

imagePretend you’re Latin, unless, of course, you are. In which case, behave accordingly.

1. Aerobar Imagine dancing to electro-techno mixes inside a futuristic airport. No cover. 2. Mansion True mega club — obligatory stop on the SoBe nocturnal tour. Impromptu and planned celeb appearances. 3. Mokai Better known as the de facto VIP lounge of South Beach. Looks like a lounge, but after one $16 martini, all you gots to do is dance.

4. Set Facebook pics of you dancing on couches and tables in a tricked-out outfit were probably taken here. 5. Opium Garden & Prive Vast open-air club with serious atmo — and humidity — at work. If a dance club is supposed to be theater, this is Broadway.